Travel Hacks to Make Your Packing Trouble-Free

Everybody loves to travel, but when it comes to packing, the stress is real. What to pack and what to leave is a non-ending dilemma. Because there is always a chance, you would be overweight and would be asked to pay an extra fee at the airport. So here are 5 amazing, tried and tested hacks to make your packing time a little easier and enjoyable for you. Here is what you need to do to avoid all the trouble there is!

Small Packing Bags or Cubes

Buy small packing cubes or bags beforehand. They would make your life so much easier, you have no idea. Small cubes are very easy to put into bags. You can use multiple cubes and store your stuff, keeping their usage in mind.

Set of travel bottles and towel in a plastic bag

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Small packing bags are also convenient and will keep your stuff organized like magic. But you must invest in them and check the material flexibility and durability before buying it. Place your things according to your need and stack them side by side into your luggage. This is packing magic.

Organize Your Chargers and Cables

Keep all your chargers, cords, and cables organized and together. Sunglass cases are convenient in this matter. Take any unused box and arrange them there to save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

Universal Travel Cable Organizer Electronics Accessories Carry Bag

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All these cables will get entangled, and to prevent this from happening, you’ll need pen springs. Take any empty ballpoint, open them, and take out the spring inside it. Now take that spring and start wrapping it around your cord. It will keep them from intermeshing. This one of the most important hacks to make you pack like a pro.

Wear Your Heavy Things

Your most heavy wardrobe must be your outfit on the very day when you are leaving for the airport. For instance, if you are willing to take your jacket with you or want to wear it because you are not sure about the weather, do not put it in your hand-carry.

Two people boarding a plane wearing all their clothing instead of bringing a suitcase

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It would be cumbersome and will apparently take up a lot of space. So, you either wear it or fold it and hang it on your arm. Also, if you want to take a pair of shoes or sneakers, wear them on the day to avoid being overweight

Take All-In-One Beauty Products

If you’re a beauty freak, skincare and makeup become mandatory. Everyone knows that skincare has the most quantity of products. So, it’s quite a dilemma about what to take and what to leave.

cosmetics bag with makeup products

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You can take miniature versions of your toner, face wash, and face oil. You can also take small tubes of your most go-to masks. As for makeup, you can carry those products which are your most favorite and not heavy on the face. If you don’t already have your travel-sized lip and cheek tints, then go out and buy it! Three shades of lipsticks, with a couple of nude shades and a dark one for you don’t know about your mood.

Take Miniature Liquids with You

You cannot buy separate mini versions of your shampoo, lotion, face wash, liquid soap, contact solution, makeup remover, etc. It is a total waste of money so, instead of spending it, save your money and get those refill bottles. Fill them with whatever stuff you want to, seal them using sellotape and then you can use these again and again.

cosmetic bag with bottles with liquids

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It will prevent the leakage, and the inside of your bag wouldn’t be destroyed by those liquids. Place them with care, cushioning it with your clothes from all the sides. This way, they will not get squashed up either.