Home Hacks To Improve Your Life Right Now

Daily chores can be a tiresome grind, and some things just seem way much harder than they should be. Thankfully, we have home hacks. These are little tricks that will make your life a whole lot easier and save you plenty of time and stress.

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One such hack is attaching your car’s air freshener to your ventilator, a machine that pushes air into your environment. If you want your home to smell nice, you can simply take an air freshener from your car and attach it to the ventilator inside your home. That way, your house will smell nice, and that certainly won’t take a lot of your time.

Saving Your Space by Using One Hanger

Sometimes when we go shopping for new clothes, we run out of space in our closets. If you don’t want to go through your collection to get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore, you can simply hang two pieces of clothes on one hanger.

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Removing the tab from a soda can and placing it on a hanger is a simple solution. You will save some space, and also you will save some of your time. This is a simple hack to gain some space in your wardrobe and allow you to hang all of the items you want.

Cleaning the Air Conditioner Vents in the Dishwasher

If you’ve been using your air conditioner for a very long time, the chances are that the vents are pretty dirty. If they are not cleaned often, they will indeed have a lot of dust collected. However, there’s a simple solution: to clean your air conditioner vents quickly, simply put them in your dishwasher.

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That’s it! Who would have thought you could put your air conditioner vents in your dishwasher? Well, now you know you can! After they are cleaned, make sure to blow-dry the water droplets before putting the vents back into the air conditioner.

The Perfect Place for Your Key

You surely have been locked out of your house before accidentally. People usually hide their spare keys under the rug at the front door. But that’s a problem; burglars know about these spots. If you don’t want to risk a burglar finding your key and entering your house, there’s an alternative solution.

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You can put your spare key into a bottle of pills and then glue a label or something onto the bottle. You can then bury the bottle anywhere you want. We’re sure the burglar won’t know how to find it, but you can quickly dig it up in emergencies.

Using Clips in the Freezer

There’s probably a lot of room taken up in your freezer from the frozen vegetables or fruits. It’s hard to keep bags sealed, but clips can help you with the problem. It will also help keep them organized, as many freezers can be a jumbled mess.

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Clipping the open end of your frozen fruits or veggies is all you have to do. It will free up space in your freezer, and you will easily see what you have and what you’re missing. You can even hang them up on the rack if you have the space.

Organizing Your Closet with Pot Lid Racks

If you want to organize your closet, you can simply use pot lid racks. You can organize your wallets, purses, or anything that takes a lot of space in your closet. This can be an ingenious alternative to just throwing all of your prized possessions into one drawer.

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When you get dressed, you will have all the choices there for you, and you just need to pick one. The pot lid racks are a very easy and cost-effective solution. The alternative would be to have something made to order which would be very expensive.

You Can Store Fresh Herbs in the Freezer

All the people who love cooking probably buy fresh herbs often. However, there’s the problem. Most of the time, after cooking, there are some herbs left in the packaging, and they are being thrown in the trash as they spoil quickly. You don’t need to do that anymore!

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You can simply put herbs in the freezer! Just chop them and then place them in an ice cube tray with water to cover the herbs. It’s a simple solution to save those herbs, and you won’t have to waste all the fresh herbs left in the packaging. It would be a shame to throw it all in the trash, wouldn’t it?

Opening the Door with a Rubber Band Hack

We’ve all been there… You’re coming home from grocery shopping, taking the groceries from your car, and at the same time trying to enter the house. You simply can’t open the door with your hands full of groceries. There’s one simple hack: tie a rubber band to your doorknob.

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This will prevent the door from latching, and all you have to do is just push the door to get inside. However, don’t forget to take the rubber band off at the end. That’s unless you want it permanently this way. If so, it’s better just to remove the whole door latch.

Shoe Organizers Can Be Used for Different Things

If you have a shoe organizer at home, you can store other things in it, not just shoes. If you have cords or plugs around your house or any smaller items, you can store them in your shoe organizer.

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It’s a great place to store many items. You can store anything there. While this is a great hack, you might not even know that shoe organizers exist. If you don’t, you should also go out and get one because it was designed to easily store your footwear, and you may need it for that too.

Using a Pringles Chips Can to Store Spaghetti

Usually, spaghetti comes in plastic bags that are practically impossible to close once opened. Also, the noodles left in the plastic bag become stale, and they can start falling out as well. You usually end up with a broken mess of spaghetti.

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Well, we have a solution for you, simply use a can of Pringles and store your spaghetti in there. Of course, you have to clean the can first and make sure it’s all empty, then after that it will become the perfect can for your spaghetti pasta. It will also save you money—you won’t have to buy another container.

Flattening Your Ground Beef before Storing It

You must have eaten ground beef before, and you know that it is a great option for a last-minute dinner. Sometimes you’re in a hurry, want to eat your meal quickly, but you have to wait forever for the beef to thaw.

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Before this hack, you might just think of eating something else, as you can’t be bothered to wait. Instead, you can flatten your ground beef in a bag before storing it in the freezer. This way, you’ll have greater control over the portion sizes, and it’ll thaw much quicker than before.

Storing Jewelry in an Old Bottle!

Sometimes it can be hard to store your jewelry, and you can make a mess on your dressing table with it. You might think to get a jewelry box, but many aren’t good enough. Even worse, without organization you can lose some pieces underneath your furniture by not storing the jewelry properly!

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An empty bottle can be a simple solution and a great way to store your jewelry. It will keep it well-organized, and you can also save some money by using old bottles and not buying some fancy boxes.

Using Labels for Cord Identification

Sometimes, trying to find a power cord for your TV can be a hard job, especially when it’s mixed with a lot of other cords and wires. When all those cords get mixed up, it becomes a mess, and you need to start following wires and cords to see which one belongs to which device.

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Nobody has time for that. To figure out which cord belongs to which device more easily, you can simply use labels or some paper, tape it onto the cord, and write what it is for. That way, you’ll save yourself some time and stress.

Using Pool Noodles for Your Boots to Keep Them Upright

When autumn and winter come, women go straight for their loved warmer boots. But during the summer, when the boots are in storage, their condition can suffer. The tall part is usually flopping down, and it can spoil the boots’ nice lines.

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For the boots to stay tall all the time, you just have to put pool noodles inside. Cut the long foam noodles and place them into both boots. That way, your boots will look better when winter arrives! One pool noodle will probably be long enough for all of your boots to be properly supported.

Hooks Are Perfect for the Holidays

If you are a DIY fan, you surely know that hooks are one of the best options for holidays. These sticky hooks can serve as a great option to help hang anything on the wall, and the holiday decorations are included.

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You can use them for the decorations on the front door. You just have to place the hook in a way that the decoration will hang on the door for everyone to see, making it look great for the next Christmas holidays!

Fixing Carpet Dents Using Ice Cubes

You might be familiar with carpet dents. When you move the furniture, the dents won’t go away. That’s a huge problem for some people. If you want everything to look great and be able to have guests come over, you can put ice cubes in the dents.

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When the ice has melted, there will be no dents anymore. Just make sure to wipe up all the excess water. This can take a while to work, but it’s much easier than doing a lot of other things manually. It’s a great hack that can save plenty of time.

Saving Stripped Screws and a Rubber Band

Sometimes everything goes well when you are working, and you see that one stripped screw. It’s lost its grooves and it keeps you from being done with your project. If you use a screwdriver, it is practically useless, and all that happens is just you becoming more and more stressed.

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There’s a solution, put a rubber band between the screw head and your screwdriver! The screwdriver will now get a much better grip, and the screw will come out more easily using this method. Try it out yourself if this happens to you.

How to Hide Your Router

Twenty years ago, life without the internet was a reality for many people. Today, it’s almost unimaginable to live without Wi-Fi. We all have a router at home, which provides us internet connection. Sometimes, you just want to hide it because it does look a little ugly.

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You can try finding or buying a decorative box and cut out a hole for all the wires and cords. This way, it will look a lot better than just seeing the router blinking away in your home. You just need to be careful not to block it too much and affect the connection.

A Wine Cork as a Clip

Most of us eat chips sometimes. When you need to close the bag of chips or some other partially used snack, you can use a wine cork as a clip. This is a perfect hack for all of those wine drinkers out there who are never short of a cork.

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If you want to save yourself some time and don’t want to spend all day searching for a clip, simply use the wine cork. Slice it partially in half in the middle and use the slit to close the bag of chips. It’s a simple method, saving you time and energy.

Using Desk Organizers in the Kitchen

Pantries in our homes can easily become messy. All those different food bags become mixed together, and you get lost trying to find something you need. This can be especially annoying if you’re following a recipe and are battling against time.

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There’s a solution. You can use your old desk organizers to organize different smaller items. You can attach them to your wall to place larger items that are now on your shelf. Easy, if you have skills. These organizers are ideal for spices, but they can be used for plenty of other stuff.

A New Purpose for the Beverage Dispenser

Everyone likes to party sometimes, just to have fun and forget about the stress accumulated through the week. Unfortunately, we do the laundry more than party, and so many things take space that have no use throughout the rest of the week.

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Why not give a beverage dispenser a new use and make laundry day a little easier? Take the dispenser, fill it with detergent and place it on a shelf right above the washing machine. Just count the seconds you need to dispense detergent into your measuring cup, and then just let the gravity do its job.

Make an Organizer for Condiments

If there is something that you find in any refrigerators around the world, it is the endless bottles of condiments and sauces for every taste. When you feel inspired to cook Thai, or maybe keep it simple with ketchup, the sound of bottles rolling inside the fridge when you open it is well known.

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All you need in this case is that egg crate you planned to throw away. Use it to keep the bottles face down in each spot, and then you can organize your fridge. You can divide them, from sauces for a perfect burger to those condiments you use only in fancy dinners, and those for day-to-day use.

Stop Looking for Lost Nails All the Time

From weekend projects to repairs around the house, hammers and nails should never be missing from any home. But no matter how useful they may be, it is also easy to lose them. Here is a little hack if you hate looking for that last nail.

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Use a hot glue gun to stick a little magnet to your hammer handle in a place that will not bother you when using it. It is perfect for storing nails. Make your project easy, and be sure that you will never waste time looking for the needle in the haystack. Just make sure you take the remaining nails off the magnet before actually hammering away.

Don’t Lose Time Detangling Cables Again

You will find a drawer full of cables from two decades ago in every home. For any situation that will require a cable, there is a backup for any problem you encounter. But finding that one cable you truly need in there is, well, not an easy job at all.

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So for this, just use your empty toilet paper tube. Cut them into strips, and write the type of cable it is with a Sharpie pen. Search a little faster now, and don`t lose time exploring for a cable that may or may not even be there.

A Secret about Your Fan

A fan in the hot days of summer is heaven on earth. In winter, everyone misses a little of that warm breeze and hot sun. Many people don’t realize that your fan can be equally useful in cold weather.

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Many fans have a little switch that changes the direction in which the blades spin. This takes the rising hot air and pushes it back down into the room. This happens because cooler air has a bigger density than hot air. The blades help by redirecting the warm air, according to the appropriate switch position.

A Little Trick to Keep Your Car Scratch-Free

We all fear that something may scratch the car and leave a dent, from small, narrow garages to driving backwards in reverse to save that perfect just-found spot. Because of that, many people take their time when parking and go about opening the door very carefully.

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Taking care is a good idea, but just loosen up some stress. For that calm moment, just take a foam pool noodle and cut it in half, and then attach it to the wall of your garage. Now, a little impatience while opening the door won’t give your car a new paint job, and this is an even better hack if your kids are not careful around the car when they play.

Use Essential Oils Differently

Bathrooms are not the most pleasant-smelling environment, but that should not intimidate you in the war with the odors. All of the ideas suggested might be only temporary solutions, from using candles to putting up air fresheners.

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What you can do now is choose your favorite oil, put it in the cardboard roll part of the toilet paper, and then let the work do its job. In this way, the pleasant smell will last longer, and each time you take a piece of paper, the whole smell will give a fresh scent to the entire bathroom. Make things easier and gain the freedom of choosing exactly the scent you want based on which essential oil you use.

A New Storage Place for Wrapping Paper

With each holiday there come presents, and with each present there comes an infinite amount of wrapping paper for you to once again find storage for. From basement to attic, and then back to the basement once again, this is a bother each time you search for places to keep the accumulated paper wrapping.

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So just make things easy and go find an empty garment bag to fill it up with all the paper you received around the year. In this way, you get a good place to store them, know exactly where to find them in times of need, and have an easy storage spot in the back of the old closet to hang it where it will least bother you.

Save Some Time Cleaning Your Pet Fur

Cleaning fur from carpets and sofas is one of the downhills of owning pets; there is always more and more hair, and as hard as you may try to clean it every time, no effort will show satisfying results. Here is an idea to help you do a little less work the next time you clean up after your cat or dog.

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Use a squeegee first to loosen the fur from the carpet, taking out the bigger clumps before vacuuming. This way, you will save time cleaning and have a sparkly clean house. This is even a better idea if you own multiple pets who leave a lot of fur. But just remember to use this technique a few times. That hair sometimes reappears, and seems to come right out of thin air.

A Faster Way to Clean the Blinds

Cleaning is not the best activity one can think of spending time with, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done in a fast and efficient way. And with all the chores that may need to be done, there will come a time when you need to clean the blinds, perhaps the hardest task in cleaning the house.

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Just don`t give up yet and listen here: take a pair of longer tongs and a microfiber cloth, then roll the cloth around the tongs and keep them in place with a rubber band. Now you are ready. This is a perfect way to clean the difficult spots on the blinds. Start at one end of each blind slat and rub the tongs the whole length. Then go onto the next ones, moving from end to end, collecting all the dust and leaving the home blinds perfect.

Upgrade Your Closet Hangers

We tend to stack up on clothing hangers because they are easy to use, and they allow you to not have to fold the clothes every single time. Even if the hangers work great and are an easy way of doing things with your clothes, it does not mean that they come problem-free. Clothes can fall off of them and end up in a pile on the floor, but here is a solution to that…

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Using nothing but a hot glue gun, create a straight line of glue dots spaced evenly along the hanger to stop clothing articles from falling off them. This is the way you can stop sweater shoulders from getting loose, dresses from folding over, and have a better time searching the racks without worrying that something may fall again.

Store Plastic Bags More Efficiently

Every household has that little space designated only for the plastic bags that accumulate after each spontaneous shopping spree. They take up much space, are annoying to deal with, and you never find a good one in times of need.

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Use an empty box of tissues and put the plastic bags in it. Then, using the looping handles of the bags create a chain of bags that will give you a new one each time you take one out. Use this method to store them all and find that perfect bag when you truly need it.

Store Spray Bottles with a Rod

From cleaning and home renovations to car repairs and around-the-home projects, there are a lot of spray bottles around the house. They sure take a lot of space and are hard to organize, right? They can be tricky to deal with, these bottles, but here is a helpful piece of advice.

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Use a tension rod, the light metal bars with a spring, that you can find everywhere these days, to store the bottles all in one space. Put the rod in your kitchen cabinet full of cleaning products or in the garage next to the motor oil. Put your spray bottles behind the bar and it can save a lot of space. You’ll have them all sorted and since they are easily visible, it will be much easier to find the right bottle next time you need to use it.

Ceramics Can Help You Sharpen Knives

A good cook always has a perfectly sharp knife with him at any time. They are very important in the kitchen because cooking with dull-bladed knives can be a burden. You then have a harder time cutting ingredients and even have a higher risk of injuries. You simply need a good knife.

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At times you may lose the sharpener that is designed to renew the knives. But there is a quick fix to that: just use the bottom of a ceramic mug to revive the lost knife. Then you can use the kitchen knife again to chop those vegetables. But remember that this is still a potentially dangerous tool, so always be careful when using it.

How to Save Water

With the current environmental crisis on our hands, we need to think of solutions that can help. In that regard, saving water can be an accessible way to protect nature. Here is a simple solution that isn’t going to affect your lifestyle negatively.

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Using bricks or a piece of heavy plastic, place them in the water tank of your toilet. This will reduce the water that accumulates in there and significantly reduce the water wasted each time you use the toilet. Saving even that one liter of water can both reduce your water bill and do some good for the environment.

Keep the Garbage Bag in Place

Throwing garbage into the bin can make the bag fall down inside and loosen the loops we use to take it out with. This leaves you searching inside the bin, reaching down for something that will help you get everything out in one intact piece.

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There is a simple thing to do to correct this problem: use some plastic command hooks to keep the bag’s loops in place. Adhere just two of them to the outside of the bin, placing them upside down, and put the loops of the bag under each. The bag will now not fall inside the bin. By doing this, you will have a fast handle to take the trash out without any mess.

Reuse Shower Curtains Hooks for Clothes

Getting back to the clothing and organizing problems, a few tricks will help anyone become a little more organized and help save space and time by doing so. This is a genius hack that we loved.

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For this hack, we will use a simple shower curtain hook to hang things like pants and scarfs inside the closet. Using the hook that is usually for a shower curtain will provide perfect support for any piece of clothing with a loop attached to it, which means your favorite pair of jeans will always look great.

Always Have a Backup Paint Jar

After searching for the perfect color you will use in the living room, you have peace of mind knowing it will look great. Then over time, you get bumps in the walls from the children and even some little scratches; the walls can always get chipped, and the color then will be scratched away.

Source: Reddit

For that repair, you only need a random jar you may have in storage and a paintbrush. It’s advisable to always save a little of that room’s paint to have prepared for the worst-case scenarios. Then, run get the jar of saved paint, a brush, and heal that corner into which you bumped the sofa. Make that small accident history!

Wet Wipes Containers Are Perfect for Bags

With each visit to a store, comes a new plastic bag. You could avoid that collection by starting to use a special bag that is eco-friendly and stylish enough for your walks to the market. Save money and the environment at the same time. But still, there may be a lot of plastic bags already accumulated at home.

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For that, you only need a wet wipes container to store them perfectly in one spot. The cap will also be very useful because it allows only one bag to come out at a time from the container. Now you can stop the mess of searching through that drawer full of things to find the bag you need.

Get Inventive with an Ice Cube

Candle wax can get anywhere, and accidents with these drips can ruin furniture. That doesn’t mean you should throw away all your candles out of fear for that new sofa you just brought home from the shop. A simple trick to get the candle wax off any surface is to take an ice cube, put it in a plastic bag, and let it sit on the wax for awhile.

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It will cool down the wax and make it easy to remove, not leaving any mess behind. Do not try to rub the wax off or use some chemicals to clean it. That could only make it worse—and you may end up destroying for good that fine piece of furniture.

Make Scratches Disappear with Toothpaste

Let’s admit it. Scratches are everywhere. Of course, accidents can happen from time to time. If you have kids or pets, things tend to get a lot trickier. True, in time your furniture will have signs of wear and tear, which is normal. However, that is no reason to panic or spend money on some new and expensive furniture. The solution to this problem is sitting right in your bathroom.

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Toothpaste can be used to get rid of a lot of scratches. All you have to do is just rub it on those unwanted marks. You will see how they will just smooth out. Don’t forget to use a circular motion when doing this. A damp towel can come in handy to clean up the rest of the toothpaste.

Sticky Residue Shouldn’t Be a Problem

Everybody should reuse old jars and bottles. It is economical and great for the environment. But what should you do when you want to relabel them, and the old residue is still there? The simple answer to your problem is cooking oil.

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By rubbing some oil on the sticky part using some cotton, you will see how the old adhesive comes off pretty easily. Now you can use the bottles as you would like. You could even transform them into decorative pieces and place them on your windowsill.

Straws Could Be the Flowers’ Best Friend

Every house should have a big vase of flowers. However, it seems so sad when they start to get all floppy after all the trouble of buying the flowers and getting an appropriate vase. Their life span is indeed short, but we should at least try to keep them standing for as long as possible.

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For this, all you need are plastic straws. Place them around the individual flower’s stem, and you will see how they won’t be able to drop. What is even greater is that it does not affect their health. Standing straight, the flowers should look even more beautiful than they already were.

Use Nail Polish to Fix Window Screen Holes

Let’s say that you were looking out the window, when you saw a small hole in your window screen. What to do now? The solution is very handy and costs only a few dollars or less. Nail polish can fix your problem.

Source: Dreamstime

Just pay attention to the color. It is best to go for transparent nail polish. You wouldn’t want your window screen to have a patch of red or green. However, note that this works perfectly for only small holes. If the hole is too big, you will need to replace the entire thing.

A Magic Eraser to Fix a Messy Ceramic Top

Having a cooktop made of ceramic is a great alternative to other stovetops, but unfortunately it’s not easy to clean. You may have tried baking soda or vinegar, and even something greater than these go-to solutions. Technology isn’t helping much either, and yet there is a solution we can share. The Magic Eraser!

Source: Dreamstime

This type of sponge has a microporous structure that allows you to clean even the most stubborn stains or burn marks. The Magic Eraser has the perfect texture for tough stains and oil buildup. You can find one at any grocery store.

Light Up Your Kitchen

Fancy cabinet lighting is not something that many of us can afford. Common people, who usually have a low budget, deal with dark cabinets as part of a normal life. This can be annoying if you’re trying to find some cereal or a jar of jam.

Source: Pinterest

However, walking through your kitchen supply area with a flashlight or candle is unnecessary. The easy solution is to install some LED lights to gain more light. Just put them on the shelves, and you will be able to see everything. What is even greater is the fact that they are pretty cheap.

Clean Your Blender with Dishwashing Liquid

One of the most difficult things to clean in a kitchen is a blender. It can be a real headache, and it can be pretty dangerous. Don’t ever stick your hand into the blades—you could seriously cut your hand!

Source: Facebook

Fortunately, there is a safer way. Just try dishwashing liquid. All you have to do is add the dish soap to your blender. Don’t forget two cups of warm water. Just wait until the food residue washes away. It’s the safe way and, of course, it’s efficient.

Hang Up All Your Pots and Pans

Nobody wants a cluttered kitchen. There is no use in having a clean kitchen if it is disorganized and full of pots and pans all over. Maybe your biggest problem is space? Don’t worry. You can make some space even in small areas. If you were used to stacking everything, just forget it and start hanging things up.

Source: Pinterest

Use a corkboard in your big cupboards and place them on the inside of the cabinet. Don’t drill holes, but instead you should use adhesive hooks. All your pans and pots will be hung with ease now, and that will give you more space.

Hang Up Everything That You Need

When sticking up hooks, anybody will find that available space has endless possibilities. You will realize that even bigger utensils like strainers, larger spoons, or knives can be hung. No place to store your towel? Just hang it. Can’t find any place for those utensils? Just hang them on the wall.

Source: Twitter

It is really up to you to buy a storage rack or use a corkboard. A messy kitchen can be frustrating, but finding simple solutions like this one just suggested can save you plenty of time and stress. Everything will be easier to find.

Just Clip Your Toothbrush

You may not know, but bathroom surfaces are the perfect place for bacteria. Your bathroom may seem clean, but leaving your things on the counter is not a wise decision, especially when it comes to your toothbrush. This is maybe the most important item that you would want to protect from getting infected with bacteria.

Source: Imgur

The cheapest solution is also the easiest one. The toothbrush needs to be elevated above the counter. To do so, you will need a clothespin. Just clip your toothbrush and place it above the counter surface, and now you won’t need to worry about those germs.

The Perfect Soap Dispenser

Why should you wrap an elastic band around your plastic soap dispenser? This is a marvelous way to get control of your hand soap dispenser usage. You don’t want to be wasteful. A rubber band around your soap dispenser is the ideal way to prevent you from squeezing all your soap away.

Source: Flickr

The secret is to wrap it around the dispenser, making it tight enough to limit the pump action. This decision will also save you some money. You will not run to the store every week to buy new soap bottles.

Fitted Sheet and Suspenders

Just when you think that your bedroom is spotless, your fitted sheets just slip right off the corners of the bed. Trying to keep them down yourself is not a permanent solution. Of course, nobody likes to sleep on a bare mattress.

Source: Pinterest

A bed sheet protects the mattress and improves your sleep. To avoid this situation of shifting sheets, just find a pair of suspenders. All you have to do is clip them on each side of the sheets that lay across your bed. After this, your sheet will stay put without an issue. You will never think about this problem ever again!

Drill a Hole into Your Trash Can

You happen to see something gross when you thought it was time to remove the garbage bag from the bin. The bag is so sticky, and it holds on to the bin a bit. It is not only gross but also messy. This is a common problem that many people have.

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Don’t worry. Fortunately, you can solve this issue with the help of some household items. Just drill a hole into the trash can. Make sure that it is at the bottom of it. This will help you get rid of this kind of problem, allowing any spills to drain away from the bin, ready to be mopped up afterwards.

Tennis Ball Can Protect Door Knob

When you share a home with somebody, all kinds of problems may arise. One of them is noise. Let’s say you like everything quiet, but your roommate is an extrovert who loves loud music. This can often be tiresome. What could you do? Of course you can’t silence them all day long.

Source: Reddit

To avoid the loud sound of an angry door handle, you can simply use a tennis ball. Just place it over it. Cut the ball open and use it to wrap around the doorknob. This way, whenever the door hits the wall or whatever is behind it, it will just bounce right off, silently.

Any Foam Noodle and Your Car Door

Do you live in a noisy city with heavy traffic? Do you find yourself often in the situation of parking near walls and buildings? Opening a car door when you find yourself in a very confined space can be difficult. Also, you wouldn’t want to scratch a car belonging to someone else either.

Source: Tumblr

Your only solution is an old foam pool noodle. Cut it and then place it over the door handle. Now you won’t scratch your door car ever again. You can also use it for your garage walls to avoid damage from bumps. Now your car is safe, and you don’t need to worry again when you get out of your car.

