A Cafe Made out of Cardboard – an Amazing Eco-Friendly Piece of Architecture

Recently a café has been opened in Mumbai, India, made entirely out of corrugated cardboard. This kind of architecture is quite unique and has proved that cardboard boxes are not just for one time packing only. You no longer have to throw them out once you are done with them. In fact, one can use it for eco-friendly ideas such as this.

The interior of Cardboard Café

Source: instagram.com

Cardboard is usually made up of 50% air, so the substance is long-lasting, lightweight and has insulating properties. It lets you absorb outside noise and sound, resulting in the provision of solitude and calmness. Cardboard is biodegradable and therefore is an excellent eco-friendly choice.

An Uncommon Design of the Café

Nudes studio, founded by Nuru Karim, has designed this beautiful café. He, with Yung Dhanani, who is the owner and the head chef, did their research and made it to reality. Around 40,000 square feet of cardboard is used to build and exhibit the adaptability and handiness of this biodegradable material.

The interior of Cardboard Café. Table and seats.

Source: instagram.com

The looping and beautiful furniture is made by stacking cardboard sheets on top of each other and then trimmed to accuracy. The walls are made to protrude on the outside to serve as benches. The tables are made by using different cardboard elements along with high-chairs for children. Normal seating are built by stacking cardboard sheets and then cutting them as needed.

The Amount of Hard-Work and Time It Took to Build This Café

Cardboard Café is the result of a total of 7 months of exertion and planning. 3 months of detailed forethoughts and 4 months of explaining it to the architects who showcased their work in this brilliant way. The whole team also spent long hours to test the flexibility, water resistance, impregnability, and temperature adjustment of the material to make sure it is perfect to work with.

Building the Cardboard Café

Source: instagram.com

“Building with cardboard meant constant exploration and inquiry into material performance,” said Nudes. The tables and chairs are then topped with a waxen layer to avoid damage resulting from spills and prevent water soaking. Even the menu holders and light fixtures are of cardboard. The only exception is the kitchen area with crockery and other important utensils.

Cardboard to Help Advocate Issues like Global Warming

Researches by architects all around the world are being made to work with cardboard in different ways for other great eco-friendly options. This is like making people see that it is possible to in harmony with your environment. This is the first of its kind in India. In addition to all this, the café also serves organic and locally produced meals. “I think the idea was to literally think outside the cardboard box,” told Karim to Midday India.

Cardboard Café. Egg dish rendered into a vegetarian delicacy.

Egg dish rendered into a vegetarian delicacy. Source: instagram.com

The other reason they chose cardboard was to work for climatic change, global warming, and to make people see just how versatile cardboard is and can be solely used to build an entire café out of it. Researchers have also lined a store named Aesop’s Los Angeles store’s walls with cardboard tubes. Californian firm Brooks + Scarpa have built it.

India Isn’t the First One with a Cardboard Café

Similarly, a Japanese architect famous for his work with cardboard as a building material has erected a cathedral in New Zealand, a cabin used by hikers in Japan and a pavilion of IE School of Architecture and Design in Madrid.

Shigeru Ban's Cardboard Cathedral in New Zealand

Source: archdaily.com

Working with cardboard and other eco-friendly options would not only help with dramatic climate changes, global warming, and sustain a healthy environment, but they also look pleasantly aesthetic uniquely exciting to the eye. Something the world needs to focus right now is the need to implement more of such ecofriendly ideas.