Simple but Genius Hacks to Ease Your Summer Holidays

Planning a summer vacation is always a hassle. Nobody likes to stand in long lines, to not have the best seat or to not get the best possible discounts. We are always in search of some best tips and tricks to ease this long process. Go nowhere! We have them all covered here for your benefit. A little hard work, and you would have the best time of your life during your journey with no last-minute troubles and frustrations.

Sign up on a Price-Alert App

It is common knowledge that tickets do not come cheap. There are some seasons where they are at their highest rates. Now what to do when you want the cheapest ticket? There are some price-alert apps to help you with this.

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An app like Hopper would alert you in advance when tickets are at their lowest rates. All you have to do is sign up on them and ask them to notify you about your desired destination or airline. This way, you would be able to get your tickets at the cheapest possible rates.

Book the Seat Beforehand

Everyone wants a comfortable journey and a window seat on the airplane. If you have children with you or if you’re going to have some extra space on the floor, then the window seat is just the best. It will not only provide you with some breathtaking ariel shots, but you will also be able to stack your backpack in the corner on the floor. You can use a seating app like Seat Guru to guarantee the perfect seat placement.

Young woman photographing the view from the aircraft window during the flight in the airplane

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You can take amazing pictures from that window side of yours too. Also, you won’t be disturbed by other passengers on their bathroom journey and other stuff. All the airlines have this pre-booking service. So, go ahead and chose the seat next to the window.

Save up Your Time from Traffic Routes and While Hailing Cabs

You don’t want to get stuck in traffic, arrive late at the airport, and miss your flight. Because it’d be a total disaster. Book your cabs beforehand and search for all the routes with less traffic to avoid some serious trouble at the last minute.

Taxi cabs waiting for passengers.

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After arriving at your destination, you’d undoubtedly want a cab there. Don’t hail them at the airport because you would have to stand in lines and wait for your turn. Instead of speeding things up, go to the departure gate and get your taxi from there.

Money in a Tube or an Extra Wallet

Usually, tourists and strangers get robbed pretty easily because it is a new environment for them, so to make sure this thing doesn’t happen to you, get a lip balm tube or any other tube in a small size. It should be empty. Now roll your money and put it into your mini container.

hidden travel money belt

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The robbers would need anything but the lip balm, and there you go! You can also carry another wallet for the decoy. Fill it with some bills and cards which are not that important for you. That’s how you are ready to venture onto your journey without any fear of pocket pickers.

Directions Without WI-Fi

If you have traveled before, you would certainly know that at some or many times at most of the places, you won’t find any Wi-Fi. You won’t know the routes because you do not live there, so how would you find your bearings?

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Well, it is a little time consuming but would save your life and then time too. You must decide on all the places you want to visit beforehand. Now you go and search them on Google, find all the relative maps and download them so that you can use them while you are offline.