Your Beloved Painting Can Cover Your Alarm System

If you have ever lived by yourself, you are certainly aware of all the benefits of having alarms for pretty much everything. They are one of the few things that keep us safe. However, they are not so pretty. They could look rather ugly, depending on the model or chosen technology.

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You shouldn’t remove them just because of their look. You could, instead, do something pretty easy, and that is to decorate it. Take your most loved piece of art from your whole house and just use it to cover your alarm system. It’s easy, cheap, and it could look great.

Masking Tape Can Save Your Walls

You have just bought some lovely paintings, and now you have to hang them up. The next logical step would be to put them up on the walls right away. But wait, as you will first need some important tips. Before you hammer the wall, just use masking tape over the area.

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This simple trick prevents any cracking in the walls. Now you can forget about crumbling walls and chipped paint. It is important to take care of your house, and this simple hack will save you time and energy further down the road.

Remove Odor from Your Home with Charcoal

Removing odors from your house can mean something more than just buying an expensive essential oil. Some people use way-too-expensive air purifiers to clean the air in their rooms. You must know that some of them contain chemicals and could be toxic for your general health.

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Unlike all these complicated solutions, charcoal can save your air by removing bacteria and many allergens. Simply put the charcoal into mesh bags and place them around your home wherever you feel like you’re needing some fresh air.

Homemade Cloches Using Just Old Bottles

Do you have a beautiful garden and want to do your best to take care of it without much headache? Take an old bottle, which could even be one from your old milk jugs. Remove the bottom of it, and now you have the perfect protection for your vulnerable plants and flowers.

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Protecting them from harsh weather can be difficult, but things could get easier when applying cheap and manageable tricks. You can even use them in winter when wanting to protect your garden from frost. Don’t forget to remove the cap so the plant can get enough air.

Paint Rocks and Redecorate Your Home

Firstly, just find some large rocks, paint, and some brushes. Think of a theme. It could be a holiday like Valentine’s Day or just a chosen color that matches your whole house. Secondly, think about the places where you would see them fitting in around your home.

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Finally, paint the rocks and let them dry overnight before placing them wherever you like. You can use these to frame your favorite plants. This great hack can also change up a dull room. Or, take a bowl and fill it with colorful rocks. You can be as creative as you want. There are endless possibilities!

The Multipurpose Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used for many purposes and is a must-have product for your kitchen because it serves as a lifesaver in needy times. Dirt, oil, and many other stains can be cleaned if this hack is used properly. All you have to do is get a cup of water and add some teaspoons of baking soda to it, then blend.

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You can either put this mixture into a spray bottle to allow it to reach all those nooks and crannies or keep it in the bowl. After cleaning the area with a suitable material like a scrubber or cloth, do not forget to rinse off the place with water.

Essential Oils on the Go

There has been a lot of hype related to essential oils because they are great for the environment and user-friendly. Organic products are being marketed as zero waste, due to natural and chemical-free ingredients, which create a smaller impact on the environment.

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A great way to incorporate some of these oils into our daily routine would be to clean things in the home, as it leaves furniture smelling fresh. In addition to that, combining these oils with vinegar and baking powder would do wonders for the house in other cleaning projects—and be chemical-free!

Use Paper Bags for Your Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic are used in every flavorsome recipe and are staples in a household. They have the magic to elevate a bland dish to an aromatic one and are easily available in the house. But the problem is that these vegetables tend to go bad if kept for a longer period.

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This is why they should be covered to increase their life. A paper bag works well for this. All you have to do is get an average paper bag and make holes in it with the help of a puncher. In the end, insert your onion and garlic and just put a paper clip on the bag, after folding it multiple times.

The Garlic Smell Repellent Technique

Garlic is the best thing that happened to the culinary world. It not only tastes delicious but smells good too. Still, its strong smell does not leave easily, and there are times when you do not want the smell anywhere near you.

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If you have used garlic with your bare hands and want to get rid of the smell, you should try this method. Simply take a silver spoon and rub the tips of your finger on its back. Then follow by washing hands with soap and water, and hopefully, the pungent smell will go away.

Bye Bye Stinky Sneakers

Everything about sneakers is cool until they start smelling, which could eventually make your personality stink—because this foul smell does not go away easily. It will haunt you whenever you meet someone, and the embarrassment that comes with it is simply not worth it. If this smell gets into the sneaker’s lining, then it’s going to be difficult to remove.

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This persistent smell can be eradicated by following a process. Start by washing those nasty shoes and letting them dry. Then spread some DIY powdered deodorant inside, followed by stuffing the footwear with newspapers. Keep them in this state for at least a night, and then put the sneakers in the freezer for a couple of minutes.

Aesthetic Spice Organizing Jars

Moms like storing stuff at homes in an organized manner. Most often, there are a lot of jars of baby food lying around in the house, which can be collected for other uses. With some effort and an aesthetic skillset, these baby food jars could be reused very cutely, and no one would realize their origins.

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Spices can be put in the same kind of jars, making things look quite organized. DIY labels can be printed out to avoid confusion, and you can match them to the kitchen’s color palette as well. The best part is that these jars are quite spacious in size, and their transparency makes the spices easier to find.

A Forked Fence for Critters

Plastic forks can be used efficiently to keep all the critters away from your house. There is no precise evidence of this theory, but it does work for some people in regards to small pests and insects. Keep inserting forks in the garden area where you don’t want the critters around.

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Though this might look a bit weird and messy, it’s okay. This is a cheap and convenient solution that keeps pests away from your plants. The blocked areas do not facilitate any traveling channels, just as barbed wire or chicken wire do the same on a larger scale. That’s why it’s overall a good solution.

Nature-Friendly Mosquito Repellent

Whenever there are plants somewhere around the house, mosquitoes come in and ruin everything by simply existing! Inviting mosquitoes over is not the intent of planting. This is why they have to be removed manually by spraying mosquito repellent sprays, which also contain harsh chemicals that can be damaging for human beings to breathe in.

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Many burning wicks, candles, and sprays contain citronella’s prime ingredient. This is the actual driving force behind the repelling products, and it is naturally present in the environment. To amplify the effect, citronella geranium can be planted with other plants like marigold, catnip, and lemongrass.

Binder Clip Hanging Sponge

Dish sponges can take up some space after you are done with the daily dose of your therapeutic dishwashing session. It would look a lot neater if the sponge was not in sight or was just not lying in the corner somewhere besides the sink. Not only is it unsanitary to keep it at the sink, but it also takes up space.

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The perfect alternative here is to air-dry the sponge, and for that purpose, you can hang it with a binder clip. It would not be able to accumulate bacteria this way, and it will look aesthetically pleasing. This binder clip repurposed offers an inexpensive DIY hack that can easily be used, saving both time and money.

Microwave Cleaning Magic Machine

Microwaves are really hard to clean thoroughly because of the nooks and crannies, which contain hard stains that are difficult to get a hold on. They are also really stubborn and dry. A lot of effort is required to clean them, and this is where this hack comes into action.

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All you have to do is warm a cup of vinegar with lemon in the microwave for a few seconds. This will make the inside of the unit smooth, as evaporation takes place. No scrubbing would be required; just wipe everything clean in no time!

Ketchup and a Little Shine

Ketchup can be surprisingly used to clean stuff. Ketchup might be a messy condiment, but it polishes silverware such as spoons and knives. Ketchup helps as a shiner, provided it is scrubbed off nicely with lukewarm water afterwards. It is proved to be a good cleaning product.

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It is quite ironic, of course, as the amount of panic a ketchup stain would bring if on a shirt is immense. But it works like magic when it comes to stainless steel!

Organic Insect Repellant Strategy

Suppose there is a pest emergency situation when it comes to your vegetables in the garden, and you cannot find any other way out except using harsh chemical-filled insecticides. In that case, you should probably consider this hack. You can make an insect-killing spray by mixing ingredients found lying around in the kitchen.

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Take some mint, dishwashing soap, garlic, cayenne pepper and put them in a food processor or simply chop them. After getting the mixture chopped, boil some cups of water and put the mixture in it. Let it simmer for about three minutes, and then put it into a spray bottle after straining out the solid pieces. This can be used to control pests efficiently.

Toothbrush to the Rescue

If you are facing any problems with the drainage of your sink, you should try cleaning the sink with a used toothbrush, and after you are done with that, put some lemon pieces in there to freshen up the whole area. Lemon not only smells good but contains some disinfecting properties.

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This should not be done too much as the toothbrush must be an already discarded one. Buying a new brush for this purpose would be expensive, but using an old one before getting rid of it can be great.

Playing with Dirt and Slime

Slimes and goo balls have been out in the world since the late 1900s, and they have proved to be cool for the kids of every decade. This is why different slimes have been making a comeback in the last few years.

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Kids even make the slime from scratch and customize it personally. These slimes are great at catching dust particles. Therefore, we are discussing them here. All you have to do is take the slime and dab it directly onto the unwanted specs, and they will then be easily caught with minimum effort.

Ironing the Way Out

Do you want to iron your way out of a sticky car situation? Well, you’re in luck today. There is a plethora of ways your car can get messed up by a dropped jellybean that has been forgotten and melted by the sun, or chewing gum that has been spitted out and never got picked up.

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These small little things can turn your car into a dumpster in no time, and you might panic when this happens, but don’t worry because it’s not that bad. Just heat an iron, take it to your car and put a paper on the exact area, and then press the iron on it for about 20 seconds or so. This procedure will clean up the mess by making the gum stick to the paper.

Fit All Your Stuff Into a Small Home

It might be tough to fit all you need into a tiny house or apartment. Trying to accommodate everything and make it appear tidy is even more difficult, but that’s part of the fun of small-space design: It’s more satisfying when you come up with ingenious answers to those hurdles. These small space design ideas will make your place feel much larger without sacrificing flair or style. Whether you live in a studio apartment or want to get the most out of a small room in a small house, read on to learn how to do it.

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There are several ways to make the most of a tiny space, like leveraging the area’s height, converting steps into drawers, hanging items from doors and beds, utilizing even the most minor gaps between furniture, and storing objects inside of tables just to name a few. Discover how to make the most of every square inch of your home without having to give up any of your prized possessions.

Sharing a Tight Bedroom

Designing a small child’s bedroom is challenging, especially when the space is shared. Shared rooms, common among siblings, are typically the size of a standard bedroom, but they must accommodate twice as much furniture, belongings, and diverse personalities. A small, shared kids’ room might be a recipe for frequent fights since there’s so much packed into such a short area. Trying to figure out where to put all your children and their possessions as they grow up in a tiny house is a pain for any parent with several children.

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While not all parents can afford to provide each child with their room, there are ways to make sharing a room with siblings work. This adorable triple bunk bed ensures that each child has a comfortable sleeping place while still providing plenty of space for all three kids to play, wardrobes, and desks. Small bookshelves can also be placed against the wall so that each child has one near their bed.

Using the Steps for Storage

Staircase storage is a brilliant space-saving solution that makes you question why it isn’t a regular fixture in every home. Stairs are a tremendous waste of space when you think about them, yet they are required in houses with multiple floors. As a result, this is an excellent use of all that space.

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This idea began in the small house movement, where every square inch of available space must be maximized. But the concept has since spread to other types of homes. If done correctly, each level might have a wide pull-out drawer that can accommodate everything from shoes and pillows to books and clothes. This offers tiny house homeowners a lot more storage space and gives the impression that the area is much larger.

Raising and Lowering the Bed

There are a few different ways to make a clever space-saving bed for a small house. One of the best compact living tips is to use transportable furniture. This bed eliminates having to choose between a bedroom and a living room if you only have one room to fill each need.

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You can lift the bed during the day to enjoy the living room surrounding it. When it’s time to sleep, simply pull the bed back down, and your bedroom is ready. You can also have a TV in your living room and bedroom for the price of one. The space will appear larger than it is with a basic design.

Two-in-One Bunk Space

The most straightforward small house ideas feature an intelligent arrangement of the bed, which creates a sleeping area in a location that you wouldn’t ordinarily consider for this purpose. For youngsters sharing a room, bunk beds are the typical space-saving solution. However, that isn’t the only choice, and it isn’t likely to be the best. Take a peek at this great space.

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Consider the following scenario: you only have one bedroom, but two children who want privacy. This is easily the next best thing to having their room. Each has a small but functional sleeping and living area that can be partitioned into two rooms using curtains or walls. The S-form splits the room into two sections as if it were two different rooms.

Drawer Bed

When you raise the bedding area higher, you’ll usually be able to fit a lot more stuff in there. Under this high shelf-bed, storage shelves, a clothes rail, and even a wash basin find a home; the design also uses tall windows. Even in a spacious room, a double bed takes up a lot of space. In a small house or apartment, elevating the bed is one of the simplest ways to increase storage space.

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Even if drawers aren’t necessary, you can store anything you want under the bed by just having some. There are numerous more straightforward, less expensive solutions if you have a limited budget or can’t build a wooden deck with drawers like this one. Simply arranging stones or wood pallets beneath the four sides of the bed will free up a significant amount of room beneath it.

Increasing the Space in the Kitchen

If you don’t feel like you have enough storage in your kitchen despite having a lot of drawers and cabinets, it might be because of how you store things. Too little space in the bedroom further complicates a small residence, and a kitchen that is too small is inconvenient. This illustration demonstrates how a slide-out pantry can fit into any space, no matter how tiny or narrow it is.

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This charming and valuable food pantry filled the six inches of space between the refrigerator and the doorway. Consider how much can be squeezed into an otherwise useless space. It’s also tremendously easy to maintain order since each can or food container must be positioned lengthwise. In a tiny flat, every inch matters.

A Unique Night Table

A sleek nightstand adds a finishing touch to a beautiful sleeping room. Small rooms don’t always allow for a nightstand that takes up a lot of space, just like they don’t always allow for lighting options, closet space, or bed frames. Is your bedroom so small that all you have room for is a bed and a few other necessities? Do you wish you had a nightstand?

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Even if you live in a small house, you can have something that serves as a bedside table! Do you want to know how to make it happen? This cloth hangs from the side of the bed and can store the same number of items as a bedside table. Books, remote controls, glasses, iPads, and phones are all neatly stored yet still accessible. And they don’t take up the same amount of room as a piece of furniture.

A Headboard That Serves a Purpose

Less is more, especially in a tiny bedroom. But we don’t always have control over the size of our space. Some people feel headboards aren’t necessary. They can be useless if they’re solely there for decoration (and because you live in a limited space, you don’t have room for ornamental objects that don’t serve a useful purpose).

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This lovely, tiny bookshelf also serves as a yet simple wooden headboard. And what better place to keep books than in the room where you read them before turning out the lights? Even if you don’t read, you can use these little shelves to store various objects for which you don’t have a place. So, having one is a lovely idea.

Underneath the Bookshelves

Close quarters may be claustrophobic and, to be honest, uninhabitable. However, it’s occasionally possible to transform close quarters into something unique and livable. We’re all used to putting things on shelves, but what about underneath them? Why isn’t anyone making use of it? People living in small spaces should start using them to get extra storage space.

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This clever design lets you keep all your spices (or whatever else you need to keep) on and beneath one little kitchen shelf. Of course, this notion may be applied to a variety of settings. Small works of art in jars, for example, can be displayed on a shelf in a child’s room, and all you must do is attach the jar lid to the stand.

Slim Sofa Table

What is a sofa table, exactly? In an open floor design, it’s that little table that normally stands behind the sofa. It’s typically used for extra storage or to provide visual interest in a place where the back of the sofa is exposed. But it may also be a terrific way to bring the living room and dining room together.

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A slim couch table, such as this one, is the ideal way to add table space without taking up any room. With the addition of lights and ornaments, this living room not only looks better, but it’s also a perfect place to put a drink down! Not only will you have extra shelf space, but it will also be simpler to reach the outlet to charge your equipment.

Room for Books

Finding a place for all your books in your apartment might be difficult if you have more books than square footage. Fortunately, books can be attractive, with varying sizes, colors, and even textures. So, they may be used as both amusement and décor! That’s when imagination (and a lot of rearranging) comes into play. Because you’re living in a small place, you don’t have to give up your favorite books. This gorgeous sleeping loft has plenty of room for all your favorite books, plants, and other decorations.

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The books are kept in a horizontal arrangement that separates the bed from the couch. Compact living solutions are not only practical, but they also give your living space a distinct and individual touch. Also, have a look beneath the bed at the small but oh-so-comfy sitting space! This space can put everyone at ease in a matter of seconds.

Stack Your Mattresses High

Living in a tiny place necessitates using every available nook and cranny. Is there something wrong with your bed being in a tower over your closet? We think it’s just stunning! Overall, it’s a unique way to exhibit your personal flair. This young girl doesn’t have to be concerned about her limited accommodations since she has everything she needs with this smart piece of furniture. This room is a combination playroom, bedroom, and closet.

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Sure, she’ll outgrow the little playroom in a few years, but that’ll be around the same time she starts to grow out of her clothes. As a result, she’ll be ecstatic to have twice as much closet space. The aim is to raise the bed so that there is room beneath it, using both horizontal and vertical square footage.

A Bed Made up of Numerous Beds

Living in a tiny place requires some additional thought and imagination. As a result, no matter how small your bedroom is, your style is easy to discover when decorating it. Sleepovers are a lot of fun for young people. But what if your home is hardly big enough for your children, let alone their friends? With this “inception bed,” that problem is easily solved.

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Even in a space considerably smaller than this one, this three-in-one bed will fit. Because young children are so little, your child may invite five friends over for a pajama party, and they will sleep two to a room together. Large families with limited space might also benefit from this piece of furniture. Each sub-bed will accommodate one child.

Concealed Washer and Dryer

When you live in a tiny area, you must think about things, like clever storage solutions, how to organize a cramped space, and how to decide what merits a place in your house. Whether you live in a studio apartment or another form of small space, you likely don’t want a washer-dryer as a focal point. This clever technique hides them while still giving extra storage space.

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From the outside, it looks like a regular white closet, but when you open it, you’ll find a laundry “room” and cleaning supplies storage, all in one location. There is also a shielding of noise when the doors are closed. In larger cities, where renting a large flat is prohibitively expensive, this form of storage space is becoming increasingly common.

An Innovative Coffee Table

Even modest living spaces require practical furniture. Almost every piece of furniture can be repurposed to become more intelligent and space-saving. This coffee table is an excellent example of this concept. Who’d have believed that coffee tables could be so appealing while still fulfilling several purposes?

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This is a retractable work desk with a comfy coffee table and lots of storage space for office supplies, laptops, and other business gear. The best part is that it conceals what’s within, making a tiny house appear less crowded. All we know is that we require one of them immediately.

A Tetris-Themed Room

You could find the right style that fits into your area, whether you want to decorate a minimalist modern environment or attempt to capture rustic farmhouse emotions. With a little inspiration and planning, you can guarantee that all elements are perfectly aligned and that no inch is wasted.

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This gorgeous wooden multifunctional structure beautifully exemplifies that. It acts as a separation between the bedroom and the living room and a huge storage container for books and other decorative goods. It has a clean, modern appearance and uses the ceiling to provide a lot of extra vertical and horizontal space.

Picture Ledges on the Vanity Table

To make a tiny space work, you must think outside the box when designing and outfitting it. And, as challenging as it may be, it could result in a far more unique style within your house. How many of your friends have contemplated utilizing picture ledges as a makeshift table for cosmetics, fragrances, and body creams?

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Vanity mirrors aren’t just used to reflect light, allowing light to bounce around the room and making your space feel larger and brighter. They can also be used to provide additional storage in your space. It looks wonderful in this area and fulfils the intended purpose of storing vanity supplies and getting ready in the morning. Don’t forget to hang a mirror to ensure that you look your best.

Storage Space Beneath the Stairwell

When upgrading your property, you may overlook some areas, oblivious to their hidden potential. These brilliant under-stair storage solutions are at the top of that list, and they’ll give you the gift of extra room. If you thought stair drawers were great, have a look at this. This clever concept enables you to hang whole closets beneath the stairway. It’s properly cut out to slip back under the steps and out of the way once you’ve withdrawn what you need.

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This design is ideal for a compact house, a small vacation cottage, or even a regular home with limited closet space (or for someone with a lot of clothing!). It has a clean, neat, and modern appearance, and it makes use of space that would otherwise be wasted. To prevent overcrowding the little dwelling, you could hide it whenever you want. It’s a fantastic concept.

Making Use of the Walls

There’s something about little space concepts that makes folks freak out. Granted, decorating a tiny room necessitates more thinking than decorating a larger area, and finding the ideal answer for the space might take a little know-how and a lot of research to uncover something you may not have considered previously. We frequently ignore the fact that walls can be utilized for much more than merely lining furniture against, even though they take up most of the room’s area.

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Hanging things from the wall may be both decorative and practical, allowing us to store considerably more than a chest of drawers could. A board has been erected on the wall in this little kitchen to accommodate all the heavy pots, pans, and other cooking instruments. They’re also quite accessible, which is an advantage. In this manner, no additional furniture is required, and all the current furniture is completely utilized.

The Bed up High

While modern and opulent design ideas may lead you to believe that you need a sitting area, a tiny office, or a king-size bed in your bedroom, keep in mind that the primary purpose of a bedroom is to relax and recharge. You don’t need to do anything to have a lovely environment here. Every student and most working people want three fundamental items in their bedrooms: a bed to sleep in, a closet to store their belongings, and a desk to work at.

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It may not seem like much, but there isn’t always enough horizontal space for them in small houses with small bedrooms. This simple solution creates a very comfortable sleeping loft as well as ample work and storage space. It entails raising the bed and placing the closet and desk underneath it. This frees up room in the rest of the apartment for a couch or a table.

Shelves in the Corners

Without a complete renovation of the area, you can add plenty of storage space to an empty nook in the living room or a little niche in the kitchen. We’re not sure why this isn’t done more often because it’s so easy and adorable. There are those “useless” tiny crevices in many living locations, big and small, where nothing vital fits. Those with enough space might simply place a plant or other decorative object in this spot.

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On the other hand, these floating corner shelves are ideal for people who want to make the most of every square inch of their home. It’s an excellent technique to increase storage space without overcrowding a small house. Books, plants, ornamental objects, clocks, and other items can be placed here.

Playroom Under the Bed

The playroom is by far the most enjoyable of all the rooms in the house—that is, after all, its sole purpose. Playrooms are also entertaining to look at, especially when they’re outrageous. Who wouldn’t want their own playroom in addition to their own bedroom? However, because most people don’t have much additional room in their homes, this is an excellent solution for small families or residences.

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Roll the “playroom” under the bed and take it out whenever the kids want to play. It also means that all toys will be kept in a single, out-of-sight spot, decreasing the amount of clutter in a small child’s room. You can keep wooden railway lines, small towns, various toys, or anything else your youngster desires.

Murphy-Style Table

Murphy beds, which fold into the wall when not in use, are perhaps the first item that springs to mind when thinking of compact dwellings because they save so much space. However, the same concept may be applied to various pieces of furniture. The design of a Murphy table is comparable to that of a bed. When you live in a tiny place, a table might be an annoyance for the majority of the time.

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On the other hand, this style of table can be stored until needed, rapidly set up, and then packed away just as quickly when you’re done. This little kitchen table pushes the boundaries of Murphy-style design. It’s both simple and beautiful, and it takes up very little space while offering lots of shelving and storage. It’s the ideal place to store your coffee cups and other frequently-used goods, as well as a great place to have breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Shelf Above the Entrance

Decorating tiny rooms has a distinct set of problems. That’s not entirely true: decorating a tiny area might seem virtually impossible, especially if you don’t have much in the way of storage. What use do the few inches above the doors serve? As seen in this image, the area can be transformed into the ideal shelf, where you can store a variety of items.

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Every home has room up there and making use of it is especially beneficial for compact homes with little storage. Because this space isn’t very accessible (except for tall people), it’s not the greatest spot to store daily necessities. But what about those old, favorite novels you only re-read every now and then but can’t bear to part with? For them, this is the ideal shelf.

A Concealed Bed

Do you like the idea of a concealed bed? Then, this is the one for you! Some fantastic, concealed bed ideas will completely change the look of your house. Many homeowners all around the world have discovered this unique solution. Especially those who have little room and wish to get rid of unnecessary furniture throughout the day. Don’t you have a guest room in your little house and a visitor on the way?

Source: Pinterest

That is not an issue! Because it incorporates a desk, this Murphy-style guest bed looks like it could be part of the home office. When a visitor arrives, and it’s time to retire to bed, simply fold down the brown table, pull out the bed, and voila – you’ve got yourself a bed! We suspect this bed can also be found in the offices of a few busy bosses. So, if things get out of hand, you could spend the night at work.

Headboard Space Has a New Use

Furniture features like a headboard may be used in a variety of inventive ways to make room for more items. This is another clever way to repurpose that wasted headboard space. Simply said, pull-out drawers should be installed inside. This is helpful since it allows for a variety of applications. These drawers can be utilized in place of a nightstand if desired.

Source: Amazon

Those who need more storage can keep a small nightstand for their phone, glasses, and other small items and use the pull-out drawers for books, board games, wires, and whatever else they don’t have a place for. This piece of furniture will take up a minimal amount of room while providing a lot of storage.

Underneath the Stairwell

Shelves and storage areas beneath the stairwell are the best ways to make use of the space beneath the stairwell. How many of you have considered using the space beneath your stairs as a workspace? Here’s another variation on a previously described storage approach. But, it’s such a great and adaptable design that it’s worth revisiting and examining the variations.

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Depending on the size and type of steps you have, the shape and number of drawers you can accommodate under them might vary. You’ll almost certainly need to hire an expert to build this storage space for you. That’s a big purchase, but if there’s one spot in a tiny house where you should splurge, it’s on products that can help you save room.

A More Welcoming Environment

Are you unsure how to make the most of the space in your home? With a little imagination, this tight and often inconvenient room can be converted into a usable living or storage space that you’ll adore! Even though it’s a very modern and attractive design, we enjoy the antique feel of it. Someone appears to have been inspired by their grandparents’ enormous, historic mahogany furniture and decided to recreate it in a smaller, more compact size.

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The foldable table can be used as a workstation, and the beautiful little shelves within and above it offers plenty of space for documents and other office materials. It’s another piece of furniture that’s ideal for a tiny home or apartment. It can also be used to decorate a home by placing ornamental things on top of it.

The Shoe Storage Solution

Sometimes you just have too many shoes and no place to put them. Or perhaps you have just enough shoes but not enough storage space in your house. In any case, finding a suitable place for your shoes might be difficult at times. Like clothing lovers with only one closet, shoe enthusiasts could find it challenging to fit all their pairs into a tiny space.

Source: Aliexpress

What’s the best method to keep all those shoes organized and accessible? If you ask us, we believe this is an excellent idea. This unique piece of furniture allows you to stack shoes on top of one another without the bottom one becoming dirty. You can also store twice as many shoes on the same shoe rack. Nobody can disagree that the individual who came up with this is a genius.

Spices Have a New Home

When you’re in the middle of preparing a complicated dish, the last thing you want to be thinking about is where you put that bottle of cayenne you bought over the weekend. People with small kitchens sometimes don’t know where to store all their spices. Typically, the strategy is to utilize all of those apparently worthless empty areas. For instance, on the side of the oven.

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Instead of leaving a few useless inches between the oven and the door frame, put a frame on the oven side and a couple of shelves in it. This gives the spice jars a surprising amount of room while also being attractive. Not to mention that they’ll be right around the corner from where you’ll be using them, which will come in handy when you’re cooking.

Alternative Spaces for Restaurants

Many individuals must deal with restricted space, whether at home or work. Working at a restaurant in a small area is difficult. You don’t want staff slamming into one another and spilling stuff, nor do you want customers sitting so close together that they’re nearly on top of one another. At the same time, you want to accommodate as many visitors as possible and create as much food as possible.

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Take a look at this restaurant, where smartly built revolutionary furniture allows them to accommodate more guests in the same space than they could with regular tables. These pieces of furniture appear to be inexpensive and functional, which is the ideal combo. We’d want to eat on the higher floor and get a sense of how it feels.

Bed Mounted on the Wall

With efficient storage solutions and enviable interior design concepts, the appropriate small bedroom ideas could transform a dull area into a must-see sanctuary. Even the smallest rooms can be transformed into a cozy tiny bedroom. With the right furnishings, it can even be turned into a multi-functional space with study and storage areas.

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This is an excellent way to ensure lots of closet and storage space, as well as a comfortable bed that resembles a cave. This style is especially well-suited to areas that are both small and rectangular. Because everything fits on one wall, you don’t waste any more valuable floor space than is essential. This can also be used as a play area for your children or as a desk and chair for education.

Bike Mounting Trick

Space-saving furniture isn’t the only factor to consider when it comes to making a small living space appear larger. Think of inventive ways to store your surfboard or skateboard. Bike storage in tiny apartments can be a pain because it could make the area appear crowded and untidy. Actually, it isn’t that difficult; all you need is the right equipment to keep your bike secure.

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It might be a wall-mounted bike rack, a simple metal hook, or a pallet-made wooden bike stand. Bike racks are your literal solution if you’re stumped on how to store bikes indoors in a simple and stylish manner. If your principal source of transportation is a bike, and you can barely get it through your front door, you might want to consider acquiring one with sideways-flipping handlebars.

Organizer of Board Games

Due to a lack of board game storage, putting away your favorite game after a family game night might be a chore. Your family might like playing board games and have a large collection. The issue is keeping all of those board game components and card games organized. Fans of board games, have a look this way! Shoe organizers made of fabric have been around for a long time.

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They are, however, helpful for much more than just holding shoes. Because board games are hard, thick, and difficult to fold, they’re great items to keep in a hanging shoe organizer. Then you can store it in the closet while still having access to the game at all times.

Making the Most of the Refrigerator’s Space

The fridge is one item that can be a little smaller when moving into a modest home. If you’re worried about losing your little fridge, here are some fridge-organizing suggestions to help you quadruple its size! In tiny refrigerators, things can get easily crowded. Greens are placed on top of egg cartons, while yogurt containers are squeezed together.

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It’s more difficult to find what you’re searching for without organization, and food degrades more quickly due to incorrect storage and temperature. Part of this challenge is easily solved by using storage bins that can be hung on existing fridge shelves. Then you can have separate compartments for vegetables and dairy items, for example.

The Kitchen Island With a Rolled-in Drop-Leaf

The kitchen’s main attraction is the island. From prep space to eating area to mail drop-off, this multi-functional item can be used for a variety of tasks. But, you don’t need a large suburban kitchen to accommodate one of these beautiful countertops. Even those with the tiniest kitchens have plenty of alternatives.

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The drop-leaf table is ideal for small kitchens with limited space. The convenient, foldable table can be easily moved around the kitchen. Simply pop it up or push it to the side for easy mobility when you need it. It comes in several designs, sizes, and materials, as well as several drawers and handy sections, so you can customize it to fit your needs.

Towel Racks on the Door

Towels are a must-have in any bathroom, but figuring out where to put them in a tiny one is challenging. In that case, the solution might be simpler than you think. For those with smaller bathrooms, towel storage can quickly become a conundrum. Finding a place to store your bath linens, hand towels, and other items might seem hard without built-in storage racks or hooks and little to no shelving space.

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But, thankfully, there are always solutions and workarounds for such small-space problems. Towel racks can be installed on the inside of the doors to hang towels there. It can also be highly decorative if you pick colors and patterns that go well with the rest of the bathroom’s decor and color scheme.

Drawers Made of Wicker Baskets

Baskets are a versatile storage option that can be used in any part of the home. These useful organizers are available in various styles, sizes, and materials, allowing you to easily incorporate storage into your décor. This can be a problem when you have open drawer slots but no real drawers. In other cases, you might wish to use them just as they are.

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However, you can transform the space into something far more helpful with a few baskets. You can place more items inside them while still keeping everything in order. It also allows you to display more things on the shelves. It also adds to the room’s decorative appeal if you use colorful ones.

The Ideal Bed Storage

A tiny bedroom might be difficult to design and arrange, especially when it comes to storage. But with the correct strategies for storing all of your belongings, including clothing, shoes, and jewelry, you can store a lot more than you think in a small cramped bedroom. The Malm storage bed is a traditional under-bed storage option.

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That’s right! You can’t debate small-space design without including IKEA. Innovative storage solutions are some of their best-selling goods, such as this bed. It’s also nice to know that you won’t have to shell out a lot of cash to get it. For a few hundred dollars, you can acquire a queen-sized bed and a huge storage container all in one piece.

Using the Floors as Storage

We’ve all experienced the frustration of having too much stuff and nowhere to put it while clutter accumulates on every available flat surface. This visual chaos might make us feel worried and disorganized. Whether you live in a studio apartment, a compact house, or just don’t have enough storage space, there’s a solution for you! If you don’t have any other storage options, you can use the region under the room. Obviously, this isn’t something that will work in every home.

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However, depending on the structure’s floor type and built-up area, it could be an ideal solution for a tiny home’s limited storage space (or a large one for a family with a lot of stuff). When closed, this type of storage room is completely hidden.

Customized Seats

“Small should not imply “claustrophobic” when it comes to a home. Even the oddest nook can become a favorite area with a little assistance from intelligent furniture, color choices, and organizing strategies. There are ways to help you make the most of designing tiny spaces, whether you’re trying to utilize a small closet or learning to live in 600 square feet.

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This university library (whose location we wish we knew) came up with a unique way to keep the lounge area clear of seats. The fabric block chairs look comfy and are stowed vertically against the wall. The pun-lovers among us can’t help but notice how the word “taking a seat” in this room transcends metaphor and refers to what people must do in order to sit down.

A Painted Air Conditioning Unit

Let’s face it: your air conditioner is an important part of your luxury house, but it’s not something you want to put in the spotlight. Ductless mini-split air conditioners provide a distinct set of issues in terms of interior design than a ducted system. That’s because, unlike built-in ducts and vents, mini-splits are frequently installed as an afterthought to the architectural design of a home.

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You can buy all kinds of stuff that are secretly storage containers as well as whatever else they’re supposed to be. But, working with what’s already there is one of the finest ways to make the room look a lot more spacious. Consider painting the air conditioners as a fantastic trick. By painting them the same color as the wall, they seem to vanish.

Glass Furniture

Small living spaces are comfortable, cost-effective, and, often, totally lovely. However, problems abound when decorating your little home to make it exactly ideal for you. Everything you do will be seen through the prism of small-space living, from what furniture to buy to how to arrange it and even what colors to choose.

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There are some pieces of furniture that you simply cannot live without. A beautiful table is something that every house, especially those with limited space, requires. On the other hand, some tables take up less room than others, while others appear to take up no space at all. Compared to other options, a table with a round glass top can make a room appear much larger.

Mirrored Walls

Decorating small living rooms can be difficult. This is especially true if your space feels cramped and boxy. If you’ve been struggling to make your small living room feel more spacious, strategically placing mirrors and utilizing them in inventive ways will help. You’ve undoubtedly heard about this tactic before.

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Mirrors on the walls of tiny rooms have been shown to make the area seem larger. You might be scared off by how poorly it performs in low-cost flats, but trust us when we say it can be designed fashionably and effectively. In a space with a clean design, mirrors on the walls merely enhance that greatness.

Comfortable Window Seats

When it comes to home design fantasies, decorating a nice little window seat is right up there with bigger ticket items like a wrap-around porch or even a home sauna. Even better, the nice little window seat is in the attic, so you can sit there all day and terrify the kids in the neighborhood.

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Away from the kid’s area, making a temporary sitting space out of a window is a terrific way to save space. They’re cozy, one-of-a-kind, and provide a wealth of options for decorating a tiny area. It can also be utilized as a reading corner. As demonstrated in this photo, window seats can also be used as storage, making them a real double whammy for those rooms that are simply too small.

Storing Hats Behind the Door

Everyone has their own personal vanity that they can’t live without and require their own dedicated room at home. Some people favor jewelry, perfumes, handbags, and shoes, while others prefer hats. A hat not only completes an ensemble but also protects the head from the sun’s scorching heat or the freezing cold.

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Knowing how to use the backs of doors in a small living space will save you a lot of time and money. Using an ordinary shoe rack on the back of a door, you can create the ideal storage space for all of your headwear. This will free up a lot of closet space, which is always a nice thing for those of us with a lot of stuff.

Wheeled storage

Looking for ways to maximize your tiny house storage and organize your cramped living quarters? There are several ways to give your stuff a place without making your house feel congested, from converting your staircase into a closet to building concealed shelves for a pantry. Wheels will come in handy if you live in a tiny dwelling.

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It’s not only useful in the sense that you can quickly move stuff from one spot to another, but it also implies that you don’t have to store it permanently. As you modify your home, certain items might need to be transferred to other rooms as each room will simply not have enough space.

Projects to Upgrade Any Backyard

Did you know upgrading your backyard can add value to your home? A cool backyard is also a great place to unwind with your favorite drink after a long day. And no, you don’t need a big space. Some designs can help you make the most of your space, regardless of how small it is.

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You could turn a boring backyard into a place of relaxation and meditation. Or, it can also be where you host parties with your loved ones. That’s why we’ve put together this list of more than 30 tips that can inspire you to envision endless possibilities with upgrading your outdoors.

Stick to a Theme

Choose a theme before starting. Themes improve the aesthetic appeal and style of a design. If you’re a fan, consider using an era as your theme. Buy vintage furniture and decor to best capture the intended era. Scandinavian design is popular because of its amiable, tranquil, and straightforward vibe.

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Try to choose a site outside that will catch the sun. Define the space next by adding furniture like couches, rugs, cushions, and huge outdoor planters. Bear in mind that Scandinavian design emphasizes minimalism; avoid over-accessorizing, but don’t be afraid to experiment with textures and neutral colors.

DIY a Deck or Patio

Picture a nice place to unwind after a long day in your background with a newly-designed patio. It’s the best place to enjoy nature from your home without getting wet if it rains. Add cozy furnishings to the area, such as a lounge chair or an outdoor couch with a coffee table.

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Make sure the deck boards are always “bark side up,” meaning the rings must be turned down. Turning the rings up gives you a cupped feature that only exacerbates warping and water damage. Next, pay attention to the board space. You don’t want dirt and tree debris.

Light Up a Tree

Give the trees a faery glow by hanging lights from them. There are different kinds of lighting to set the mood you want. Bright lights give it a more playful vibe, whereas white lights reflect minimalism. LED lights are the best because they are energy-efficient and last longer than incandescent bulbs.

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Starting from the bottom, arrange them section by section around the tree – the LED lights zigzag across its quadrants. To add depth, tuck some lights further into the branches and place others closer to the front. Push the connectors deep into the tree branches to hide them.

An Outdoor Rug Can Do Wonders

An outdoor rug is a final design piece that can complement a patio or deck. Taking your shoes off and stretching your feet on the rug’s texture feels great. Outdoor carpets are often made of synthetic materials. This means acrylic, nylon, polyester, or manmade polypropylene. They’re economical and long-lasting.

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No wonder they’re popular choices among most homeowners. They can also withstand snow, sleet, rain, and sun. The best outdoor rug materials for wet, humid, and rainy regions are made of polypropylene. Additionally, synthetic outdoor rugs quickly dry after absorbing water, so they are safe for use on wood decks.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are widely used by exterior designers to create the illusion of extra space. You can choose antique mirrors to give your garden a fantasy appearance or contemporary mirrors in crazy shapes for an edgy look. You can also experiment with how the light reflects off of them.

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Cleverly positioned mirrors can effectively double the number of plants, which is great if you are on a tight budget. A gothic-style window mirror placed behind an evergreen plant in a city garden can transform a plain white wall by casting light onto the plants. Get creative!

Relax Your Mind With Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are an excellent outdoor accessory. They come in all shapes and materials, including metal and cane, to create ambient sounds. Their gentle melody is wonderfully tranquil and soothing. You can hang as many wind chimes as you like and enjoy the sounds of nature, even inside your home.

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In some parts of Asia, wind chimes are believed to bring good fortune and are used in Feng Shui. The gentle tickling sound from them ensures the energy lingers on and moves gently in your space, attracting prosperity. Wind chimes can be made of wood/bamboo, ceramic, or metal.

Get Artsy and Paint a Mural!

Although it depends on your preferred art, a mural can improve the theme of your home and outdoor space. Roll your sleeves up and paint something personal. You could also hire a local artist to bring your vision to life. Consider painting the mural on a wooden surface.

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Don’t shy from using strong designs and bright colors. Things like exotic palm trees and snowmen painted on the fence can give your outdoor space a truly distinctive aesthetic. Acrylics are among the most lasting and widely available paints for outdoor application. Many artists use them to create murals.

Build an Outdoor Family Theater

An outdoor theater is a great place to share moments with your loved ones. You can also include a fire pit in its midst. The entire setup could be in the middle of the backyard or up against the fence. You’ll need to invest in a projector and screen.

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Other things you’ll need include a video source, a stand or table to place your projector on, an outdoor projector screen (it can be as simple as a plain white sheet), and powered speakers and speaker stands. Your video source could be a DVD or Blu-ray player, laptop computer, or a media streamer.

Unique Fire Pit Designs

Why not spice up your DIY fire pit ideas for your backyard? Complement a simple steel fire bowl’s plain design with a creative fusion of paving ideas. This might be as easy as placing a small block of paving slabs in the middle of a uniform patio.

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Or, consider bordering a focal design with a row of little pavers. Paved circles look fantastic with circular fire pits in the middle, but for a more contemporary aesthetic, try filling a piece of paved patio with toned gravel or slate chippings. It’s the perfect place for a roaring fire!

The Best Way to Hide Your Trash Can

There is no concrete, hardware, or glue in this project. Just hardware store vinyl materials, a hammer, or a rubber mallet. You’ll need around three patterned inserts, six solid inserts, and four 3-tier post kits. Although there are a few options, consider going with a herringbone pattern.

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After the necessary measurements, drive the stakes about halfway into the ground, place the posts on top, and slide the inserts into the grooves of the posts. This is a much better way to hide garbage cans, particularly if many people go past this area of your home every day.

Create a Backyard Fountain With an Old Tractor’s Tire

First, you’ll need to find a tire for your pond. The one shown is around 5 to 6 feet wide. Cut the tire’s top or sidewall using a reciprocating saw, then wash the tire clean. Lay the tire where you want your new pond to be.

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Then, outline the area with a hose or some spray paint. Then it’s time to begin the excavation. A pond liner’s material should be able to withstand sun exposure and holes. As the pond starts to take shape, the pond’s sides will be filled in with soil.

Add String Light Planters to Your Backyard

Although optional, we suggest staining the 4x4s with a dark walnut stain and sealer. Using corner braces on two sides, attach the posts to the planters. This will keep them secured while the concrete dries. Next, position the 4×4 inside the barrel, then fasten it to the bottom with screws.

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Add concrete and fill the barrel with water. Using two bags and roughly a 50/50 water mixture, fill your planters a little less than halfway. Drill multiple holes just above the surrounding concrete of the barrel before planting flowers. Adding rocks can also help with drainage.

Make a Fish Pond the Focal Point

Small fish species are a lovely addition to outdoor decor. They add distinctive colors that enhance the overall appearance while swimming through the water. Plus, they provide children with wonderful opportunities for learning and bonding. They will see the fish grow and learn how to care for them.

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Koi are perfect pond fish. They can withstand a variety of temperatures. But ensure you have space in your pond for those little fish to grow big. Goldfish come in a variety of breeds. The long-bodied kinds, sometimes called comets, do well as outdoor pond fish.

Decorate Your Backyard With a Fountain

Listening to water trickling against the rocks is a glorious sound. Fountains can be customized to fit your style – from a small fountain against your home’s wall to one that is larger and more grandiose in scale to make a stronger statement. The rules differ for informal and formal gardens.

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If the garden has a formal layout, the fountain should be the central focal point. For informal designs, the fountain should be in a corner or along a path. Stones accent a fountain perfectly in a contemporary setting. Depending on the texture you like, try river stones or gravel.

Place Mood Lighting in Your Backyard

You can set the mood and control how much or how little light is available during the day or night by lighting multiple areas like the patio, pool, etc. Fewer lights mean a moodier atmosphere. It’s important to note that when it comes to external lighting, less is more.

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If you would like a romantic vibe, then candles are better than light fixtures. Candles come in different sizes, and you can spread them throughout the backyard inside votives, jars, or grouped in trays. Candles highlight the stone and wood texture, adding to the visual experience.

Add Brick Pavers to Your Garden Area

First, remove the old mortar from the salvaged bricks using a hammer and chisel. You’ll need the mortar for this project. Next, prepare the place where you intend to place the bricks. Then, rototill and rake. Before forming your pattern, spread newspaper and sand over the area that has been scraped.

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Newspaper is a weed barrier in multiple layers and is also biodegradable. Now, make your pattern. Create a base for the bricks out of clean, dry sand, and then spread it over the bricks to fill in any gaps and “tighten” the pad. Edge the project with the raised bed and the shed.

Build Raised Garden Beds From Reclaimed Bricks

Line up the first bed with the deck and use string to mark it off before digging out a tidy rectangle from the grass to serve as the foundation. Fill this with a mixture of MOT and sharp sand, and level it along each side and across from one side to the other.

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The MOT base should be covered in mortar; then, the bricks should be placed on top, balanced with a spirit level tool, and hammered into place with a mallet. Continue until you reach the desired height. Fill them with topsoil and a compost mixture. It’s time to plant your seeds and plants.

Create a Walkway Using Pavement Mold

We recommend one 80-pound bag of concrete for every 2ft of the walkway. After measuring the space, use a spade to dig out the sod. Dig a trench 2-4 inches deep and fill it with gravel. Crush and level the gravel before turning the concrete mix into mud-like consistency.

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Place the stencil shape at one end of the walkway. Use a trowel or shovel to pour the concrete into the mold while patting it down to ensure the mix fills the mold. Lift the form straight up to avoid snagging and damaging the wet concrete pavers, and hose the mix immediately.

Start a No-Dig Garden

First, decide what shape and size you want your no-dig garden to be. Then proceed to level the space that will serve as your bed. After that, spread the newspaper 10 to 20 layers thick and moisten. The next stage involves applying a layer of blood and bone meal and then rewetting.

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Spread alfalfa, then a light layer of bone and blood meal, and then more water. Place a layer of straw on top, add a thin coating of bone and blood meal on top of that, then wet again. Add a 2-to-4-inch thick organic compost on top. Water the area. Then, it’s time to plant!

DIY Concrete Garden Balls & Globes

After preparing your recipe and spraying cooking spray inside the glass spheres, fill your spheres with the concrete mix. Your recipe should have the consistency of a thick cake batter. Add water if it becomes too thick. With gloves on, smash any bits of peat moss, so it’s easily pourable.

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But avoid getting too wet. You want them to be as spherical as possible so avoid filling the glob’s neck. Set it inside a plastic bag and give it a few days to dry completely. After, smash the glass with the side of a hammer. Into the garden!

Make a Stock Tank Pool

You can get a range of galvanized stock tanks in a variety of sizes and designs from most farm and feed stores as well as their online counterparts. Make sure the stock tank you choose has an interior coating that prevents corrosion, such as a heavy-duty zinc G90 coating.

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This type of coating is designed to withstand harsh weather. It is necessary if you want to keep your stock tank pool in good shape for many years to come. Setting up your own stock tank pool is really just a weekend project, and there are detailed instructions available.

Paint the Concrete in Your Backyard

First, clean your porch of all dirt. To give it a thorough cleaning, you can add Tide Oxi to warm water and scrub small sections. Once it has dried, mark the edges with the exterior painter’s tape. Use a long straight-edge ruler to determine the width of any desired stripes.

Source: YouTube

Paint with base or background color, first allowing to dry, then paint in the pattern. Use concrete paint and a small roller. Make one coat, then wait until the next morning to make another. Although it takes roughly 4 hours for the tape to dry, we recommend that you wait 10 hours before gently removing it. That’s it!

Create Magic With a Trellis or Trent

If your yard has a pathway, you can make the most of it by constructing a trellis or a tent to add style. Grow a flower garden and mix other foliage plants all around it. You can drape a curtain and add seats to turn it into an outdoor living space.

Source: Imgur

When using a ladder as a trellis, ensure sure the feet are firmly planted in the ground. This prevents being blown over by high wind and ripping of the plants by the roots. Branches can also be used to build a teepee or as a support for chicken wire or twine.

Make an Easy-to-Plant Garden

To create evenly-spaced indentations for your seeds or plants, simply place a muffin tin into the soil. Use the tin as a guide to line the remainder of your plot or raised bed. Muffin tin can be used to space different types of seeds, but not all.

Source: Twitter

Plant bulbs like carrots, beets, parsnips, onions, and vegetables that need just about 3” of seed spacing in the muffin tin. The ideal soil is one that has recently been tilled and aerated. Rock, hard, or clay-rich soil may work well with the muffin pan method of indenting the soil. High-quality tilled soil is the best.

Upgrade Your Lawn With a Rock Garden

You need to remove the sod first. Start along the fence line and roll it. Set the edging bricks in position once all of the sod has been hauled up along the house. You will want about 64 of these so-called “bullet edgers” for this project.

Source: Tumblr

Lay down newspaper over the soil before adding rock to help prevent weeds and grass. Ensure you thoroughly moisten the newspaper before covering it with soil or rocks. Pour three sacks of stones onto the garden bed. Then give it a gloss by sealing it with a concrete sealer.

Line Your Backyard Space With a Fence

Besides being great for privacy, you can also make your fence stylish. Some people prefer marble or color on their fence, while others are a bit more sophisticated with dark wood or cast iron. You can also get creative with the fence’s height. Remember, the taller, the more privacy.

Source: YouTube

Plants can also camouflage an unsightly fence, while vertical planting gives your landscape visual cohesiveness. Since it uses vertical space, gardening along the fence line could add a new dimension to your space. Narrow-growing, easily controlled plants that hug the fence line are great for small gardens with limited space.

Elevate Your Backyard With Stairs

Stairs make your backyard seem more spacious. For instance, you can add stairs to lead from the patio down to the pool. It’ll guide your guests through different sections and keep your yard organized. Depending on your preference, you can build stars with different materials such as tiles or mosaics.

Source: YouTube

Garden stairs aren’t as formal as indoor stairs, so there’s no need to follow specific measurements. You can DIY the stairs according to the garden theme. Stone is the most popular material for building steps. However, some homeowners also enjoy using rustic wood, railway sleepers, concrete woods, and bricks.

Be Creative With a Garden

Don’t be boring; be creative with your garden. Vertical gardening is an excellent choice if you have limited space. You can also get an outdoor shelf for your aromatic herbs and complete the makeover with a pond. You’ll get a mystical and enchanting ambiance. Growing your food is rewarding.

Source: YouTube

We recommend you plant vegetables from seed in spring, including strawberries and blueberries. Start them indoors in biodegradable peat pots. Then, move them to a tiny plastic greenhouse outside once they have sprouted until they appear to be large and sturdy enough to be planted in the garden or containers.

Build an Outdoor Dining Space

This is ideal for people who frequently host large dinner parties with loved ones or just love enjoying their meal in the sunshine. Choose the perfect long table and let your creativity work wonders with new chairs and fluffy cushions. Design with a set of tableware in mind.

Source: Tumblr

Then, combine it all with the patio furniture to make it all come together. For a simplistic appearance, choose bar stools and a table that will fit on the railing. In addition to saving space, it also offers a place to relax when dining al fresco!

Create a Cozy Nook

If you like reading outdoors, then this design is for you! Do you like a cozy place or a fireplace with some blankets and pillows? It could be both, so keep that in mind when looking for a place in your backyard to create an outdoor nook.

Source: Imgur

It doesn’t have to be a big project. All you need is some creativity. It could be minimalist with large cushions and pillows plus a throw blanket if you become cold. Consider a mosquito net, so those annoying insects don’t disturb you. Just make sure it reflects individuality.

Bring the Warmth Outdoors With a Fire Pit

You can set a fire pit in the grass or closer to your home by the patio. Add some chairs to make an inviting place to have friends and family after a hectic day. Ensure that your fire pit is placed on a level surface, not less than 10ft away from any structure.

Source: Twitter

We recommend 20-25ft away from anything in a wide-open space. It shouldn’t be close to trees with low-hanging branches, bushes, woodpiles, or any other thing that could ignite if it comes in contact with the flame. Don’t forget there are laws against fire pits if they become a nuisance to the neighborhood or a danger to anyone’s health.

Add a Hammock and Swing Away

A hammock can come in handy when you want to read a book or relax and think. Hammocks come in different colors and styles that you can choose from, depending on taste and backyard style. You can also get two, so one sits at the other end of the yard.

Source: Twitter

You can hang your hammock from any two solid objects, such as fence posts, trees, garages, houses, and 4′′ x 4′′ x 8′ posts, by using heavy-duty screw hooks, tree straps, chain, or high-test marine nylon rope. Hammocks shouldn’t swing too high. And keep an eye on the kids!

Create a Raised Garden Bed Using Cinder Blocks

We’re using a garden that is 18 feet long and 4.5 feet wide. First, measure and mark the area for the garden bed. Then, begin leveling the ground by digging a few inches into the ground. Place the blocks in order, keeping them as level as you can.

Source: Tumblr

Next, place landscaping fabric and hardware cloth beneath them to keep pests and weed out of your garden. Then, add soil to the blocks. Plants can then be planted directly in the blocks. You can add the second layer of blocks filled with dirt and backfill the sides with soil.

Build a Gravel and Paver Patio

First, take a few minutes to sketch out your plan. You don’t need to be a talented artist – just a modest sketch that helps you visualize the area and what you want will do. Next, designate an area to indicate where you will be excavating with spray paint or chalk.

Source: Tumblr

You must dig to the right depth after installing your edging. You should dig 2-3 inches deep if you plan to lay pavers or pea gravel. Keep a tape measure nearby at all times and check both corners of your space to make sure your depth is consistent.

Add a Grill to Your Outdoor Space

You can add a grill to a patio beside the pool, or it can have its own space. The shape and style will depend on your needs and style. Should you barbecue on the grass? Absolutely not. Grills should be far from any inflammable materials such as trash bins.

Source: YouTube

Grills should also not be close to low-hanging branches, mulch, hedges, or any other similar materials. Make sure the area around it is clean. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, you’re advised to place your grill at least 10ft away from your house.

Build an Outdoor Cart

You want to give your guests great service anytime you host an event, right? So, why not invest in a mobile car cart and fill it with drinks and mixers? It’ll also double as extra storage space for easy-to-retrieve grilling equipment close to your grilling area. An outdoor bar cart can withstand any weather.

Source: YouTube

Most of them even fold up during winter. It’s a great idea to stock up on the essentials such as mixing tins, shatterproof glasses, liquor, reusable straws, and other ingredients for making cocktails. That way, you won’t have to bring your bottles inside at the end of every night!

Heat Things Up With a Hot Tub

Hot tubs can be installed above ground or below, just like pools. You can set it up on your patio or above ground next to the yard’s fence. Adding one of these is such a wonderful and enjoyable treat. But never set it up on the ground or on grass.

Source: Tumblr

Instead, it needs a strong base to support the full weight. If your hot tub is near wet grass and dirt, it will be susceptible to bugs and moisture. The most popular surfaces for installing hot tubs are a reinforced deck or a level concrete pad.

A Playground for the Kids…and You

Make your background more fun for the kids with a playground! It doesn’t have to be a full-blown playground if you don’t want. Just something small with a swing or treehouse. Ensure the area is free from sharp debris and large rocks. Mow the grass as low as possible.

Source: YouTube

Inspect the ground for evenness and smoothness to avoid stumbling, and add a foot of sand and mulch under the play equipment. All play equipment that’s elevated should have enclosed railings. Remember, there are many possible dangers on a playground, so safety should be a top priority for parents.

Nothing Extra; Keep it Minimal

Picture one part of your backyard, then visualize features around it. It could be a hot tub, pool, or a big bubbling fountain. If you’re short on ideas, imagine how you like to entertain guests and family. For example, is grilling a favorite family activity? Then make it the focal point.

Source: Tumblr

Gardening in a manageable area is another way to keep your backyard simple. Instead of creating a “garden” around the yard, concentrate on one or two areas. Alternatively, you can grow a couple of your favorite garden plants in many big containers. Include some ground cover plants or no-mow grass.

Color and Plants Work Well Together

Add some color in a natural way. Buy fresh blooms from a nearby gardening store, then arrange them throughout the yard. Bring color to your yard with red roses and vibrant cacti. Color is healing, transmits special energies, and helps you feel revitalized when you enter the backyard.

Source: YouTube

Warm colors such as yellow, orange, and red can give the garden a vibrant feel while also making a large garden bed seem smaller or a distant bed appear closer. Cool tones like blue and purple create a calming ambiance while making a small garden bed appear larger.

How About a Pizza Oven?

Love pizza? Then you really need to think about getting a backyard pizza oven. Add it to the grill for the complete outdoor dinner party. Besides being functional, this feature also gives the place a lot more flair. Outdoor pizza ovens are typically made of stone, brick, or concrete.

Source: Twitter

But they can also be constructed on a wooden deck. Outdoor pizza ovens come in many designs. The outdoor, gas-fired brick oven is useful since it provides a sizable cooking area for pizzas (or other meals) that must be baked at high temperatures. Another choice is the traditional wood-burning outdoor pizza oven.

You Can Sleep in Your Backyard

This is a cozy substitute for lounge chairs. Grab a book, lie down for peaceful meditation, or take a nap. A swinging bed is another entertaining choice. These outdoor beds are sold in different styles to suit your preferences. You can also use it for sunbathing in the summer.

Source: Tumblr

Outdoor beds must be waterproof, and if not, they must be stored in protected areas. They must also be resistant to the sun and inclement weather. However, all bed types are made to be comfy. They have comfortable upholstery and are smooth to the touch.

Add Stump Solar Lights

Remove the solar light from the post it is attached to before building these stump lights. Identify which paddle bit will complement the solar light post the best. In this case, the 13/16 bit works nicely with the cheap single solar lights from your neighborhood hardware store.

Source: YouTube

Then, make a mark in the middle of your stump before drilling your hole. Drill to a depth of 3/4″. Rub beeswax on your stumps once your hole is drilled. Apply the beeswax generously and repeat it several times. Next, put your lights in the holes you just drilled.

Build a Shed to Store Tools

Keeping garden equipment in a stylish tool shed can make your backyard better. To stick with the overall theme, you could design it to be a miniature version of your home. Anyone will be able to go right up to the shed if you line the route leading there.

Source: YouTube

Did you know it’s cheaper to build yours than buy a pre-built shed? That is if you have all the necessary tools. But, you won’t need any special tools. The best foundation for a shed is gravel, while the best foundation for a garage or shed without a pre-built floor is concrete.

Add a Gazebo for a Fairytale Backyard

Gazebos provide a place where you can go outside while getting shade from the rain or sun. You can organize a private, romantic dinner for date night. Curtains add to the privacy and aesthetic appeal. There are many structures and styles that fit into your home’s theme.

Source: Twitter

The simplest way to support a wooden floor is by using patio stones. They make a strong foundation when the ground is mostly flat and the structure is less than 14 feet long. Remember that extensions and innovative designs, such as gazebos, can significantly increase a home’s value.

Distinguish Your Backyard With a Pergola

Any outdoor area, such as a patio, would benefit greatly from the addition of a pergola. To make it look cozy, you can add plants and wind chimes. It’s an alternative way of increasing garden privacy. There are many pergola options that’ll suit your style and backyard theme.

Source: YouTube

A pergola can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $6,000. Expect a wooden pergola to last about five years with minimal maintenance. You can even extend its lifespan to 12 years by cleaning, staining, or sealing it once a year. It’s another way to increase your home’s value.

Who Doesn’t Like a Backyard Waterfall?

You wouldn’t believe how simple it is to build a waterfall in your yard. Water cascades are incredibly soothing. There are numerous ways to build a backyard waterfall. However, if simplicity is what you’re after, all you have to do is basically make a hole in the ground.

Source: YouTube

Then, line it with a rubber membrane, and pile stones inside to raise the waterfall to the desired height. The pump should be positioned on the pond’s bottom. If you close your eyes, it’s easy to picture yourself relaxing next to a gushing creek in the middle of the woods.

Make a Home for the Birds

Do you enjoy watching birds? You can set up a nice birdbath and choose from a variety of stylish bird feeders to attract local birds to your garden. Hummingbirds will start visiting your feeders quickly if you add sugar water! Zoologists say birds are drawn to the color red.

Source: Tumblr

Birds use red to protect their nests and to attract mates. A dash of red will draw more birds to your feeder, even though some seed-eating birds prefer blue or silver ones. You can use a seed combo that combines safflower, oil sunflower, and striped sunflower but not millet.

Add a Garden Swing

Incorporating a swing into your landscape can be beautiful. You can paint it any way you choose, or even decorate it with flowers. You can relax after a long day of work by sitting down and slowly rocking back and forth as you take in your garden’s scenery.

Source: Twitter

An egg-shaped mesh swing also looks decorative. Add a black swing and some comfy cushions in bright colors to complement it. Kids love swings too. Add a fancy slide and swing set or a simple surfboard-style swing to your backyard garden. It is incredibly calming and easy to use.

Add Mosaic to Backyard Walkway

Mosaic makes beautiful walkways. You can do this by arranging stones or tile pieces in different designs and forms to give your surroundings a burst of color. You may even commission a local artist to do a unique design. Many people prefer thinset over adhesives for wet and outdoor mosaics.

Source: Imgur

Thinset is made of portland cement (also used in concrete) plus polymers, which give it a remarkable amount of adhesion and strength. Use a dust mask when mixing thinset powder, but you can also control dust by scooping and stirring the powder carefully and avoiding pouring or dumping it.

Build a Secret Spot

Does a hidden place sound intriguing to you? A place where you can temporarily shut down and escape reality. Incorporating some Charleston hidden garden design ideas is one way to create your own secret spot. This design creates a unique and enchanting ambiance in the space.

Source: Twitter

The first characteristic that all Charleston gardens have is a well-defined entrance, typically with an arbor and a gate. Installing a traditional garden arch over the entrance to your secret garden is really appealing. You can grow vines on the arch so that it is eventually covered with greenery.

Invest in a Potting Table

If you enjoy working on gardening projects, consider building your own potting table to store your tools. You can also modify the table to suit your needs by adding drawers, shelves, and even a stainless-steel sink. It can be as straightforward as an old table.

Source: Imgur

Or, you can also DIY a potting bench from salvaged wood or transform reused furniture, like an old dresser. It should be painted to coordinate with the decor in your outdoor room. Similar to kitchen counter height, 36 inches is the most common height for potting benches.

Inject Some Personality Into Your Planters

You can paint your planters to match your style. You’ll find some fascinating ideas online. It’s easy to decoupage your terracotta pots. You will need ornamental napkins (with cut-out shapes), a paintbrush, mod podge, acrylic paint, scissors, and other items. Paint your pots first and allow the paint to dry.

Source: Tumblr

Cut out the flower shape (or other shapes) from the napkin while the paint is drying. Mod podge the napkin, then slowly glue it to the pot. Ensure there are no air bubbles trapped by smoothing it. Apply a coat of mod podge to seal the entire pot.

Bring the Beach to Your Home

Do you always miss going to the beach? You can change a portion of your backyard to replicate your favorite beach. Buy regular sand and dump it at the chosen area. You can then buy beach furniture and decorate the area with a fire pit, along with other furnishings.

Source: YouTube

Now, you can dig your feet in the sand whenever you want. Although it will take lots of sand to make your beach, it’s still a more elegant and affordable alternative to regular yards. The ideal sand to use is tropical beach sand because it’ll give that seaside feeling.

Add an Outdoor Shower

If you use your pool throughout the year, you might want to think about building an outdoor shower. You can completely cleanse the chlorine off of your body before entering the house. An outdoor shower will also help you avoid dropping mud all over your pristine home after a long afternoon of gardening.

Source: YouTube

You don’t need complex drainage systems for outdoor showers, especially if you place them far from home or if the terrain naturally slopes in a way that keeps water away from the building’s structure. There are various drainage options, depending on the area, soil type, and local laws.

An Alternative to Instant Concrete

Thanks to Sika’s new Post Fix, tasks that once required instant concrete can now be done quicker and easier. Sika Post Fix turns complicated DIY jobs into simple ones and is ideal for posts made of wood, PVC, metal, and concrete. Instead of 60 kilos of quick concrete…

Source: YouTube

…1.1-kilogram bag of Sika Post Fix can secure one average-sized post into the ground. The easy-to-mix, water-free solution doesn’t need any additional tools. Just mix the contents in the bag before opening, pour the mixture into the hole, and watch as it immediately expands to seal the post.

Construct a DIY Fire Pit in a Weekend

Use flag markers to lay out the space and visualize the circular fire pit area and pathway. When planning, keep in mind the length of your edging stones (6 inches) so that no stone cuts are necessary at the edges of each walkway. Set the stone fire pit kit without adhesive.

Source: Imgur

Drive a wooden stake into the ground, tying a thread to the end, and use that point as the center of a full circle. Remove the flag markings and spray paint the lines. Sweep the area to get rid of any grass using the STIHL Yard Boss fitted with the Bolo Tines Cultivator Attachment.

Upgrade Your Backyard With a Pool

Perhaps you want a pool with lighting so you can swim at night, or maybe you want a saltwater pool because it has been proven to be better and more soothing during the day. Your home’s value can rise by 5 to 8% if you install a pool.

Source: YouTube

Remodeling your patio and pool could revitalize your backyard and increase the longevity of your investment. Every pool needs routine maintenance and cleaning. There will be more wear and tear on outdoor facilities that are near water and the sun, so you’ll need to budget for ongoing maintenance.

Make Your Next Flight Unforgettable

As the popular saying goes, you don’t have to work hard all the time; you just have to work smart. That’s always the better option, and that principle can be applied to almost any area of life, including flying from one part of the world to another.

Source: Facebook

We all hope for stress-free flights, but most of the time, that isn’t the case. The good news is that we have found better ways to enjoy plane flights with these witty tricks. Get ready to experience a new level of comfort on your next flight.

How to Never Stand in Line Again at the Airport

We know you’ve always wanted to cut in line at the airport so you can attend to other things on your schedule, but how do you do that without offending someone? No one likes to stand in line, especially when the line isn’t moving fast at all.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov/Pexels

You’ll do anything to avoid a line, but here’s the trick. When flights are canceled or rescheduled and people troop up to the counter to complain, you can call customer service from your phone and have them sort it out for you. How about that for working smart!

Avoid Being Stuck in the Middle Seat

If you could choose your seat on every flight every time, you would probably go for a window or aisle seat. You would avoid the middle seat like the plague, and the reason is obvious. Chances are you could be sandwiched between two strangers.

Source: YouTube

And what if they have bad hygiene? Perhaps you were unlucky and got a middle seat. You can change it! To create a seat alert, go to Expertflyer.com. You’ll be notified if someone on your flight changes or cancels their flight, and you can swap seats with them. Good luck!

Prepare for the Worst with These Outfits

When flying, you can’t predict the weather based on where you’re coming from. You’ll be going through the clouds above various cities or countries that may be experiencing different weather conditions. So be sure to dress in a way that can weather any storm.

Source: Twitter

To do that, simply wear several layers of clothing. Then you can take off some layers when you’re hot and put them back on when you’re cold. It may mean you’ll have extra items to hold during the flight, but that’s only a small price to pay.

Leave No Item Behind

You may be a heavy packer when traveling because you love to change clothes often. But everyone advises you to pack lightly due to baggage restrictions. A person like you might have to find a smarter way to pack more items in less luggage. Try this!

Source: Facebook

Lay out the heavier items like towels or sweatshirts on the bottom of your suitcase. For everything else such as shirts and pants, roll them up to save space. Things that are likely to wrinkle should be folded. With more items neatly in your suitcase, you can be more confident during your trip.

Keeping Your Phone Powered Up

How will you make it through a flight without your phone’s battery going dead? Well, you could talk nonstop to your seatmates, sleep through the flight, or read one magazine after another. All this can be avoided by charging your phone, but what if you forgot your charging pack?

Source: Facebook

Don’t fret. We always have a backup plan. Most airports have charging stations like this one, but they also have televisions, and most televisions currently have USB ports that can be used to charge your phone. You’re very welcome to enjoy your phone on the trip!

Let the Germs Stay at Bay

Although you might get a little chilly, we advise you to leave the air conditioner above you on full blast to stay as germ-free as possible. The air helps keep germs at bay. Remember, you’re wearing layers for any kind of weather, so now your jacket can keep you warm.

Source: Twitter

The air from the air conditioning vent produces an unseen barrier of air around you that keeps germs or viruses from sticking around and making you sick. And no one wants to get sick when traveling, so it’s better to keep the air on and wrap up in a sweater!

You Can’t Over-Sanitize

When you’re flying, you want to arrive safely to enjoy that special event or vacation. You don’t want to board a plane healthy and get off sick, unable to carry out your activities. That is why you have to keep yourself clean and your surroundings sanitized.

Source: Tumblr

Just as you’ll use the plane’s air conditioning to keep germs at bay, remember to bring disinfectant wipes with you to clean your seat and any surfaces you’ll touch during your travels. Also remember to carry a hand sanitizer. You can’t outdo yourself on this one.

Don’t Dress to Kill – Dress for Comfort

The flight attendants on the plane are the only ones in a fashion show. So there’s no point dressing so fashionable that you’ll be uncomfortable. Most flights put you in a cramped-up position due to small seats and little space between them. You don’t want to add to your problem by dressing uncomfortably.

Source: Facebook

When you’re flying for an hour and intend to rush from the airport to a meeting or an event, you may need to jazz up slightly. Other than that, wearing your favorite heels or your best suit on lengthier flights could just be you setting yourself up for a painfully uncomfortable flight.

Hold the Fizz

Everyone loves fizzy drinks until they become conscious of their health. We don’t want to bore you with that pep talk today, but we can save you from some embarrassment. You should avoid carbonated drinks such as sparkling water or sodas since they might cause your intestines to inflate.

Source: YouTube

That can result in some discomfort, passing gas, and burping! So drink water or juice on your journey, and reserve the fizzy drinks for when you set your foot on land again. If your body needs to pass gas, it’ll be subtler, and passengers won’t be upset with you.

Save Your Ears First, Sleep Later

Some people have a fear of flying (also known as aviophobia), but they fly anyway because of the convenience and the safety of air travel. Research shows that air travel has the lowest death risk, but it still has its downsides like jet lag and what’s called airplane ear.

Source: Reddit

Airplane ear happens when the flight takes off. Your ears try to adjust to the air pressure, which makes your eardrums swell. That is a little uncomfortable, and you might want to be awake for this part with your earplugs in until the airplane is safely in the air.

Making It through the Turbulence

Turbulence on flights is tricky because it happens. As the plane flies through the sky, it can encounter irregular airwaves that shake the aircraft and make the passengers anxious. The impact is temporary, but if you want to feel the impact less, there’s a trick for that too.

Source: Facebook

If you have a hard time coping with turbulence, keep this in mind when selecting your seat. Choose a seat that is over the plane’s wing and avoid sitting at the back since that is where you will feel the impact the most. So, consider booking your flights early to get the seat you want.

Stretching Those Muscles

Staying in one position for a long time can make your muscles cramp. It’s common on a flight unless you get the chance to stretch or move around a bit. There are ways you can stretch and avoid body pain. But there’s just not enough space to do that on the plane or in the terminal. Wait! What if we said there was?

Source: YouTube

You don’t have to stand up and bend over to do a stretch. Right in your seat, you can stretch your limbs by putting one over the other and pulling it like in the picture. A walk or two to the bathroom helps too. Even if you don’t need to go, do it for your muscles!

Maintain Sanity and Enjoy

People make new acquaintances and build new relationships with people they meet on flights. It could have a fairy-tale ending, but it sure doesn’t happen every time. Sometimes you just want to focus on the series you’re catching up on, a book you’re reading, or work you’re finishing up.

Source: United

However, your seatmates may be in a chatty mood, and you surely don’t want to come off as rude. The easiest way we recommend avoiding this situation is to bring along your favorite pair of quality headphones and put yourself in another world. Enjoy!

Staying Fresh and Clean in the Air

Longer flights usually have a few stopovers, and you may get the chance to freshen up on one of them. But don’t expect a shower. At the most, you may get to brush your teeth and wash your face in an attempt to freshen up. And here are some tips.

Source: Facebook

You should pack underwear, socks, mouthwash, and deodorant in your carry-on bag and keep it in the overhead bin. This makes it easy to get to a fresh change of underwear if you start feeling uncomfortable. And using the deodorant and mouthwash will make you more confident when interacting with others.

Get Rid of the Smell

When you’re occupied with activities on your trip and forget to do your laundry, your suitcase may become smelly from dirty clothes piling up. That may cause you to take action. But taking your clothes to the laundromat may not be right for you because of time constraints.

Source: Imgur

This simple trick to keep your clothes fresh will save you a lot of stress. Toss a couple of dryer sheets inside your bag, and you’re good to go. The sheets will absorb odors from sweaty clothes and dirty socks, allowing your clothes to smell cleaner and fresher.

Letting Your Money Work for You

Some folks like to do it the old way when they are on trips by getting a tour guide and moving around places with a group of strangers. But if you like to fly solo and save some money while you’re at it, then this tip might be very helpful.

Source: Twitter

Mobile apps have made traveling much easier and more accessible to everyone thanks to technological advancements. Simply do a little online research before stepping out of your hotel and enjoy your holiday sightseeing! If you get lost, check your phone, or seek assistance from a kind local.

The Ultimate Go-To Kit

If you pack your bag like we’re about to show you, you shouldn’t have an issue with any flight regardless of how long it is. Perhaps you’re sitting for hours, your joints start to ache, and you seriously need to be refreshed, but the plane has no shower. A backpack with these items in it should come in handy.

Source: Tumblr

Face wipes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and a change of clothes may make a tremendous impact on your composure, appearance, and smell. Ladies, feel free to pack some makeup, too, but stick to the essentials such as lipstick and mascara. You probably don’t need that foundation on the plane.

Setting Up for the Cold

In our bag of tricks are even more travel tips for you, our dear traveler. As mentioned earlier, the temperature on flights changes often, coupled with all the air conditioners that may be on full blast. That’s why airlines often provide their passengers with blankets.

Source: Facebook

If you easily get creeped out, you may not want to use a blanket that hundreds of passengers have possibly used before, although it may have been disinfected. Here’s your way out of this situation. Bring along your own portable carry-on blanket, and have a cozy rest.

Make Hay while the Sun Shines

This is one of the many smart choices you should make as you travel. It’s easy to find your way around an unknown city or country. All you need is a map, and Google Maps makes life easier for you whether you have online service or not.

Source: Twitter

In a new town, the Internet could be terrible, especially if there’s no Wi-Fi around. With Google Maps, you can download the map of the town before your plane takes off. It will still be there when you arrive at your destination. The bad Internet won’t matter!

Have a To-Do List

To-do lists help us keep an eye on our goals and activities and help even when we fly across cities or countries. We know a to-do list sounds demanding and exhausting, but what we mean is that you should plan what you want to do on your flight to avoid boredom.

Photo by Marten Bjork/Unsplash

If you don’t want to stare at the aircraft’s ceiling or poke into your seatmate’s alone time, you should plan to keep yourself busy. We have a few ideas—play games, watch movies you’ve already downloaded, listen to music, read a book, or even plan your next trip.

Smell Like a Million Dollars

The importance of smelling fresh all day cannot be overemphasized, especially when you are on a trip with strangers, and you want to leave the best first impression. Bringing along your finest and most expensive perfume may be a little overboard, but here’s a tip for you.

Source: Amazon

Portable fragrance bottles were made for occasions such as this. You can get a portion of your fine perfume drawn out of the bottle. Smaller perfume sizes are also an option, including pocket perfumes and small-sized perfume oils. Try any of these and thank us later.

Prioritize the Security Check

No one wants to be on a plane that gets hijacked by terrorists or drug dealers, so we all must appreciate the airport security system and officials. Let’s not get offended when they cause a delay. But we’ve got a way to avoid the delay.

Source: Boston Logan International Airport

When you get to the airport early, just an extra 10 to 15 minutes, the security check will seem like a breeze because you’ve still got extra time for everything else. Perhaps you should consider going to sleep early the night before your flight so you can get up early enough to beat the rush.

The Left Line Trick

When you are asked to get in a line, which one are you naturally more inclined to get in—the left or the right? Well, we say the right line because most people turn toward their dominant hand, and for most people, that’s the right hand. What’s our advice for you in this situation?

Source: Reddit

Get in the line on the left. That line is usually shorter since only smart people like you, people who are experienced travelers, or people who are left-handed get in the left line. This is a great tip so you spend less time in any line at the airport.

Protect Yourself from Your Blades

By now, you have probably removed and even thrown away the detachable cover for your razor blade. But no worries. You are normal, and this is a common occurrence with other humans. Here’s what you need to do instead of getting a new razor when you want to travel.

Source: Pinterest

Get yourself some binder clips and do yourself a favor. They’re an excellent replacement for the plastic cover, and they’re a far better investment than buying a new razor every time you lose the cover! By keeping your razor covered, you can avoid cuts and even germs.

How to Have Your Documents with You at All Times

Forgetting to bring along your passport or travel documents in your own city isn’t a problem since you can always hurry back home and get them. But when this happens in another city or country you’re visiting, it could become a big problem. But here’s how you can avoid this.

Source: Facebook

We recommend scanning your passport, ID, and any other vital documents and emailing them to yourself, saving them offline, or keeping them on your smartphone so you have some proof of identification at the airport if you are the unfortunate victim of theft or loss.

Making a Friend or Two

Life is fun, but friends can make life sweeter. That’s why life is structured to put us among people, including our families. However, we can’t always travel with friends or family all the time, so meeting people from all over the world on your travels is a fantastic way to make memories.

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives/Pexels

As much as you want to make friends, approaching a crowd of strangers alone can be intimidating. But technology is on your side! Backpackr or Travel Buddies will connect you with other travelers in your city, and you can meet up with them and begin your adventures! Remember to stay safe though.

Hold Your Water Bottle Close

It’s time to finally put your fancy water bottle to use. Because of the changing air pressure in the plane, the moisture level might be low. Your body dehydrates more quickly than it would on the ground, so you can do your lungs a favor by staying hydrated.

Source: Facebook

And it won’t cost much if you note these tips. First, bring along your water bottle and fill it with the water offered on the plane. The airline always offers their passengers water, so you will have plenty to work with. Drink enough to stay hydrated, and the bathroom on the plane is there if you need it.

Hungry Passenger = Angry Passenger

We’ve all been hungry, right? Hunger makes most people cranky—or hangry—and others start to hallucinate and have the wildest dreams when their shrinking stomachs are beating them up. Getting hungry while traveling is normal, which is why most airlines serve food on the flight. But don’t expect a five-star meal.

Source: Twitter

Aside from the food portions possibly being very small, the food may also suck. That is why we advise you to pack a light snack in your carry-on or backpack. And bring it from home to avoid the high prices at the airport. A crunchy snack might come in handy when you get very hangry.

Your Own Tea Bag

We keep showing you more and more ways to save money on your trip, but there’s no need to thanks us. We just hope you apply our many tips and share your experiences with us later. Here’s another tip to help you save some dough and also some effort on your next flight.

Source: Yeti

Bring along your favorite coffee cup, but don’t put anything in it but a tea bag. When you get on the plane, ask the flight attendant to fill your cup with hot water. And there you have it—a fresh cup of tea, and it won’t cost you anything.

Ditch the Tour Guide, Do It Your Way

What if we told you that the tour guide you’re paying to help you navigate the cool parts of the city doesn’t know everything? So who does know everything about the city? Locals who have lived there for years, of course. And how do you find them?

Source: Facebook

Good question! Party with a Local is an app you can download and use to connect with the locals in the city you’re visiting. You can chat with them by phone and find out everything you need to know, and you can also meet them face to face. What a cool way to make new friends!

A Handy Power Bank

Only 1% of people travel or move around without a power bank these days, and you don’t want to be one of them, especially if you’re going on a long flight. Power banks are portable battery packs that you can use to recharge your phone or other devices.

Source: eBay

They store up energy that can charge your phone and other gadgets that use a USB or accept wireless charging. How cool is that! With your power bank fully charged up, you can keep your gadgets powered on your way to your destination.

Don’t Miss Your Flight

Technology comes through again with another cool app to help you avoid missing your flight. It can be tedious to keep an eye on the departures and arrivals board, especially if there are no seats close to the boards. And what a strain it is to keep turning your head to look!

Photo by Marco López/Unsplash

That can give you a sore neck! Here’s how technology comes to the rescue again. Rather than continuously checking for updates on your flight, simply download the Flight Board app to your smart device and keep track of all arrivals and departures without leaving your seat or turning your head!

A Hidden Reward, Maybe…

Not that we want you to focus on the reward or anything, but when airlines have overbooked flights and want some passengers to volunteer to reschedule their flights, you may want to consider giving your seat up. It’s a noble thing to do for humanity and…

Source: Twitter

…the airport may help you secure accommodation nearby. And you may get some freebies on your rescheduled booking and a kind thank you and heartwarming smile from the airport staff. Isn’t that beautiful? You may want to experience that even if it’s just once. We sure will!

Keeping Things Organized, All Day Every Day

Some people love packing, and it’s their favorite part of the trip. But if you aren’t one of those, we still think you believe that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. That’s why we present you with this tip to help keep your suitcase or backpack organized.

Photo by Nick Scheerbart/Unsplash

Pack knowing that you don’t want to unpack your entire bag when you arrive at your destination. With that in mind, consider packing the items you’ll need first last, and vice versa. When you get to your accommodations, it will be easy to pick out the exact items you need right then. The rest will be there as you progress on your trip.

Shielding Yourself from the Eyes of Airports

We have technology to thank for so many things, including making it too easy for people to track our activities online. And airlines are no exception. They want to know how you’re searching for flights, and they keep an eye on how many times you’ve looked for a specific flight in the past.

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You might want to keep this information from them by searching for flights in incognito mode. And it may keep you from paying too much for the flight. Airlines sometimes raise their price because they know you really want to book that particular flight. This is yet another chance for you to save some money.

Bye-Bye Jet Lag, Lift Your Spirits

Jet lag usually overstays its welcome. It may last up to a week if you don’t take it by the horns and kick it goodbye. It’s no fun to miss out on exploring the sites where you just arrived. That is why you can’t give jet lag a chance.

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Rather than lying in bed and trying to sleep off your jet lag, you should get up and hit the streets for a nice little run. The sun, the exercise, and the sweat will inform your body that it is time to get up and do productive things. It will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Never Forget the TV Charger

Remember how we said that most airports have TVs where you can charge your phone if you’re desperate? Most hotels have them too! Here’s a tip for you if you arrive at your hotel and discover that you’ve forgotten your charging port or battery pack. Or maybe you brought the wrong one.

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Just like at the airport, check to see if your hotel’s television has a USB port. Then charge your smartphone with the TV until you can get to a store to replace your charging port. Or maybe not! If the TV is okay, you can use the extra cash on something else!

Do Not Drop – Fragile, Handle with Care

Here’s another one we can’t wait to share. We have a game-changing solution to ensure that your luggage is handled with care. Maybe you’re traveling with fragile or precious items that could get knocked around in the cargo hold and get broken. And maybe you don’t want your bag to be damaged.

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Mark your luggage as fragile. Not only will this ensure that your belongings are protected, but your luggage will also be placed at the top of the pile. That will also allow you to be among the first to retrieve your belongings from the baggage carousel! We hope everyone doesn’t use this trick though! Haha!

Getting over the Turbulence

Most people aren’t fans of turbulence. If you’re someone who is significantly affected by turbulence, you’re probably doing everything you can to avoid it as much as possible. We’ve previously talked about the best spot to sit, but now it’s time to talk about the best time to fly.

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Morning flights have less turbulence since the day’s heat hasn’t yet reached its peak. Heat creates storms and wind, which causes turbulence on planes. So if you’re one of those who hate turbulence and want to avoid it, an early flight is your best bet!

Stay Away from the Ice

Earlier, we told you to stay away from carbonated drinks and instead drink water. We agree that nothing beats a tall glass of ice-cold water to relieve your thirst. But we must remind you that ordering ice in your drinks on a plane is a big no-no, and not for the reason you would think.

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There’s a popular misconception that ice served on planes is from the plane’s water tank. No. The ice is ordered from a caterer and brought on board. But the food carts where the ice is kept could be unclean. So, we strongly advise you to skip the ice this time.

Getting an Extra Seat

When it’s time to take off, there’s nothing better than realizing that the middle seat next to you is unoccupied! Here’s how you can get it for free. This isn’t a sure thing, but it’s worth a shot if you’re flying economy and need some extra space.

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Book the aisle and window seats together if you’re traveling as a pair. If your flight is underbooked, it’s unlikely that someone will proactively choose a seat between two strangers. Therefore, your chances of having some additional room are at least slightly increased! It’s worth a try!

Get Smart with Your Drink

Another smart trick to avoid pricey beverages at the airport is to use this simple trick that few people are aware of. While liquids are prohibited before entering security, frozen water, tea, and coffee are permitted. How many of you are aware of this?

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If the beverage is not entirely frozen when you pass through security, you will be required to leave it behind. So make sure the bottle is frozen. Your flight should also be long enough for your beverage to defrost. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time with a frozen bottle!

Making Your Suitcase Waterproof

We know you’re going to love this tip, so we saved it for last. When it’s the rainy season, you can never really tell when there will be a heavy downpour. That is why you have to be prepared whenever you travel by making your bags and suitcases waterproof.

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All you have to do is completely line the inside of your bag with plastic trash bags, which will prevent all your belongings from getting wet. If your suitcase gets wet, simply let it dry out in the cool breeze when the sun eventually comes out. Your belongings inside will still be dry. Loved this tip! Didn’t you?

Hydrogen Peroxide Hacks

Water is H2O. Hydrogen Peroxide is H2O2. That extra molecule of oxygen makes it a powerful oxidizing agent. The liquid is unstable and will decompose into oxygen and water over time. It has a great many uses in industry as well as in medicine. The hydrogen peroxide you can buy at your local pharmacy is very dilute, about 3% to 9%, with a 6% solution being the norm. Even then, it is powerful enough to cause a tingling sensation. Stronger solutions can cause skin blisters and, if consumed, can be lethal since concentrated hydrogen peroxide is classified as a hazardous substance.

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Hydrogen peroxide has many uses in industry, such as bleaching and deodorizing textiles and paper pulp, rocket fuel, and in the manufacture of foam rubber and glycerol, electroplating, and more. Medical and domestic uses commonly cover bleaching and disinfection since peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent and destroys pathogens. These are but a few common uses. Read on to learn more about the different uses of hydrogen peroxide.

Remove Carpet Stains Easily Using Hydrogen Peroxide

If you like light-colored carpets, you know they’re prone to stains, especially if you have pets and kids. Removing a stain from the carpet requires care; otherwise, the use of strong cleaning agents can leave an indelible mark. Use hydrogen peroxide to remove different kinds of carpet stains the easy way.

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Make sure to use 6% to 9% hydrogen peroxide solution. Fill a bottle with five ounces of hydrogen peroxide and an ounce of dishwashing soap. Shake the bottle thoroughly and let the solution sit for a few minutes. Take a sponge or a rag, soak it with this solution and dab it onto the stain, wetting the area thoroughly. Next, spray the solution and keep blotting, alternating actions until the stain vanishes.

Hydrogen Peroxide Gently Cleans Ears and Removes Wax

It is never advisable to use Q-Tips or cotton balls to remove wax. You will only push the wax deeper inside and perhaps cause damage to the eardrums. This applies whether you do it for your kid or your pet. Instead, use hydrogen peroxide.

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Dilute the hydrogen peroxide solution and use an eyedropper to suck up some liquid. Tilt the head to one side and put in a few drops inside the ear. Maintain the tilted head position for 30 seconds. Tilt the head down over the kitchen sink to let the fluid run out. Use cotton balls to soak up the remaining liquid. Repeat for the other ear.

Beauty Tools Stay Clean and Look As Good As New With H2O2

Isopropyl alcohol or other solvents can clean the brushes and sponges in your makeup kit, but they cost a lot. Hydrogen peroxide is cheaper and far more effective in removing organic stuff from the bristles of brushes and sponges.

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Dilute hydrogen peroxide with an equal quantity of water and soak brushes in this solution for 10 minutes. Swirl and dab the brushes inside the solution and rinse with clean water. Your brushes stay clean, soft, and look as good as new.

Pit Stains Gone in a Jiffy with Hydrogen Peroxide

T-shirts and white undergarments are prone to developing yellow sweat stains and such clothes can look unattractive. You will note that no amount of detergent cleaning can get rid of yellow sweat stains. However, magical hydrogen peroxide comes to your rescue.

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Use a stronger solution of hydroxide directly on the stained parts. Dab using a brush and make sure you are using gloves. Let the clothes remain soaked with hydrogen peroxide for some time and then rinse. You can also use hydrogen peroxide in your washing machine to whiten white clothes.

Pots and Pans Look Spic and Span

Pots and pans acquire a grimy look after prolonged use. Normal dishwashers cannot remove these deposits, and the only alternative is to scrape them with a wire brush. However, there is an easier way using hydrogen peroxide.

Source: The Rust Store

Put 4-5 teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in the pan. Add hydrogen peroxide, stir, and put the pan on high heat. Remove when the solution starts to bubble and let it sit for 10 minutes. Scrub hard. Empty the pan and rinse. All the gunk and grime is gone.

Removing Flaky, Dry Skin from the Soles of Your Feet

Cracked heels and soles need not bother you. You do not even have to spend a fortune on expensive creams. Just use this home remedy involving hydrogen peroxide to turn the soles of your feet baby soft.

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Warm enough water to fill half a basin wide enough to accommodate both your feet. Pour this warm water into the basin, add two cups of hydrogen peroxide, and stir. Now, put both feet inside for 30 minutes. Scrub with a pumice stone. Pat dry. Apply moisturizing cream and put on socks. Repeat every day until cracks disappear.

Clean Fruits and Vegetables with Ease with Hydrogen Peroxide

It is essential to clean fruits and vegetables thoroughly, but a water rinse is of little use to kill pathogens and bacteria as well as bugs hiding in the cuts and crevices. Instead of water, use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. It is far more effective.

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Mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water and pour into a spray bottle. Shake. Spray fruits and vegetables thoroughly and let them sit for a few minutes. Rinse with water for germ-free food.

Whiten Clothes to Make Them Look Like New

You have seen how hydrogen peroxide can remove ugly yellow sweat stains. You can also use hydrogen peroxide as bleach for your white clothes, towels, and bed linen to make them look new.

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Select a hot water cycle for the washing machine, add two cups of hydrogen peroxide, add clothes and start the wash cycle. Hydrogen peroxide bleaches white fabrics and will also remove any organic materials, rendering the fabrics white and free of odor.

Clean Tubs to Make Them Look Like New

Water contains salts that can leave deposits on the sides of bathtubs over time. Soap can also cause scaling, diminishing the good looks of the tub and making it appear stained. Hydrogen peroxide is your go-to cleaning solution for such issues.

Source: The Spruce

Dilute hydrogen peroxide with water and fill a spray bottle. Spray the tub and use a brush to rub the sprayed areas. Let sit for a few minutes and wipe clean. More stubborn materials can be removed by using a stronger solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Teeth and Retainers Stay Clean and Germ-free

Toothpaste and toothbrushes or even chlorhexidine can do only so much to keep your teeth and retainers clean and germ-free. Hydrogen peroxide is a safer alternative, especially for retainers and dentures.

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Dilute hydrogen peroxide with an equal amount of water and soak your retainers in the solution for about 30 minutes. The solution will froth as the hydrogen peroxide reacts to the organic material and bacteria coating the retainers. Rinse the retainers—they will look sparkling clean.

Canker Sores Heal Faster with Hydrogen Peroxide

Canker sores can feel quite uncomfortable and are difficult to treat. Such sores can be triggered by eating some types of foods. You can heal canker sores faster with hydrogen peroxide and recover quickly.

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Mix equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide and use a cotton swab dipped in the solution to apply to the area around the sore. Do this three times a day until the sore heals. Alternatively, swish the solution around in your mouth a couple of times but don’t swallow it. Gargle with water afterward.

Whiten Your Teeth and Keep Them Sparkling White

Teeth may yellow and discolor due to food, smoking, drinking coffee, and neglect. You can use any number of expensive teeth-whitening agents or even go to a dentist, but one quick, easy, and cheap way to whiten your teeth is to use hydrogen peroxide.

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Take a spoonful of baking soda. Add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to make a thick paste. Now, dip your toothbrush into the paste and rub it across the teeth gently. Try to avoid getting the paste on your gums. Brush gently for a couple of minutes. Do this twice a week for a brilliant, sparkling smile.

Whiten Discolored Nails the Easy Way with Peroxide

Nails might darken and discolor due to several reasons. You can ensure that your nails stay clean, free of fungus, and healthy by using hydrogen peroxide. Do it at home, save a ton of money, and get healthy nails in the bargain.

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Use 6% hydrogen peroxide (available from pharmacies). Soak a cotton swab and fit it over your nail. Do this for all nails. Keep the cotton swab in place for 30 minutes, wetting it if it dries out. Rinse. Your nails will brighten up and the bonus is that peroxide kills bacteria and fungus under the nails.

Add Highlights to Your Hair at Home

We admit that highlights can add to beauty and glamour. People can get their hair highlights done at a salon or save money by doing it at home using nothing but plain old hydrogen peroxide.

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There are several ways to add highlights to your hair using hydrogen peroxide. One way is to fill a spray bottle, hold out strands of hair and wet them down with hydrogen peroxide. You can also use a brush. Repeat the process until you achieve the desired lightness. Add hair color for added effect if you like.

Keeping Glass Spotless with Peroxide

Unless you use a proprietary glass cleaner, you’ll find that no matter how hard you try, there will always be streaks or spots on the glass. The trick is to use hydrogen peroxide to keep the glass clean and clear.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

Mix hydrogen peroxide and water (use distilled water for better effect) in equal quantities and fill a spray bottle. Spray on the glass and rub with tissue paper, microfiber cloth, or just plain balled-up newspaper. The glass will be sparkling clean, free of streaks and spots.

Kill Mold and Fungus the Environmentally Friendly Way

Chemicals that remove mold and fungus can also be a health hazard to you, your kids, pets, and the environment. Use hydrogen peroxide that leaves no traces and yet kills molds, fungi, and bacteria.

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Use a stronger solution of hydrogen peroxide. Fill a spray bottle and spray the solution onto the mold. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Scrub off with mild soap solution and then with plain water. If it is black mold, you might have to repeat the process a couple of times.

Empowering Dishwashers to be More Effective with Peroxide

Dishwasher solutions are powerful and so is the machine, but you can empower it still more by the simple use of hydrogen peroxide. Dishwashers often contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Use peroxide and plain soap solution to reduce the impact on the environment.

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Pour half a cup of 3%-6% hydrogen peroxide into the bottom of the dishwasher machine, load it with dishes, add some soap, and also baking soda if you like. Run the machine. Your dishes will look sparkling and bright and be clean of all grime and bacteria.

Keep Humidifiers Hygienic with Peroxide

Filters and containers in humidifiers can become breeding grounds for bacteria and spread these through the air. Just use hydrogen peroxide to keep humidifiers clean, sanitized, and hygienic.

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Pour a capful of hydrogen peroxide into the humidifier’s water container. The peroxide will kill all fungi, mold, and bacteria. You also can use peroxide to clean all parts of the humidifier to ensure germ-free air.

Don’t Be Bugged by Bugs Any More

Gardens and the outdoors would be paradise were it not for bugs. You can use creams and sprays to repel these tiny monsters, but you are also likely to repel your better half while covering your skin with harmful chemicals. Use peroxide instead.

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The solution to keeping bugs away is plain as the nose on anyone’s face. Just mix hydrogen peroxide and water in equal parts, fill a spray bottle and spray on exposed parts of your body. The bugs will respect you and maintain distance. Hydrogen peroxide also kills insect eggs and larvae.

Smooth Away the Blemish

DIY beauty care blogs and sites have plenty of advice on home remedies to smooth skin blemishes and acne scars. Some work, some do not. However, there is one surefire solution you should try to remove dark spots, acne scars, and blemishes.

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It is very easy. Just wet a cotton swab with diluted hydrogen peroxide and dab it on the blemishes. Do this for five minutes and then rinse with plain water. Another way is to make a paste of baking soda, turmeric, and hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of glycerin added and then apply this paste to your entire face. Wash after five minutes. Your skin will glow.

The Most Trusted Rust-Removing Agent

People resort to using acid or soda to remove rust—and both are harmful. There should be a better way to clean up rust, especially from small objects like nuts and bolts.

Photo by Hunter Haley/Unsplash

Fill a plastic container with hydrogen peroxide. Drop in the rusted screws, nuts, and bolts. Stir. Let them rest in the peroxide for an hour or so. Give the container a vigorous shake and then pour out the water. Use a wire brush to lightly scrub the screws, and they will look bright and shiny.

Banish Bad Breath and Keep Mouth Fresh

Bad breath can be due to any number of causes such as decaying food particles, decaying teeth, bacterial infection, or even stomach-related issues. Chewing gum helps to mask some of the bad breath, but there is a more effective way to banish it.

Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/Getty Images

While you’ll need a dentist for a long-term solution, there’s something you can do to alleviate toothache at home.

Photo by engin akyurt/Unsplash

Dilute hydrogen peroxide with water and swish it around your mouth for a couple of minutes, focusing on swishing around the affected area. Alternatively, wet a cotton swab with peroxide and put it over the painful area. Peroxide kills bacteria and also whitens teeth.

A Fine Deodorant to Remove Underarm Odors

Aluminum in commercially available underarm deodorant can cause long-term damage. While more expensive organic deodorants exist to remove the odor caused by bacteria that thrive in sweaty regions, there is also another natural, better deodorant using peroxide.

Photo by Ana Essentiels/Unsplash

Pour two parts of hydrogen peroxide and one part water into a spray bottle and shake. Spray contents under your arms and dust with baking soda. Bacteria will not flourish, and your underarms will remain odor-free.

Kitchen Sponges Stay Clean and Bacteria-free with Peroxide

Kitchen sponges are indispensable but can become a hotbed for bacteria. There is a simple, effective, and toxin-free way to keep your sponges clean and fully sanitized.

Photo by Pille R. Priske/Unsplash

Use 6% hydrogen peroxide straight or diluted with a little water. Wet a cotton swab and wipe all the toys thoroughly or spray peroxide onto them. Rinse after 10 minutes. The toys will be free of pathogens and your child is safe even if they lick the toy.

Clean Lunch Pails with Peroxide to Keep Them Free of Germs

Lunchboxes can be breeding grounds for bacteria and such bacteria can hide in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. How do you ensure that the pail stays free of germs and your child is protected against infections through food?

Photo by Jack Hollingsworth/Getty Images

Using chemicals is a no-no since chemicals have a way of getting into food. You cannot put the lunch pails in the oven since that would affect the paint or the plastic. The easiest and the best way is to use 6% hydrogen peroxide to spray everywhere, inside and outside the pail, even into corners and hinges, and then let them stay that way for a while. Rinse. Your pail is now bacteria-free.

A Handy Disinfectant for Cuts and Wounds

Cuts, minor bruises, and scratches can allow bacteria to grow and cause suppuration. There are regular disinfectants like alcohol, Dettol, and povidone-iodine but there is also a better and just as effective disinfectant that does not smell or stain clothes.

Photo by Diana Polekhina/Unsplash

Hydrogen peroxide is a safe and quite effective disinfectant as well as a cleaning agent. Place some hydrogen peroxide solution in an eyedropper or use a teaspoon to dribble peroxide onto the wound and wipe gently with a swab. When all the dirt is removed, you can dust the area with an antibacterial agent like Neosporin, put a bit of cotton over it, and bandage the area. Please note that this should not be done on deeper wounds or serious injuries—seek hospital help.

A Simple Way to Keep Toilet Bowls Sparkling White

It is difficult to keep toilet bowls sparkling white without harsh chemicals like bleaching powder or acids. There is a better, more natural, and safer way to keep them white with minimal effort.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato/Unsplash

Pour around two cups of stronger hydrogen peroxide into the bowl. Soak a sponge and wet the sides of the toilet, too. After 30 minutes, use a brush and peroxide to clean the toilet. It will turn sparkling white, and all germs will be gone.

Plants Simply Love it and Will Grow Faster

Intrepid home gardeners will try several tricks in the book to keep plants healthy, free of pests, and to help them grow fast. Here is yet another method to help plants grow faster and healthier with peroxide.

Photo by Annie Spratt/Unsplash

Prepare a very diluted solution by adding one teaspoon of 6% hydrogen peroxide to one cup of water and then fill a spray bottle with it. Mist your plants with this solution. The plants receive extra oxygen and grow fast. You can also add a bit to the soil but do not overdo either—your plant could die.

Smelly Shoes Are a Thing of the Past

Shoes that are worn for eight hours a day, day in and day out will likely start to smell due to the buildup of bacteria inside. You could toss the shoes (just kidding!), but there is a better way to keep them free of bacteria and odors.

Photo by Jakob Owens/Unsplash

It’s a simple enough matter to put hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and spray the shoes, inside and out. Wet a rag with the peroxide and rub it inside the shoe, and then dust with baking soda. Let shoes dry overnight. Combining tea tree oil with peroxide will leave the shoes with a pleasant smell.

Drat! How do I Remove These Blood Stains?

Your clothes—or your kids’ clothes—can get bloodstained due to any number of reasons such as falls, bruises, and accidents. Blood is difficult to remove once it has dried, and your clothes will be stained forever. Except that there is a solution to clear away bloodstains.

Photo by Jon Tyson/Unsplash

Take a stronger solution of hydrogen peroxide and wet the blood-stained areas of the fabric and let it sit for some minutes. Wet again and use a brush on the stained areas. Repeat this process until stains clear away. Wash in a washing machine with some peroxide added to further brighten the fabric.

A Refresher Course for Towels in Your Home

Towels are soft and look bright when new, but the fabric loses texture and can become faded after usage, especially if you don’t wash the towels often. Bacteria buildup can cause odors and affect the texture too, with towels becoming stiffer. Use this tip as a refresher for your towels.

Photo by Denny Müller/Unsplash

Mix half a cup of peroxide with half a cup of vinegar and soak towels in this solution before you wash them in the washing machine. Don’t forget to add peroxide to the wash, too. Peroxide will break down all organic matter, kill bacteria, and give towels a new life.

…And the Prize for the Best Air Purifier Goes to…

You can use vaporizers, incense sticks, electronic negative ionizers, or sprays to purify the air in your home but with limited success. Here is a surefire way to ensure the air inside is free of germs and bacteria, something that becomes especially important during winter when the doors and windows are typically closed.

Photo by volant/Unsplash

Take a humidifier or essential oil diffuser and fill it three-quarters of the way with water, then top this off with hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of essential oil fragrance. Switch it on. The diffused hydrogen peroxide kills germs in the air and keeps it pure and clean.

Ear Infections Resolved Easily with Peroxide

Mild ear infections can be annoying. They can also lead to more serious issues unless treated. Those affected can go to a doctor or try this home remedy to attack ear infections.

Photo by Jakob Owens/Unsplash

Soak a swab of cotton in hydrogen peroxide and squeeze it inside the ear canal. Froth will come out of the ear due to the action of the peroxide on organic materials. After 2-3 minutes, drain the peroxide from the ear and give it a water rinse.

Detox-Oxygenating Spa Bath Treatment Right at Home

Pamper yourself to boost the feel-good factor. A warm, relaxing bath is a good starting point. It becomes even better when you use hydrogen peroxide.

Photo by CRYSTALWEED cannabis/Unsplash

Fill the bathtub with water, as usual, add two cups of hydrogen peroxide and mix it well. Now get into the bath and stay there for 20 minutes. Peroxide kills germs, lightly bleaches the skin, removes dead skin cells, and kills yeast and lice. Shower with plain water afterward.

Clear Away Excess Grout

It is a challenge to remove excess grout from tiles. You could use expensive store-bought solutions but there is an easier and less expensive way to clear it away.

Source: Home Depot

Take some baking soda and add hydrogen peroxide to make a loose paste. Apply to the areas of tiles covered with grout to be removed. Let it rest for about half an hour. Next, take an old toothbrush and scrub to remove the grout. You can also use this method from time to time to keep grout lines clean and free from bacteria.

Remove Nail Fungus and Restore Nails to Pristine Condition

Nails on your toes are vulnerable to infection by the fungus. This can cause discoloration and fungus can also affect the growth of nails. There is an easy way to get rid of nail fungus, especially fungus under the nails of your toes using peroxide.

Photo by Juja Han/Unsplash

Take a basin or bucket in which you can immerse both feet with comfort. Fill it with warm water and add a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Soak your feet in the water for 30 minutes and rinse. Repeat this treatment until the fungus clears up.

Keeping Kitchenware Sanitized is Easy with Peroxide

Appliances in the kitchen such as knives, chopping boards, scrapers, and grinders run the risk of being contaminated with bacteria that can get into food and cause problems. Follow this simple process to keep your kitchenware fully sanitized and hygienic.

Source: Wirecutter

Mix one part of hydrogen peroxide in three parts of warm water and put it into a spray bottle. Spray all kitchenware and wash it after 10 minutes. Hydrogen peroxide removes all food particles and kills bacteria, too.

Keep White Curtains Brilliantly White with Peroxide

There’s nothing like white curtains to impart a bright, airy, and spacious look to interiors but that’s only so long as the curtains stay white. Oxidation and dust can result in the yellowing of the white curtains. Strong bleaches are not advisable because weaken the fabric. There is a better option to keep white curtains brilliantly white.

Photo by Eduard Militaru/Unsplash

The simple way to keep white curtains white is to put a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the washing machine when washing the curtains. Peroxide is a natural, soft working bleach, and you will be amazed how new the curtains look.

Shower Curtains Look as Good as New with Peroxide

Even plastic curtains, which are supposedly easy to clean, can accumulate grime and mold, especially at the bottom. How do you restore plastic shower curtains to their original glory? The answer is simple: Use hydrogen peroxide.

Photo by Francesca Tosolini/Unsplash

Mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water and pour into a spray bottle. Spray the shower curtains with this solution and wipe with a sponge, or just let the peroxide solution cover the curtain.

Sanitize Grocery Bags with Hydrogen Peroxide

All those who use reusable grocery bags must be lauded for their effort to contribute to a better environment. However, bags do tend to collect dirt and breed bacteria that can get into the food. Washing with soap and water is not enough.

Photo by Nico Smit/Unsplash

Wash the bags the usual way in the washing machine. However, before you hang the bags to dry, put them in a pail and pour in a cup of a solution made up of equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide. Hang to dry after 10 minutes.

Hygiene for the Fridge – Peroxide Keeps it Free of Bacteria

The fridge is vital for any home, but few people take the trouble to maintain the interior in a hygienic state. Washing or cleaning with soap is not enough. Bacteria and mold can thrive inside the fridge for which you need to give it a special treatment.

Photo by Ello/Unsplash

It is certainly not advisable to use sanitizing chemicals like Dettol or Savlon to sanitize your fridge. The better option is hydrogen peroxide. Mix equal parts of water and peroxide and spray inside the fridge and then wipe with a sponge or a piece of cloth.

The Ideal Remedy for Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses can annoy you and also cause pain. Medication may not prove to be quite as effective as you expect. Creams are expensive too. You can resolve the issue by using peroxide to soften corns and calluses.

Photo by Stockbyte/Getty Images

Take a pail or a container large enough in which you can put both feet. Pour warm water inside, just enough to cover your feet up to the ankles. Add a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide to this water and soak your feet for 20 minutes. Do this every day and feel the difference in a month or sooner.

Kitchen Sinks Stay Sparkling White and Clean

Kitchen sinks handle a fair amount of abuse since people tend to use them to clean greasy dishes. Traditional cleaners contain harmful chemicals that are best avoided. There is a better way to clean kitchen sinks and maintain hygiene.

Source: YouTube

First, use baking soda and a sponge. Wet the sponge, dip into baking soda, and scrub the sink. Next, make a paste with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and apply it all over the sink. Let it sit in place for half an hour. Brush and rinse the sink with water. It will look sparkling clean, plus, the peroxide will destroy bacteria, insects, and fungi.

Reduce Inflammation and Infection in Gums

Inflamed gums are the first sign of gingivitis that can lead to periodontal disease. It is best to visit a dentist but, in the meantime, how to reduce gum pain and inflammation? With this simple home remedy.

Photo by Rudi Fargo/Unsplash

Mix two parts of water with one part 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Swish this solution around your gums, spit it out, repeat 4-5 times. Another option is to add salt to warm water and use it the same way, but peroxide is more effective. Gum pain and inflammation should reduce once you do this.

Peroxide the Barnacles of Aging and Watch Them Vanish

People in their 50s and 60s may see small wart-like growths appear on the skin around the neck, chest, back, and face. This wart-like growth, or barnacles of aging, or Seborrheic Keratosis to use a technical term, is harmless but it can mar the looks. Remove them the easy way with peroxide.

Source: Jmarchn/CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikimedia Commons

Take a spoonful of baking soda, add hydrogen peroxide to make a paste, and then add a drop or two of glycerin. Apply this on the “wart” and let it stay in place for an hour. Wash with water. Do this every day. You should see a difference within a month.

Garbage Cans Stay Fresh and Like New

You might wonder how it is possible to keep garbage cans fresh and free from the foul odor. Even if you regularly clean the cans with soap and water, it is difficult to eliminate the odor. Don’t worry, peroxide provides a simple fix.

Photo by Pete Willis/Unsplash

Wash the garbage cans with soap and water. Next, fill a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and water in equal parts, and spray the solution inside and out. There’s no need to wash or wipe the can. It will look newer and, importantly, there will be no foul odor.

Restore Porcelain to Pristine Glory

There is plenty of porcelain inside your house. You might have porcelain bathtubs, sinks, and tiles, all of which could do with a bit of easy restoration work. You will be surprised at the like-new look of your porcelain.

Source: YouTube

First, make a paste with baking soda and water and give the toilet, tub, fittings, fixtures, and tiles a good scrub. Next, put hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle, spray it all over the scrubbed areas, and let it rest for a while. Clean with water. You will find your porcelain looks new.

Removing Soap Scum is Easy with Peroxide

Your bathroom—particularly the shower area—will accumulate soap scum over time. It’s difficult to remove with a brush. You will need to scrub hard or even scrape it. There is an easier way to do it.

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya/Pexels

Take one cup of baking soda and mix it with one cup of vinegar. Add a couple of spoons of hydrogen peroxide to this mix and use it quickly. Apply this to all the areas with soap scum and brush hard. Use gloves to protect your skin. Rinse the brushed areas.

Seeds Will Germinate Faster with Peroxide

Avid gardeners will love this little trick to make seeds germinate faster. Tiny seeds and seeds with hard shells respond well to this treatment. You will not have to wait for a week for the seeds to germinate.

Photo by Markus Spiske/Unsplash

Take half a cup of water and add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Put in the seeds and let them soak for 20 minutes or so. Seeds can be soaked longer if they are bigger and have harder outer skins. The peroxide will soften the seed coat and water will penetrate inside much faster, leading to quicker germination.

Keep Pond Water Crystal Clear and Clean

Gardening enthusiasts, people who love ponds with fish or even plain water ponds with water plants will like this little tip to keep the water crystal clear and clean, free of algae and dirt. Hydrogen peroxide can work wonders.

Photo by Geraldine Dukes/Unsplash

The way to keep water in the pond crystal clear and clean is to use hydrogen peroxide. How much to use depends on the amount of water in the pond. A general rule of thumb is to use one cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide for every 90 gallons of water. If there are fish in the pond, use a small amount of peroxide. Peroxide helps to clear up algae and scum.

Removing Mold from Plants the Easy, Environmentally Friendly Way

Fungi and pests can kill the joy of gardening by harming your plants. You might notice that plants can be infected with mold that appears like a white powdery coating. Instead of using a harmful pesticide, try using hydrogen peroxide.

Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Add four spoons of hydrogen peroxide to about two cups of water and pour into a spray bottle. Now spray the stalks, and the plant leaves on the top and bottom and let it stay in place for some time. Then, spray with plain water to rinse. Repeat this treatment until the infection clears up.

Making Pets Throw Up When They Eat Things They Should Not

Pets like dogs and cats might eat stuff they’re not supposed to. How do you get them to vomit? There is a simple way to do it using hydrogen peroxide.

Photo by Karsten Winegeart/Unsplash

Weigh your pet first to determine the dose of hydrogen peroxide. Now, take 3% hydrogen and use one ml for every pound your pet weighs. Add this to a cup of water and use a syringe or a turkey baster to administer the solution. This is a risky method, of course: The better way is to take your pet to a vet.

Keeping Contact Lenses Crystal Clear and Free of Pathogens

It is important to keep contact lenses not only crystal clear but also free of pathogens to avoid eye infections. The best way is to use a recommended cleanser, but hydrogen peroxide works well by removing proteins stuck to the lens.

Source: Pixabay

Add a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide to a quarter cup of water and soak the contact lenses in this solution for an hour, then rinse with water to remove all traces of peroxide. Thereafter, use the recommended contact lens cleaning solution.

Portable Coolers Stay Clean and Fresh with Peroxide

If you love to go camping or on a picnic, surely you have a cooler or minifridge to carry food and beverages. You’ll need to keep the cooler clean so mold and fungus don’t grow and contaminate the food. Hydrogen peroxide is an ideal solution to keep them clean and free of germs.

Photo by Sandrene Zhang/Unsplash

Mix a solution of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water. Fill a spray bottle and spray the solution everywhere—inside and outside the cooler. Let it stay that way for a while. You can then rinse with water and dry the box before use or before storage.

Keeping Cat Litter Boxes Clean and Hygienic

You can change cat litter often but the tray itself needs a good cleaning to ensure that bacteria and viruses do not flourish and spread. You can keep the litter box clean and fully sanitized with hydrogen peroxide.

Photo by Auscape/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Remove and dispose of the litter safely. Next, wash the litter tray with soap and water. Finally, brush it all over, inside and out, with hydrogen peroxide. Pour in water up to a level of one inch and add a cup of hydrogen peroxide to this water. Let it stand and then drain water and let the tray dry.

Homemade Toothpaste for Sparkling Teeth and Oral Hygiene

Even the best toothpaste is not enough to keep your mouth free of germs to whiten your teeth or to remove the coating forming on your teeth and gums. Hydrogen peroxide is just the thing you need.

Source: Pixabay

Take one spoonful of baking soda and add enough 3% hydrogen peroxide to make a smooth paste. Use this to brush your teeth. The hydrogen peroxide will clear up the gummy substance coating your teeth. It will also whiten your teeth while killing harmful odor-causing bacteria. Be careful not to brush your teeth for long—a minute or two is enough—and do not swallow the mixture.

Clean, Spot-Free Mattress with Peroxide

If not cleaned regularly and properly, and exposed to sunlight from time to time, your mattress is likely to become home to bacteria and mites. It will also stain. It is advisable to deep clean the mattress at least once every six months. Use hydrogen peroxide for an even better effect.

Source: Tumblr

If there are stains on the mattress, prepare a solution of one part water and one part hydrogen peroxide. Brush this solution on the stains until they are gone. You can even brush the entire mattress with hydrogen peroxide to clean it and to kill germs. Use a hairdryer to dry out the mattress.

Give Metal that Perfect Antique Look

You can wait for ages for metal decorative pieces in your home to achieve that antique look. Or, you can use this simple method to confer that same look in just a few minutes using nothing but vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

Photo by Giallo/Pexels

Clean the metal piece thoroughly using a wire brush. Next, apply vinegar to the metal and wait for a few minutes. Meanwhile, prepare a solution of four tablespoons of vinegar, two cups of hydrogen peroxide, and a tablespoon of table salt. Let the metal piece soak in the solution for half an hour or more until you see the desired effect.

No More Water Marks on Polished Granite Countertops

Polished granite countertops look wonderful but over the years, you’re likely to notice watermarks. They appear unseemly but can be removed with ease using this formula.

Source: Facebook

Make a paste using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Brush it over the watermarks and leave it in place for half an hour or longer depending on how deep the stain is. You may even leave it overnight and then wipe it off with a damp rag.

Remove Stains on Marble the Easy Way

Marble can be polished to a high degree, but it is also prone to stains and chips. You can easily remove stains from marble countertops or tiles using hydrogen peroxide. Use of acids or bleach is not advisable since these chemicals can corrode marble.

Source: Twitter

Mix 12% hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of ammonia. Wear goggles and gloves when you use this solution to spray the stained area. Let sit for a while, then rub with a damp towel. Repeat until the stain is removed. Clean with a water-soaked sponge immediately afterward.

Removing Skunk Stink is Now Easy

Skunks are notorious for the stink they leave behind when they spray your walls or anything else. Even humans and their pets have been sprayed with the abominable stench. The spray is unendurable but nothing you can’t remove with hydrogen peroxide.

Photo by Bryan Padron/Unsplash

Make a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide to six parts water and soak your clothing for an hour or so. Rinse with water and then give them a regular machine wash. If the skunk has sprayed doors or walls, you can scrub with a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and then wash with water. You can use the same mixture if the skunk spray has gotten on your body.

Keeping Lawn Furniture Spotless and Fresh Looking

You might have a nice lawn and plastic furniture like tables and chairs. This furniture will attract plenty of dust and dirt and acquire a begrimed look. It is easy to keep lawn furniture spotless and looking fresh with this simple home remedy.

Photo by Meghan Hessler/Unsplash

Take a gallon of water and add a quarter of a cup of hydrogen peroxide, some dish soap, and borax (dissolve borax in hot water first). Fill a sprayer and spray the furniture, scrubbing it down after 15 minutes. Wash with plain water afterward.

An Effective Way to Get Rid of Skin Boils

Subcutaneous infections can lead to the formation of pus. The pus exerts pressure on nerve endings and causes pain. You must endure the pain and wait for the boil to burst. But why wait? Nip it in the bud using hydrogen peroxide.

Photo by Medioimages/Photodisc/Getty Images

Pour a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide into your bath water in the tub and soak in it for 10 minutes. The peroxide will destroy bacteria and reduce the boils. In addition, new boils will not form. Alternatively, soak a cotton swab with peroxide and put it over the boil.

Sinus Infections Gone with Peroxide

Sinuses can become infected and cause congestion due to inflammation of the mucus inside. Get rid of the infection and your sinuses will clear up in no time at all. Try this hydrogen peroxide remedy but take care.

Photo by Sam Edwards/Getty Images

Put one teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide into a cup of non-chlorinated water and fill a syringe with it. Spray this solution inside your nose and then immediately rinse with normal water.

Remove Red Wine Stains from Fabric Using Peroxide

Accidents happen when you sit down to enjoy dinner with a glass of red wine. A few drops can spill while pouring wine from the bottle, or you could accidentally knock over the glass. Red wine stains are difficult to remove but with hydrogen peroxide, they’re easier to fix than you think.

Source: YouTube

Mix liquid detergent and hydrogen peroxide in equal quantities and then use a cloth dipped in this solution to dab the stained area. Continue until the stain goes away, then rinse the fabric, and give it the usual wash in the machine.

Collar Grime Ring Removed the Easy Way

The rim of your shirt’s collar is one area that is bound to become dirty, and it is not easy to remove this ring of grime. You might notice that the stain remains even after cleaning. Remove this the easy way with peroxide.

Source: Reddit

Mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water, and wet a rag with this solution. Dab it on the grimy area around the collar and let it stand for a while. Rinse with water. Your shirt’s collar will look clean and like new.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Hard-to-Remove Lipstick Stains

Lipstick can get on to your clothes due to any number of reasons which we won’t get into here. The important thing is to be able to remove them. If you use harsh chemicals or scrub too vigorously, the fabric will be affected. Follow this method to remove the lipstick stain.

Photo by Etienne Girardet/Unsplash

Take a bowl of hot water, dip a rag into it and wipe the lipstick stain to remove as much of it as possible. For whatever stain remains, you can use diluted hydrogen peroxide. Dab the area with peroxide and let it sit for a while before rinsing the cloth with plain water.

Get Some Relief From the Common Cold

Colds are caused by viral infection for which there is no known medicine, but you can ameliorate the effects and suffer a little bit less until the infection passes. What many people do not know is that the infection usually starts in the ears. Bacteria or viruses can infect the wax and then spread to the sinus, causing cold symptoms.

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya/Unsplash

Add a tablespoonful of hydrogen peroxide to half a cup of water and pour it into your ear while you lie on your side. Let it stay inside for a couple of minutes and then let the solution drain by turning your head the other way. This remedy is said to help since peroxide kills bacteria in the ear.

Obstinate, Caked-On Food in Pans Removed with Ease

Using the same pots and pans to cook food over time can leave an accumulation of caked-on food in certain areas despite your best efforts to clean. You will have to scrub hard to get rid of such deposits unless you opt for an easier way as we will show you.

Source: Facebook

The simple solution is to add hydrogen peroxide to two tablespoonfuls of baking soda to make a paste. Apply this paste all over the pan, especially in areas with hard caking. Let it sit for a while. Scrub vigorously and you should see all the caked-on particles coming off easily. Rinse with water.

Prep Table Linen for a Grand Dinner Party

If you are inviting people over for a grand dinner party, it is only proper that the table linens should look their best. You can buy new ones or rejuvenate older ones with hydrogen peroxide.

Source: Pinterest

Mix equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide, dip a rag in the solution, and dab areas of the table linen that look yellowed or grimy. Do this for a while until the yellow stains go away. Then, soak the table linen in water and detergent to which you add a few spoonfuls of hydrogen peroxide. Wash as usual. Your linen will brighten up and add sparkle to the dinner.

Hydrogen Peroxide—Scourge of the Mites

Mites, chiggers, and bed bugs suck blood and leave behind itchy sores on the skin. They hide in crevices and are difficult to see. You can use pesticides, but they are bound to get into your system and harm you, too. There is an easier way to get rid of these pests.

Photo by Egor Kamelev/Pexels

Prepare a solution of equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water, fill a spray bottle, and spray everywhere on the bed and mattress and joints of the bed. Wipe after 10 minutes. Repeat this treatment periodically.

Transport Live Fish and Ensure They Stay Alive

If you are moving and need to take your lovely, colorful fish along with you, you’ll want to ensure they stay alive during the journey. Fish need plenty of oxygen in water, but you may be using a small container, and that can cause problems. Overcome the oxygen problem this way.

Photo by THIS IS ZUN/Pexels

Before you move the fish from the aquarium to a jar, first go to the fish pet store and buy special tablets that dissolve in water and release oxygen. Throw a couple of these tablets into the jar in which you will transport your fish. They will like the extra oxygen.

Obnoxious Weeds Have it Coming

Those who love gardening know just how obnoxious weeds can be and how hard it is to remove them for good. You can put in hard work every day to keep your garden clear of weeds or let the weeds have a good dose of hydrogen peroxide.

Photo by Sarah Morgan/Getty Images

Fill a spray bottle with 3% hydrogen peroxide and spray on the obnoxious weed. In just half an hour, they will wilt and die. Be careful not to spray the other plants with this strong stuff.

Tender Loving Care for Your Tiles

Spotlessly clean tiles do look good and enhance the décor. However, dirt can get into the grout and mar the appearance. Give some tender loving care this way and restore tiles to their original sparkling looks.

Photo by Sidekix Media/Unsplash

Mix equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide, and then add flour until you have a pouring consistency. Pour it all over the tiles and cover it up with plastic film. Let it rest overnight. Scrape the flour away the next morning and clean it with water. Looks marvelous, doesn’t it?

Your Feet and Shower Sandals Could Do with a Bit of Peroxide

It is no easy task to keep shower stalls clean and sparkling. You might be used to wearing sandals in the shower, but they will also accumulate dirt over time. Use hydrogen peroxide to clean them and protect your feet.

Photo by Aditya Nara/Unsplash

Take a basin and pour in just enough water to cover the sandals. Add half a cup of hydrogen peroxide and mix thoroughly. Soak the sandals for an hour in this solution and then scrub. They will look clean and bright. They will also be free of germs.

Keep Washing Machines Free of Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria

Mold, mildew, and bacteria love warm, humid places. Your washing machine provides an ideal atmosphere for these to flourish and, before you know it, there is an odor emanating from the machine. It is time to take action.

Photo by engin akyurt/Unsplash

Add two cups of hydrogen peroxide to the washer and pour in hot water. Give it a spin and then let it rest. You can also use this solution to wipe the interior and exterior of the machine. No more mold, mildew, or bacteria!

Keep Clothes and Towels Free of Molds and Odor

If you store clothes in a closet for a long time, mold will likely take hold and cause an odor that is difficult to get rid of simply by washing with detergent. This is where hydrogen peroxide steps in to make your clothes and towels smell fresh and look good.

Photo by Juan Gomez/Unsplash

Put the towels and clothes in the washing machine and add some vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to the water. Give the clothes a spin in the machine and rinse with water. Caution: Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent, so do not do this with dark-colored clothes.

Up the Ante Against Bacteria in Your Mouth with HP Waterpik Flossing

Waterpik flossing is a far better way to clear away debris from between the teeth compared to using string. You can make it work even better with the use of peroxide.

Source: YouTube

Add a couple of teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide to the water in the canister attached to the Waterpik. Use as usual. You might notice a slight frothing, which is hydrogen peroxide at work. It removes debris and kills odor-causing bacteria. Rinse with plain water and make sure not to ingest the peroxide solution.

WD-40: 40 Amazing Ways to Use It

Did you know that WD-40 (Water Displacement, 40th formula) has a lot more uses than just fixing squeaky hinges, preventing rust, and displacing moisture?

While the substance is popular for being common in American households, their versatility is still unknown to some individuals. WD-40 was made way back in 1953 to prevent a missile from rust and corrosion. But then it was found that it acts as one of the most useful tools in your home maintenance arsenal.

Source: Pinterest / Instagram / Twitter / Twitter / Pinterest / Twitter

Whether you are looking to repel insects and roaches, remove tough scuff marks, clean toilet bowl or wipe away the tea stains, WD-40 comes to your rescue.

Well, the applications don’t end here. This substance is also perfect for getting off that stuck ring, winter-proof shoes, clean license plates, loosen the zippers, keeping the squirrels off the bird feeder, and a lot more uses.

Although handymen and mechanists mainly use this substance, it also works ideal for you; if you don’t want tons of products on your cleaning shelf.

So, if you have WD-40 lying in the garage, here are 40 amazing ways on how you can use it.

Remove Stuck Chewing Gum from Hair

Chewing gum sticks on almost everything, be it hair or fabric. But perhaps, one of the worst situations occurs, when chewing gum is stuck into your child’s hair. Well, you need not worry; nor you have to run for scissors or cutters, as there is a much easier remedy for this nightmare of a situation, WD-40.

source: grandmathing.com

Spray WD-40 on the gummed hair, comb them, and the gum will come out with ease. After combing, make sure to wash your hair thoroughly. Before you spray, ensure that you are in an area with good ventilation as the substance has petroleum, and you don’t want it around your body for a longer duration. You also don’t want to get it all over your clothes.

No More Lipstick Marks on Your Collar

Well, lipstick marks are the stains that you don’t want to take home and show it to your significant other. They also don’t look good sticking on the collar of your white shirt. However, to get rid of them, spray a squirt of WD-40 on it. It comes with a water displacement formula that works as a pre-wash treatment for your stain.

source: science101.com

Spray WD-40 directly on the stain; leave it there for few minutes, and wash it. You can remove it either by washing machine or hand wash. However, make sure you don’t wash it directly. Chances are the lipstick stain may spread on the entire collar. Also, don’t let the clothes dry until the stain is fully out. Once the stain sets, there is no going back.

Loosen Up Stuck Zippers

No situation can come up worst rather than you waking up late and the finding that your bag, shoes or even your brand new sweater has got a stuck zipper on it. You might want to try tugging on it, but there is a chance that you might end up breaking it. WD-40 is the solution.

source: science101.com

Spray it lightly on the zipper teeth, work it up and down, rub-off the excess substance and you’re good to go. If you want to avoid getting WD-40 on the fabric, spray it on a lid, and then apply it on the surface with a brush. The best thing is that it works for all kinds of zippers because of the petroleum inside of the product.

Give Tarnished Silver a Polished Look

Dawn may be really tough on grease and oil, but it’s surprisingly gentle on jewelry and metals. This is why it also makes a great jewelry cleaner. You guessed it, we will mix together seven parts hot water with one part ammonia and just a dab of Dawn dish soap.

source: grandmathing.com

Use an old toothbrush to scrub your jewelry with the mixture until it’s sparkling and clean like when you first bought it. If the jewelry seems a bit more fragile, feel free to use a soft bristle toothbrush so that nothing happens to the jewelry. Once you finish cleaning it off, rinse off the excess product and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

This next one is a great hack which can save you some nice money in the long run.

Clean Water Stains from Your Shower Door

Has your shower caused the water stains on the door? There is no denying that removing water stains is one of the most frustrating home cleaning problems. Personally, I have tried every product out there and haven’t found one yet. But not anymore! Find yourself some WD-40, get spraying on the shower door, let it sit down for 20 minutes, and rub them down with a cloth.

source: grandmathing.com

This process removes even the most resistant water stain. Not just the resilient, but it will also help you get rid of the unsightly water stains. While it may take you some time to clean the entire shower, the results will give you the shower back in its original condition. You might also be surprised at how dirty it was in the first place, and you didn’t even realize.

Remove That Tight Wedding Ring

There are times when the skin becomes sweaty and expands, and any pregnant woman knows what happens to her fingers during that period of time. Whether you need to remove it to change the ring or just to take it off once in a while, a spray or two of WD-40 slips it right off from the finger. This hack could have come in handy for me a few weeks back. I tried everything in the book, and this hack could have saved me some time.

source: science101.com

Just a short burst of spray helps you take it off. So, while you are trying to lose those extra pounds or just planning to do the dishes, WD-40 will do nothing but help you remove it. Remember to wash your hands properly after spraying it on them.

Waterproof Your Shoes for Winter

Do you hate wet socks or dread when water gets into your shoes? If yes! Waterproof your shoes by spraying a layer of WD-40 on it. Make sure that you cover the entire sole or shoe so that the footwear is not prone to any damage.

source: science101.com

The WD-40 layer acts as a barrier and does not let the moisture to seep in and wet your socks. It not only creates a waterproof barrier for shoes but also helps you to get rid of salt stains during the winters. Just spray WD-40 on to the stains and wipe them off with a clean cloth. Instead of spending extra money on an unnecessarily expensive product at the shoe store, why not try this?

Keep the Toilet Bowls Clean

Does your toiled bowl have stubborn stains? It is apparent that you’d like to clean it, but none of the special cleaning products seems to work on that ugly junk. To keep the stains from becoming permanent on it, use WD-40. Wet the area with stains with a spray, and then let it sit and soak the product up, just by waiting for a few minutes.

source: science101.com

As the substance will settle down on stains, it will break down the gunk, and then you can scrub the area with a toilet brush. Moreover, it will also prevent any future debris from sticking along the sides. Once you have cleaned with WD-40, you can complete the cleaning with the products such as vinegar, bleach or plain soap.

Open up a Rusty Door Lock

Nothing is more troublesome than coming home to find that you don’t have entry due to a rusty door lock. WD-40 is a light lubricant that attracts less dirt and loosens the rust accumulated in the lock. WD-40 also has a small skinny red nozzle to make it easier to spray into smaller areas. Spray a shot of WD-40 into the lock through the thin nozzle, and you will witness the crazy results within minutes.

source: grandmathing.com

The best part about using this lubricant is that it helps the key fit in the lock, regardless of the amount of rust in it. We recommend investing in a new lock if this is coming up as a consistent problem, but for that, every once and a while issue, WD-40 comes to your rescue.

Is Your Phone Screen Cracked? WD-40 Can Fix It

We’ve all been there. We drop our phones and look in disbelief when the screen is cracked. As disappointing as it is, there’s now a solution! Of course, WD-40 comes to the rescue again. Boy, do I wish that I knew about this temporary fix back when my phone screen cracked.

Source: giveitlove

Sure, it won’t actually completely “cure” the crack, but it can really improve the appearance of the screen itself. That is, at least until you decide to finally go and fix the screen. Just go ahead and spray the WD40 on the screen, then grab a dry and clean cloth, and wipe everything off of the screen. You will see that it makes things a lot easier to look at.

Remove Tea and Coffee Stains from Furniture Items

Whether you are struggling through a late-night assignment with a cup of tea or sipping on caffeine casually, we all are guilty of spilling them. With this, they become one of the toughest stains to remove from furniture items. You don’t want something so strong that it peels off the finish on your furniture, but you also don’t want something so light that it doesn’t budge. But you need not to worry as WD-40 helps you remove them.

source: grandmathing.com

Just apply a squirt or two of this cleaning solution on the surface, give it some time to work, and then scrub it with a clean cloth. As you start wiping it, you will see, the table will reflect a cleaner surface than ever.

Clean Tar Stains from Your Car

All car owners have gone through the pain of removing tar from their cars without scraping the paint from it. While many of you might be spending a fortune on expensive cleaning products, you don’t realize that a WD-40 can also do the trick. So, if you’d like to save some time cleaning your car, WD-40 is excellent at removing tar.

source: grandmathing.com

To clean tar stains, spray WD-40 on the affected area, wait for the product to settle in, and then gently scrub it away. Now we all know how important it is to most people that they put products on it that won’t mess with the paint. With this approach, you will find it easier to remove the stain, plus the car paint or polish will not suffer any damage.

Get Rid of Mildew from the Refrigerator Gasket

Like every other house owner, you might have dealt with mildew in your refrigerator gaskets. When moisture buildup coincides with the outer warmth, the gaskets in your refrigerator become a place for mildew and mold. To clean it, spray a spurt of WD-40 on the affected area, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it off.

source: grandmathing.com

You can also spray some WD-40 onto a rag or a clean cloth, and then wipe the mildew away. Use cotton swabs for tighter areas, and repeat it until all stains are gone. Not only will your fridge look new, but it should never attract the bacteria ever again. The WD-40 will act as a coating in the places that you used it to clean.

Break the Morning Frost Build-Up on Windows

Do you live in a country with a cold climate or does the weather forecast predict a winter snowstorm? You can’t stop the snowstorm from coming, but you can definitely prevent the snow or frost from building up on your windows, car mirrors, doors, and locks. Just spray a coat of WD-40 on it before the snowstorm is about to come, and the frost won’t stick on it.

source: science101.com

If there already is a frost build-up, spray some WD-40 on the windows, let it sit, and the frost will automatically melt away. Later, a wipe or two will wipe away the existing ice. This approach may seem cold and tedious to you, but the result makes you deal with no more ice.

Clean and Polish That Pair of Scissors

It comes as no surprise that scissors are a handy tool for various activities. Whether you want to sew, craft, cut chicken or do gardening, scissors always help. But with time, they rust, get gunk on them, and become sticky. We all know how annoying this can get. So, to clean and give them a longer life-time, just spray a dash of WD-40 on it.

source: science101.com

Apply some of the WD-40 on the hinges and blades by opening and closing them repeatedly, let it sit, and wipe it down with a clean cloth to prevent rusting. Make sure that you do not use any water on it as it can cause rusting in the future. All you need to do is wipe it down with a dry cloth so it doesn’t get wet.

Remove Stickers and Decal Residue from Any Surface

We all have sticker residue stuck on the car windshield and bumpers, but who says you need a chisel or fingernail to remove it? Spray a squirt of WD-40 on it, let it lubricate the surface, and then wipe it off with the soap and a clean cloth. The lubrication that the WD-40 provides detaches the sticky part from whatever surface you’re trying to remove it from.

source: science101.com

The same approach also works to remove stickers and decals from just about any surface. Coat the sticker with WD-40, wait for a few moments so that it can soak adequately, and then gently peel it away. However, make sure you wash your hands afterward so that no substance is on your fingers.

Squirrel Proof the Bird Feeders

While bird feeders are a great way to attract birds to do some bird-watching, it also draws pesky little squirrels. These creatures have a strong inclination to climb the poles mounted on the top and eat all the seeds in it. However, to prevent it, all you need is to spray the entire pole with WD-40.

source: grandmathing.com

The squirts of WD-40 will make the pole slippery enough making it so the squirrels will keep sliding as they attempt to score a free meal. Not only will this approach keep your bird feeder safe, but it will also prevent yourself from fighting with those squirrels. I would say to spray this around your garbage cans also, but that just seems like it would end badly for us and not the squirrels.

Note: You can use Pam or Crisco to grease the pole to avoid poisoning the squirrels.

Remove Crayon and Marker Marks from Walls

Do your little ones use walls as a coloring book or are your walls already scribbled with wax crayons at some point? Perhaps it wasn’t even the kids, maybe some friends came over and had a few drinks. Well, you need not panic as WD-40 will come to your rescue. Although crayons are difficult to remove due to a waxy ingredient in it, WD-40s water displacement technology works for it.


Spray some WD-40 on the crayon stains, scrub them, and the stain will disappear in no time. The best thing about using this substance is that it will work without damaging the wall paints. So, whether your kid is a budding artist or likes to create artworks on walls, now you know how to clean them.

Keep Dead Bugs from Sticking on Your Car

Every time you plan a trip or drive on the highway, your car ends up getting bugs on it. There usually isn’t much that you can do about it. The dead bugs stick to everything when you’re driving that fast, be it car radiators, windshields or number plates. To avoid it, spray some WD-40 on the prone areas before you hit the road. This helps prevent the bugs from sticking.

source: grandmathing.com

As you spray to prevent bugs sticking, you can use a dry and clean cloth to help you take off the sticky residue. You can also take a squirt on the cloth, wipe the affected area, and the bugs that are stuck will just slide right off.

The next one is for anyone who is a fan of make-up…

Clean Mascara from Hardwood Floors

We apply mascara on eyelashes, but that wand sometimes slips out of your hands and ends up on the floors. You don’t have to clean up with water, even if you wanted to it doesn’t fully take it off. Turn to WD-40 instead. All that you need is the WD-40 and a dry, clean cloth. Just use a couple of sprays and then wipe it off with the clean cloth.

source: science101.com

Cleaning with WD-40 will not only restore the floor to its original condition, but it will do this without actually damaging its integrity. This trick is not just for mascara, though. It will help you remove all the makeup product spills, be it lipstick, foundation, eyeliners, eyeshadows, eyelash glue or blushes.

Extend the Life of Shower Heads

A great shower is essential to enhance your everyday bathing and overall experience. This can make or break your day. But shower heads get grimy with time and sometimes have rust in them. I know personally, I can’t get in the shower when the showerhead isn’t 100% clean. So, have you ever thought of a substance that can help extend the life of showerheads?

source: science101.com

Extend the life of showerheads by spraying them with WD-40, letting it sit for a few minutes, and then rubbing it down it with a dry, clean cloth. This process will help prevent rust formation and will remove any water stains as well. You can also use WD-40 for other bathroom fixtures to prolong how long they last for you.

Filter Dust from the Air Conditioner

In the summer season with its scorching heat, we can’t imagine our lives without air conditioners. ACs act as lifesavers but they also come with a lot of problems. The main problem we are focusing on here is the machines blow around the dust. While you prefer to leave the maintenance to professionals, how about trying a WD-40 hack?

source: grandmathing.com

First, clean out the filter as you normally would. Then, spray some WD-40 on the filter. This cleaning solution will enable the dust to aggregate instead of entering your home. Not only does this approach give you cleaner air, but an honest and good filter helps cut down on energy bills and keeps your air conditioning running efficiently. Moreover, you will also get cleaner air to breathe in.

Remove Leftover Adhesive Tapes from Any Surface

Whether you are to fix something or hold things together, Adhesive tapes work excellent on any surface. But removing it without leaving any residue is no less than a daunting task. If you are also dealing with the same situation, look no further than using WD-40. This solution works for all of the tags and tapes that just refuse to come off.

source: science101.com

To remove the leftover tape, drench the surface with a spray of WD-40, let it sit for a few minutes on the area with the tape, and then wipe all of the leftover tapes off. So, regardless of what you use your adhesive tape for, now you know how to clean its residue off of just about anything.

Keep Your Shovel Snow-Free

While most of the applications need a spray or squirt of WD-40, you’ll need plenty of it from this specific tip. Applying a liberal amount, but a thin layer of this substance to both the sides of the shovel will prevent the snow from building on it. If you have a snow thrower, you can spray it on the inside walls of the chute so that snow does not clog it.

source: grandmathing.com

However, you will have to keep it handy, as you will more probably need to reapply it every once in a while. Not only will WD-40 keeps the shovel snow-free, but it will also enable the shovel to get through different materials quicker, like dirt, mud, or even gravel.

Clean Dirty Tiles in your House

Have dirty tiles in your bathroom or kitchen? Well, you are not the one! The tiles come in dull colors and are quite prone to get dirty. You might have used a soap solution to clean them, but here is an easy remedy to get that dirt, filth, and grim off. What else could I recommend here but to use the infamous WD-40.

source: science101.com

Spray WD-40 on the dirty tiles and wipe the dirt off with a dry, clean cloth. But after cleaning it with WD-40, it is very important to make sure that you clean the tiles with soapy water as this cleaning solution is a bit slippery, and you definitely don’t want to slip and fall on your way.

Remove Stuck Prostheses

If you or someone you know wears a prosthetic device, you might be aware of how difficult it can be to remove at times. It can be even tougher when no one is around to help you. But who says you need to depend on someone else to be around at the time? The trick is to have a can of WD-40 by your side.

source: grandmathing.com

Next time you see an individual having trouble removing their prosthesis, just let them know that they can spray some WD-40 at the junction. The WD-40 contains solvents and lubricants that make it easier to remove it.

Did you know that now there are approximately 31,000 prostheses sold per year? The earliest prosthesis discovered was actually for a big toe. It was found in Egypt, and is said to be dated between 710-950 B.C.E.

Clean Residue From Sinks

Do you have toothpaste residue or another residue stuck in your sink? These can be some of the trickiest messes to remove, but you can get rid of them by using WD-40. This substance works like a miracle in cleaning out all of the leftover residues that’s stuck in your sink.

source: science101.com

Spray a squirt or two on the area with residue, let it soak in, and then wipe the gunk with a scrubber. With this cleaning process, you’ll have a fresh sink that is all set for your cooking, party, and potluck adventures. I don’t know about you, but for me, having clean sinks and other surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen just helps me keep it cleaner in the long run.

Separate Stuck Glassware

Is there anything more annoying in the kitchen than you reach for a drinking glass and getting them locked (stuck tightly inside other) together? It’s dangerous when drinking glasses get stuck together because they can break as you try to unlock them. Now, you don’t want to risk breaking one of them or both by trying to pull them apart, neither you will like to exert extra force on your precious wares.

source: grandmathing.com

However, stuck glasses separate with ease if you spray some WD-40 on the joint line. Wait for some time so that substance can work its way between the glasses. Now, just pull the glasses apart very gently. But remember to wash the glass thoroughly with a soap solution before you use them.

Restore and Clean your Vehicle’s License Plates

Vehicle’s License Plates are made up of metal and tend to rust, as they come in contact with water or moisture. However, there is no need to leave them like that anymore. To help restore a license plate, spray it all over with WD-40, let the area soak in the solution, and then wipe the rust and dirt off with a dry, clean rag.

source: grandmathing.com

WD-40 will remove the light surface rust from the plate and won’t leave it with a greasy feel. In fact, not only it will remove the current rust on it, but it will also work to prevent further corrosion occurrence in the future. After hearing this, you just can’t go wrong with keeping WD-40 in your car at all times.

Prevent Wasps from Building Nests

Don’t let the wasps, yellow jackets, or other insects ruin your spring and summer garden or your outdoor parties. We all know that most people are not excited to have these insects flying around. Bees and wasps tend to build nests under eaves, and in nooks and crannies of your house. So, the next time that the spring season is here or just about arriving, spray some WD-40 under all the places that are prone to nest building.

source: science101.com

WD-40 has a strong effect and will block the wasps from building their nests in the nooks. However, be careful when you start spraying. If you spray it in the evening or when the temperature is low, the wasps do not move quickly because of the colder temperatures.

Remove Doggie-Doo from your Sneaker

Have you ever stepped in dog poop while you were on your evening walk? Although cleaning it off from the bottom of your sneaker is quite unpleasant, the whole process becomes a lot easier with a can of WD-40. Just spray some of it on the sole of your shoe, and then use an old toothbrush like you normally would to clean the crevices.

source: grandmathing.com

After cleaning, rinse them with cold water, and your shoes will be as good as now. There won’t be any dog poop that couldn’t get off and you have to just deal with. Moreover, now you are all set to go back on your daily stroll. But next time you hit the pavement, watch your step.

Remove and Prevent Fingerprints

Fingerprints are not only caused by a sweaty or dirty hand, but they can also occur due to the oil that your skin produces naturally. If you have kids around your home, you’ll know that none of the surfaces are free from fingerprints. Personally, I have made myself crazy before with constant cleaning of the stainless steel appliances in my kitchen.

source: grandmathing.com

However, it is much easier to keep up with the cleaning with this hack. If you see fingerprints on stainless steel surfaces, use WD-40. Spray a spurt of WD-40 on the surface with fingerprints and then clean them off. As WD-40 is water-based and contains a solvent, it works as a degreaser and removes every inch of the marks.

Remove Strong Glue from your Fingers

Have you been doing a few Do-It-Yourself tasks? Forgot to wear protective gloves when using a strong glue and now some of it is on your fingers? Well, this can happen to anyone. Moreover, the glue is basically impossible to remove from your skin. If you didn’t guess what I was going to recommend already, there is one miracle product known as WD-40 that makes the glue removal process a lot easier.

source: science101.com

Just reach for some WD-40, spray it directly on your fingers, and rub your hands together, until your fingers are no longer sticky. You can use this glue removal hack to easily remove glue from other unwanted surfaces as well. Just make sure to use a dry, clean cloth for surfaces that could be scratched.

Prevent Corrosion on Guitar Strings

If you are a guitarist, or play any other string instrument, you might have noticed that strings often tend to corrode. We know that the strings can affect the sound, the way the instrument plays, and the way it feels when you play it. To clean and prevent corrosion of guitar strings, just apply a small amount of WD-40 on the strings after every guitar playing session.

source: grandmathing.com

You can spray it on a rag or a dry, clean cloth and then wipe the strings with it. Just make sure that you don’t spray it directly on the guitar strings as you don’t want WD-40 to build upon the body of the instrument. You can use this same process to clean your other string instruments, as well.

Remove Grease from your Hands

Whether you are fixing your car or working with radiators, your hands get black and greasy with grime. But instead of spreading black grease all over your sink, use WD-40. Spray some WD-40 on your hands, rub them together, and then wipe with a paper towel.

source: science101.com

Ensure that you wash your hands so that extra grease and WD-40 can get off. Don’t use soap solutions before spraying WD-40, as it may not work to its full potential.

Did you know that engine oil is meant to withstand extreme temperatures? That’s right, it can withstand anywhere from 53 degrees Celsius to -50 degrees Celsius. Engines just heat up during a drive, this is just something that happens. Also, cars should just be run optimally no matter what the weather is.

Break in your New Baseball Glove

Breaking in a new baseball glove is one of the uses of WD-40 that might have not crossed your mind yet. Until now, you might be using neat’s foot oil to break in it, but how about using WD-40, instead? Spray the glove, put a baseball in your palm, and fold it sideways.

source: grandmathing.com

Take a band and tie it around the folded glove. The WD-40 will soften the leather and help it form the shape around baseball. Keep the glove overnight, wear it for a while, and it will begin to take the shape of your hand.

Did you know that the longest baseball game in history lasted 26 innings? I bet after that game, everyone’s glove was broken in.

Keep Wooden Tool Handles Smooth

We know that no tools can last forever, be it wood or metal, but you can prolong the life of wooden tool handles by preventing splintering. Not only for prolonging its life, but none of us enjoy getting a splinter. Just reach out for a can of WD-40 from your garage and rub a good amount of this substance on all of your wooden tools.

source: science101.com

This layer of WD-40 will shield the handles of wood tools from moisture, water, and other corrosive elements. Moreover, it will increase its life and keep the wooden tool handle smooth and splinter-free. With tricks like this, I like to purchase a more expensive product. It’s more worth it when you know you can keep it in good condition.

Keep Wind Chimes Rust-Free

What’s more soothing than the soft twinkling of wind chimes on a windy summer day? But, during the cold and rainy days, these chimes have to put up with a lot. They are in contact with moisture and often tend to rust or corrode. To keep them rust-free, all you need is to do is give them a spray of WD-40. This substance acts as a water displacement formula, due to which, it prevents and removes rust. Once they are rust-free, they look great and sound lovely.

source: grandmathing.com

Did you know that wind chimes work with wind energy, Feng, to enhance the chi? If you hang wind chimes by the back door when it is directly in line with the front door of the house, then it will prevent all of the good chi from rushing out of your house. If you place the chimes near a fan or in front of an open window, then it is keeping the energies circulating while you are not home.

Untangle Old Jewelry

There are times when you don’t wear our old jewelry pieces including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. But you also can’t leave them tangled in your jewelry box or can’t spend hours in untangling them. If you ever see yourself in this situation, use WD-40.

source: science101.com

Just spray a small amount of WD-40 on the jewelry tangles. The knots will then loosen up automatically, and the items will slide apart more easily. Make sure that you don’t use a large amount of WD-40 as it may harm your jewelry.

Another trick to remember when detangling jewelry is that the more gentle that you are with it, the easier it will just come apart. So, between this and the WD-40, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Remove Tomato Sauce Stains from your Clothes

We agree that snacks don’t taste their best without tomato puree. But when you were indulging in it, your blouse or shirt gets hard-to-remove stains on it. I can’t count how many shirts I’ve ruined with tomato sauce before I heard of this hack. Before you dip the shirt in a detergent solution and wait for hours to clean it, try WD-40.

source: science101.com

Spray a squirt of WD-40 directly on the spot, wait for few minutes, and then wash the shirt as usual. You can also remove the stains from other sauces by using this same process. Now, whether you are not able to resist the homegrown tomatoes or want to have some sauce, you know how to get rid of the stains.

Dawn Dish Soap Can Do A Lot!

If you loved all those WD40 hacks, you’re definitely going to love these dish soap hacks. Do you have a bottle of Dawn dish soap? It does a lot more than just clean your dirty dishes. For instance, do you have an oil stain on your driveway?

Source: Shutterstock

Squirt a large amount of the soap onto the oil stain and use a large bristle brush to scrub it stain until you see the oil pulling out of the asphalt. Rinse it off with a hose and continue to repeat the process until the stain is completely gone. There’s nothing like coming home to a clean driveway after a long day at work.

Next, see another common household product that has limitless uses!

Sparkling Window Cleaner

This is considered one of the best uses of the soap – and one that many people who buy Dawn dish soap might not even consider. But the soap is perfect for cleaning windows, leaving them sparkly clean.

Source: Shutterstock

This tip was actually provided by a professional cleaning company, and now it’s the only method many people who know of the hack use. Place a few drops of Dawn in your container with a couple inches of water. Here’s what you do: dip a scrubby pad into water and squeeze out, scrub the glass, the Dawn and the scrubby gets the dirt off without leaving residue. Squeegee the window, starting at the top and working down, wiping off the blade every time with a cloth.

DIY Grill Cleaner

Everyone who loves BBQing doesn’t love the clean-up involved afterward when it comes to scrubbing the grill. But guess what? Dawn is good for that too. Dawn’s grease and oil-fighting power is the perfect way to clean your barbecue grill.

Source: Shareably

What you do is fill a bucket or sink with hot water and spray a squirt or two of Dawn soap. Let your grill racks soak for about 10-15 minutes, then scrub and rinse. It’s a lot easier than your previous way of cleaning them. If you don’t have a bucket big enough for your grill rack, I recommend going to pick one up because this hack is worth it.
This next hack will help you come home to newer seeming floors.

Grout Cleaner For Your Floors

Who doesn’t hate cleaning dirty tile and floor grout? Dirty grout makes cleaning day that much worse. But thankfully, this chore can be made a lot easier with this simple hack using none other than Dawn dish soap, some vinegar, and a toothbrush or hard-bristled cleaning brush.

Source: Shutterstock

First, place a cup of vinegar in the microwave, zap it for one minute and then put it in a spray bottle. Add one cup of the soap to the spray bottle and give it a shake. Spray the solution on your grout and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing the dirt away. You can use a toothbrush or a hard-bristled brush that was made for cleaning. Once you scrub, just rinse the floor with water and voila!

DIY Carpet Cleaner

All pet owners, parents, and wine-lovers alike know that carpets can get their fair share of stains. And everyone needs a handy carpet cleaner hack when the moment comes. If you have a nasty stain on your carpet, you actually don’t need to buy expensive carpet cleaners.

Source: Shutterstock

This DIY cleaner will have your carpets looking brand new. In a spray bottle, combine 2 ounces of hydrogen peroxide and 1 ounce of Dawn dish soap. Spray the stain and then scrub it with a rag. Then, spray the stain with some plain water and scrub to remove any remnants of the stain as well as the soap.
Also, I heard that white wine removes red wine from carpets. So if you don’t mind wasting some wine, you can pour the white wine on the red wine.

Ant and Insect Repellent

Ants are the worst! There’s never just one, they always come out in the hundreds. If you’ve noticed them crawling around your kitchen lately, don’t freak out just yet. There’s a great hack for getting rid of ants and other insects, and it only takes three ingredients to make it!

Source: Shutterstock

What you do is get a spray bottle, mix a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, mouthwash, and some Dawn dish soap together. Then you can spray the area where they’re coming in from or congregating, and wait for about 5-10 minutes. Then just wipe up the spray and the ants together. Not only will this help clean them up in a moment, but it should also prevent them from coming back for a bit.

Brush and Comb Cleaner

Over time, oils and hair products end up building upon our combs and brushes which makes them yucky and just not the best way to brush your hair. They, like all things, need cleaning once in a while. This simple dish soap hack requires Dawn dish soap, Borax, and hot water. And start by removing all the hair from the brushes.

Source: Shutterstock

Fill your sink with warm water. Add a 1/4 cup of Borax and swish it around to help it dissolve. Squirt some dish soap in the sink and then finish filling the sink with warm water. Place the combs and hairbrushes in the soapy water and let them sit for a while.  30 to 45 minutes should do it. After that, your combs and brushes will be clean again.

Toilet De-Clogger

Look, it happens to the best of us. Toilets get clogged sometimes and un-clogging them isn’t the most fun. But that’s why hacks are so great. They make things that aren’t even close to fun easier to get done. And a clogged toilet is one of those unnecessary evils.

Source: Shutterstock

If your toilet is clogged, Dawn will help. Just pour a pot of warm water in the bowl and a few squirts of Dawn, then plunge or flush away the clog. The grease-cutting properties of the soap will break down oils and other materials in the drain, which helps remove the clog. Not only this, it will help take care of stains around the bowl, just give it a quick wipe down with the toilet brush after plunging.

Non-Toxic Pest Killer for Your Garden

Lots of people nowadays are looking for non-toxic ways to do pretty much everything, including getting rid of pests. There is nothing worse than bringing in your vegetables for harvest and having a spider fall out of one, or even have holes from insects biting the leaves. Here’s a dish soap hack for getting rid of pests in your garden without any toxins involved.

Source: Shutterstock

Although a Dawn soap and water mixture won’t kill all insects, it’s great for repelling spider mites, aphids, and other common pests that tend to show up in your garden. Fully coat with the spray, which should be in a solution of 2 to 3 percent. After this, you’ll notice that you don’t have as many random pests just hanging around in your flowers or vegetables.

DIY De-Icer

Ice on your sidewalk and driveway can be de-iced in more than one way. Buying large sacks of salt is one way, but it costs more money and it’s heavy to lug around. Or there is a lot of ice this season, and you just ran out of salt. Using dish soap is said to be a lot easier.

Source: Shutterstock

Mix a tablespoon of Dawn soap with a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and about a half-gallon of warm water. Pour the mixture over the icy area and it will help prevent the sidewalk, stoop, or driveway from re-freezing. It also helps to push what is left out of the way with a shovel or a broom just to make sure it really doesn’t re-freeze.

A Homemade Flea Bath

Does your dog have fleas? Flea medication can be really expensive and as well as rough on your dog’s skin and fur. This hack is said to be a lot less harsh, yet still just as effective. To top things off, it uses our good old friend Dawn.

Source: Shutterstock

What you do is fill your bathtub with warm water, add one cup of the dish soap, and just soak your pet in the mixture for five minutes. After that, give them a good scrub from head to toe and rinse all of the soap mixtures out of your dog’s hair. Then, let them air dry and use a comb to comb through their fur to remove any fleas still hanging around.

Eyeglass Cleaner and De- Fogger

Anyone with glasses knows that they get all smudgy and foggy faster than we would like them to. And sometimes that little silky cloth for wiping your glasses just doesn’t do the trick on its own. Of course, there’s a hack for this problem too.

Source: Shutterstock

Using a small spray bottle, make a mixture of one part water, one part rubbing alcohol, and just a drop of Dawn dish soap. Spray the mixture onto your glasses and then rub around using the soft microfiber cloth. Your lenses will be so much cleaner in the end and you’ll be seeing clearer for a longer period of time!
This hack can also be great for cleaning the mirrors and other glass surfaces off around your household.

De-Grease Your Tools

Whether you or your husband use the tools often, cleaning the grease off of them doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. It literally takes only seconds to clean greasy tools with Dawn Dish Soap.

Source: Shutterstock

All you need to do is drop a tablespoon of Dawn in a gallon of hot water. Use a rag to remove all the oil and grease from your tools. And there you go – your once really dirty and greasy tools are now clean and looking new.
If you are working with metal tools, just make sure to completely dry them off afterward so that they don’t get rusty. Also, you can spray some WD-40 on them to keep them from rusting in the future.

Homemade Bubble Fun

Who doesn’t love bubbles? If your kids are asking you for a bubbly good time, you can use Dawn soap to create a fun afternoon. So, instead of spending money on pre-made bubbles, you can just make your own!

Source: Shutterstock

You need a cup of Dawn, 6 cups of water, a 1/4 cup of light corn syrup, and a container. Put the water in the container and slowly pour the soap while stirring, without making it foam or bubble. Then, add the corn syrup, stir, and you’re all set!
If you want to take this hack to the next level, you can pick up some small containers from the crafts store and decorate them. You can even have the kids decorate their own containers, and you can make this into a birthday activity.

Hair Color Rescue

If you’re someone who prefers to dye your hair at home but went overboard by accident, there’s an easy way to rescue your hair. For those who like to dye their hair dark, don’t worry if you’ve found the tone to be darker than the one you wanted.

Source: Shutterstock

It may seem strange, but you can use Dawn to help. Just use the soap in place of your shampoo to lightly strip the color that you deposited down to your desired shade.
Remember that if you lightened your hair, the lightener will not come out bringing you back to the color you were before as color just doesn’t work this way. This will only work if you colored your hair darker with box dye.

Remove Bathtub Soap Scum

Cleaning day is coming up and you know your bathtub needs a scrubbing. Use this hack and you’ll end up using it every cleaning day. Dawn is really a miracle worker when it comes to cleaning the bathroom. Pour the liquid soap over the dirty area of the tub and let it sit overnight. Then the next morning, go and rinse it clean with water.

Source: Shareably

You’ll see how it cuts through all the scum, grease, and grime without harming the material. Another way to cut down on your shower needing to be cleaned in general is to make sure to squeegee off all of the water and soap each time you are done using the shower. I even go as far as to wipe the walls and floor down with a dry washcloth so there is no water or soap build-up left.

Car Wash

If you’re looking to clean your car tomorrow or next week on a nice sunny day in your driveway, you can use Dawn for that too. For a sparkling clean car, Dawn is the best solution. There is no need for an expensive product when all you need is some good old-fashioned soap and water.

Source: Shutterstock

Mix a tablespoon of Dawn liquid to one gallon of warm water and use that soapy solution to scrub your car with a soft sponge or cloth. Make sure not to use a hard sponge or something that can scratch the exterior of your car. Just remember that the Dawn soap will remove any protective wax you have on your car, so you’ll need to re-wax it afterward.

Removing Fleas from Your Carpets and Furniture

If your pet has fleas, chances are, those pesky little insects are probably living in your carpet also. So, after you’ve given your pet its flea bath as mentioned above(with the same dish soap), make sure to clean your carpets too.

Source: Shutterstock

Pour a tablespoon of Dawn into a spray bottle and fill the rest with water. Spritz your carpet and furniture and then let it sit for 15 minutes. Wipe everything off with a damp towel and then vacuum the carpet to remove the excess soap along with any dead fleas.
A cool and not humid climate is what fleas don’t like the most, so you can also freeze out your house to try and help get rid of them all.

Clean Oily Skin

If your skin is prone to being on the oily side, Dawn is going to be your new best friend. Use the dish soap in your daily routine by washing your face with just a few drops of Dawn and some lukewarm water. Lather the soap and water up in your hands and then wash your face off using circular motions with your fingers.

Source: Shutterstock

But you need to be sure to rinse your face thoroughly. Then once you’re done with this, just splash some cold water over your face to close your clean pores up. This helps prevent new ‘dirt’ from getting in our skin. The Dawn is really great at cutting through the grease without drying out your skin. And it’s a lot cheaper than any of the fancy face washes out there!

DIY Floor and Wall Cleaner

Not only do you have to wash your floors, but your walls need cleaning once in a while too! You can get your walls and floors looking like new also by using this Dawn hack. You’re going to need some Dawn, Borax, ammonia, and water.

Source: Shutterstock

Add half a teaspoon of the liquid soap, half a cup of Borax, and one teaspoon of ammonia to two gallons of warm water. Use gloves and a soft rag or a scrubbing brush to clean the floors and walls. You’ll watch the dirt and fingerprints come right off. Once you are done with your floors, be sure to wipe down them down with water to get any excess product off to prevent stickiness.

Keep Houseplants Insect-Free

If you have plants in your home also, you know that they can attract insects, like ants and other little critters. Not to worry, there’s a hack using Dawn for this too. Similar to the hack for your garden, the dish soap mixture can help with your indoor plants.

Source: Shutterstock

Use a spray bottle and place a drop of Dawn inside, then fill the rest with water. Shake well and spray your houseplants. It will prevent any insects from wanting to eat them or make it their home. The soapy water mixture is safe and non-toxic. If you are growing herbs or other edible plants inside, still make sure to wash them well so that you get all of the soap off before eating.

Use as Shampoo

Remember the hack for hair-dyed hair? Well, the soap doesn’t only work well to lighten the shade of your extra-dark hair. It can also be used as a regular shampoo. And if you have oily hair, it’s especially effective. Think of this soap with water as more of a clarifying shampoo.

Source: Shutterstock

You only need a few drops and some water. But make sure to rinse thoroughly afterward. You’ll be using a lot less than you think you need and thus spending a lot less too! It should remove more of the buildup of the product that is in your hair. You can also use a nice conditioner or mask afterward, which you will notice feels a lot lighter now that the buildup was removed.

Remove Soot from Your Fireplace

Soot and ash tend to harden and settle around your fireplace making the whole thing look rather unsightly and dirty. But Dawn is an easy fix for that. Just mix an equal part of the dish soap with iodized table salt. Then you need to add enough water to make it into a paste or cream.

Source: Shareably

Rub the mixture onto the stained bricks and let them dry for 10 minutes. Wipe them clean with a sponge and warm water until you can see that there is no ash left on the surface of the fireplace and you’re good to go. If there is any stuck, just repeat the process.
There are more great hacks out there, like this next one.

No More Painting Mess

If you’re about to paint a room and don’t want to get paint splatters are all over your skin, you can use Dawn to both prevent it and clean it up, making the whole process easier than you think. We all know how annoying it can be to have to remove the mess we make when painting.

Source: Shutterstock

Apply a layer of dish soap over your hands and arms then let it dry. Then when you paint and happen to get any on yourself during the job, it will come right off when you wash your arms and hands with water. Next time I paint, I am going to try this with my face as well. For some reason, I always end up with tiny drops of paint everywhere.

Remove Food Stains from Clothing

It sucks when you end up spilling food or drinks on your new or newly washed shirt. And it happens a lot more often when you have little kids in the house. But this dish soap hack will do the job of making that shirt look like you just went out and bought a new one.

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Remove any food stains from your clothing by mixing 2 teaspoons of Dawn with two teaspoons of white vinegar and two quarts of warm water. Then just use the solution to soak and dissolve the stain, give the shirt a good wash, and it’ll be gone in no time.
The trick with stains on fabric is that if it is still there, don’t let the shirt dry. Try the hack again it is gone and then you can dry the shirt. It is said that once you try to remove a stain and let it dry, whatever is left won’t come out.

Finding a Puncture in a Tire

If you have a leaky car or bicycle tire but you can’t find where the hole is, you guess it correctly, Dawn can help with that. You might be wondering how the heck dish soap can help with finding a hole in a tire. But it surely can.

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You need to mix a few drops of Dawn with some water and brush the liquid around the tire. You’ll be looking for small bubbles that will indicate where the puncture is. Once you can figure out where the hole is located, you’ll know if you can just fix it easily or replace it.
The next hack for Dawn dish soap is one that you will want to remember for future reference.

Help for a Yeast Infection

Anyone who has had yeast infections, which is the majority of women out there, knows how unpleasant and uncomfortable they can be. The medication for them can be expensive, especially if they reoccur and you need more than one treatment. Well, do we have a great hack for anyone in this situation?

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You can make your own treatment at home using Dawn dish soap. This method can kill and stop the fungus from spreading by putting a few drops of the soap on the crotch of your underwear. Scrub it with water, then toss in the washing machine. It also helps to use this soap in the shower as well.
This next trick can help keep the wheels in your car clean.

Remove Brake Dust From Car Wheels

Since Dawn is so wonderful at cutting through grease due to the solvent in it, it makes for the perfect tool for cleaning your car, including its wheels. If your car wheels have lots of dust built up from braking, you can just use dish soap to clean it up.

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Mix a few drops of Dawn in a bucket of water and simply sponge down your car wheels with the soapy mixture. Rinse the wheels clean with a hose and these wheels will be sparkling for you like they’re brand new. If the first round didn’t clean everything off of them, just repeat the process a second time.
This next hack will help out all of us reading this article who deal with cables and tight spaces.

Guide and Fish Cable Through Conduits

It may be a very specific situation, but when you need to guide cables through tight spaces, it can be a real pain. We can help make it easier with some Dawn dish soap. While this is a great hack, make sure not to be spraying this liquid near any electricity.

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All that you need a spray bottle with water and a few drops of Dawn to spray the cable with the mixture before you guide it through the conduit or tube. The soap will help guide the cables through the windy and tight spaces, making it easier to fish the cables out of the other side too.
We already brought up insects on plants and insects that are already in your home, but how do we keep them from coming in?

Prevent Insects from Coming Into Your Home

Although Dawn can be a great solution for getting rid of insects and ants that have already found their way into your home, it’s also a good way to prevent them from getting in in the first place! The solution here is very easy to put in place.

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All you need to do is squeeze out a line of the liquid dish soap around your home’s door jams and window sills. Also, make sure to place this line of liquid dish soap around any other holes that the insects tend to get inside with. This way, the insects will get caught in the soap before they can get inside. Getting rid of them is as easy as using a wet sponge or a hose.

A Manicure Miracle

If you’re someone that likes to save some money and do your own manicures at home, you’re going to want to use this Dawn hack. This hack is going to act as the solution that you soak your nails in when you are getting a manicure at the salon. The only difference is it isn’t a professional product. All that you need to do is soak your fingers in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of Dawn.

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It will soften your cuticles, making it easier for you to remove them. The soap will also remove oils from your nails, making it easier to adhere to the nail polish. So make this part of your new manicure routine and you’ll be happy you did when you see the results.

Clean the Kiddie Pool

Those plastic wading pools that kids use in the summer months can be a source of fun, for sure. Whether you are a child or an adult who is just way too hot on a nice summer day, we’ve all used a kiddie pool at one point. But they can get moldy and grimy pretty quickly.

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To clean it up, dump out the water from the pool and scrub it with Dawn using a wet sponge. Also, make sure that when you store it, the pool is completely dried out to avoid the mold and mildew. Avoid using any bleach because it will only weaken and dry out the plastic.
This next hack can really help in an itchy situation.

Soothe Poison Ivy Blisters

Poison ivy rashes and blisters tend to spread when the oil of the blisters pops and moves to other areas of the skin, making it for an itchy, inflamed, and uncomfortable experience. Just like other uncomfortable situations that have been mentioned already, I’m going to recommend Dawn as a great solution here.

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Since Dawn is great for getting rid of oils, it’s perfect for soothing any poison ivy blisters. Wash the affected area with the soap and it will help dry up the blisters, preventing them from spreading to other areas of your body.
Just a fun fact, the rash itself isn’t actually contagious. The only way to get it is from the chemical urushiol which is in the plant and could potentially be left on a person’s clothing after contact.

Pool Cleaner

Just as Dawn is great for cleaning kiddie pools, it’s also a great cleaning method for in-ground pools as well. Does it take too long to clean out your pool to the point where you can’t clean it as often as you would like to? Cleaning your pool doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore anymore, thanks to Dawn.

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If you squirt the soap down the length of the pool, all of the suntan lotion, dirt, and other yucky stuff will move toward the edges of the pool, making it all easy to scoop up! The pool will absolutely sparkly clean afterward.
One of the next things can be very irritating, but not to worry, we have a fix for you.

Non-Toxic Lubricant

If there is anything that causes a headache, it’s a squeaky door hinge! Nothing is more annoying than that. Well, I can think of a few things, but this is easily fixable and doesn’t need to ruin your day! Apply a little drop of soap on the squeaky hinge and your squeaky door will be squeaky no more.

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It works like a charm and it also cleans the parts that it’s lubricating. Double whammy, indeed. Just make sure to completely dry off the metal afterward so that the piece doesn’t rust. You can also throw some WD-40 in there and then wipe it off with a dry, clean cloth.
This next one is for anyone who appreciates a nice fruit tree.

Aphid-Free Fruit Trees

Aphids can be every gardener’s worst enemy. While these insects only live between one week to 40 days, they can reproduce very quickly and it doesn’t take long for them to multiply and take over your garden. These insects damage the plants by sucking sap from any new growth the plants have.

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You can keep these insects off your fruit trees by following this simple hack. Mix two tablespoons of Dawn soap into a gallon of water and add it to a spray bottle or garden sprayer. Spray both sides of the leaves, branches, and also the trunk. Let them sit and soak it up for 15 minutes, and then be sure to rinse the tree thoroughly afterward with a hose.

Clean Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are super economical and good for the environment, but the problem is having to clean them, which is no fun at all! Not to worry, you can clean them quickly and without any hassle with Dawn. As Dawn helps remove oils, it will make it easier to keep up with using cloth diapers.

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Just prepare your washing machine with the dirty cloth diapers inside and the usual soap, and then add a drop of Dawn dish soap to the mix. Make sure to run a hot wash and rinse until there are no more bubbles left. However, don’t overdo it as you could end up having a sudsy mess on your hands like the one you usually would see in a movie.

Make Tarnished Jewelry Shine Again

Dawn may be really tough on grease and oil, but it’s surprisingly gentle on jewelry and metals. This is why it also makes a great jewelry cleaner. You guessed it, we will mix together seven parts hot water with one part ammonia and just a dab of Dawn dish soap.

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Use an old toothbrush to scrub your jewelry with the mixture until it’s sparkling and clean like when you first bought it. If the jewelry seems a bit more fragile, feel free to use a soft bristle toothbrush so that nothing happens to the jewelry. Once you finish cleaning it off, rinse off the excess product and wipe dry with a clean cloth.
This last one is a great hack which can save you some nice money in the long run.

Cleaning Your Makeup Sponges

In addition to cleaning your brushes, you can also use Dawn to clean your makeup sponges. Make a solution of 2 cups warm water and 1-2 drops of Dawn. Soak your make-up sponges in the solution for around 30 minutes. Rinse and repeat until they’re clean.

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There is also a rubber mat that has recently been put out on the market with little dots on it which you can rub your make up brushes and sponges on with the water and Dawn mixture. This product really helps you make sure that there is no make-up left sitting in these make-up tools. Make sure to dry them fully afterward before putting them away so you don’t risk mold or mildew inside the sponge.

Lady Life Hacks We Can Definitely Live Without

There is a plethora of life hacks available on the Internet that may make your day-to-day tasks simpler. Many individuals have benefited from life hacks, whether utilizing a new substance to clean surfaces, figuring out how to keep fruits and veggies fresh longer, or making the most of limited space in storage containers. Some of these may have even become part of your daily routine.

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These hacks are just brilliant and deserving of all the praise. Some viral hacks for women, on the other hand, may appear to be fantastic at first but ultimately set you up for failure no matter how many times you attempt them. These hacks are inconvenient and may potentially make your predicament worse. We’re here to protect you against hacks that might make your life more difficult.

Use a Credit Card to Draw Your Eyeliner

Any makeup look needs a feline or elegant eyeliner to finish it off. While getting ready, women strive to get the ideal wing. It might take hours to apply and tweak the eyeliner so both sides appear the same. To get this perfect, you’ll need a lot of practice.

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There’s a popular beauty technique on the Internet for creating a feline flick eyeliner using a credit card as a guide. However, it doesln’t really make a stylish line, and it takes the same amount of time as freehanding. You could even end up with smudged, too-thick eyeliner.

A Glass to Plump Your Lips

In this era of Instagram, saying you want a “plump pout” conjures up images of opulently huge, pillow-like lips. For some, though, seeking bigger lips means wanting something supple and smooth. In recent years, many women have made it a mission to attain lush lips without having to visit a plastic surgeon for fillers.

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It all started with cosmetic businesses making lip glosses with pepper-infused formulations. They irritated their lips enough to promote blood flow, giving them a fuller appearance. However, the newest fad is to vacuum you lips with shot glasses to puff out you mouth, but that often results in swollen or bruised-looking mouths, which no one can hide.

Ski Goggles to Keep You from Crying

This might not be as strange as it appears. On the other hand, who has time to look for ski goggles before cutting an onion? Who remembers to put them on and wear them the entire time? In this case, being an adult is very simple. In less than a minute, you can cut the onions without shedding a tear.

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You might not even weep as much as you do for other grown-up obligations, if you know what we mean. Only a few people will understand this technique, so put on your brave pants. Also, try not to hack off the onions’ roots before you’re finished since that will help keep their “spiciness” in check.

Concealing Dark Circles with Crimson Lipstick

Dark circles under your eyes, sometimes accompanied by bags, may elicit unwelcome comments about how exhausted you appear. Less sleep and more computer time may aggravate the black circle problem beneath your eyes. Even the most powerful concealers may not be enough to cover them.

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Concealers may also leave a gray tint and even patchy skin if you neglect color correction. Using red lipstick does not color-correct the dark circles, so this is another technique to forget about. After mixing with concealer, it may highlight those dark circles and bags even more. Instead, maybe go for a light salmon-colored concealer.

Use Hair Conditioner to Keep Your Legs Silky Smooth

Wouldn’t it be great to see some dual-power action for your favorite hair products? Shaving your legs takes a long time and requires a lot of work. And if you don’t use the proper items, they can irritate your skin even into the next day. There are many shaving cream alternatives to try, including oils and body cleansers.

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Using a hair conditioner to soften the hair before shaving is one such alternative that some people have tried. It may make your legs feel silky, but it will not allow the razor to glide easily across your skin. Furthermore, you may have subsequent burning and itching.

Using Concealer in Lotion to Fake a Tan

The sun is shining, and whether you like it or not, you’ll get some color this summer. It’s nearly impossible to keep a tan in the cold. That might explain why so many people use spray tans to get that perfect, sun-kissed look before a party or function. There’s a plethora of special creams that may provide a tan in as little as a few hours.

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You may also try faking a tan on your legs and arms with a dark concealer mixed with lotion as some online users recommend. However, we advise you to proceed with caution with this one. It could work if the concealer doesn’t rub off on your clothes. And good luck with that.

Fork for Nose Contouring

If you want to add dimension to your nose, whether you want a long, elegant one or a perky one, contouring can help. Makeup tips that make getting ready in the morning easier and more efficient are popular among women. Many makeup artists put these techniques to the test to see whether they work.

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You can use a fork to contour your nose and make it appear smaller. We all have distinct shapes and sizes when it comes to our noses. Some people can’t make straight lines with a fork because their noses aren’t symmetrical. As a result of this hack, a fork may make your nose appear larger and crooked. This one is best avoided.

Curling Hair with an Empty Plastic Bottle

Most of you are aware that everyday styling of any type can damage your hair. Many social media trends exist such as curling your hair with straws, socks, and empty bottles to make it appear easy. For this bottle hack, you’ll need to cut the top of the bottle and add a tiny rectangular window to accommodate your hairdryer nozzle.

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Insert your hair inside the bottle, and twist it to make a curl. This procedure will cause your hair to tangle rather than curl. You may burn your fingers and melt the bottle at the same time. Ladies, pick your fights.

Repair the Damaged Hooks by Sewing the Bra Straps Together

We’ve all had our fair share of bra issues throughout the years. We all know how fragile bras are and how fast they degrade when wash and dry them in the machine. Because they are fragile, the back bra hooks are the first to be damaged or fall out. As a result, you won’t be able to put your bra on the same way again.

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Some people recommend stitching the bra together instead of using hooks. This hack might cure the problem, but how will you get your bra on if the back doesn’t open? That might lead to even more annoyance and discomfort.

Using Flour to Bake Your Face

You probably already know how to contour and highlight your face, but there’s one trick that women are using to enhance their makeup game. Baking is a cosmetic procedure that lengthens the life of the foundation. It entails applying loose face powder to your face and letting it sit for 10 minutes to set your makeup.

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The powder is then wiped away with a powder brush. You might imagine that flour or starch would bake your concealer and foundation the same way that actual face powder does. On the other hand, the flour just might create uneven traces on your face and might even irritate your skin. The flour also might leave little white sprinkles on your clothes.

Maxi Pad for Shoes That Are Too Big

When you wear properly-sized footwear, you establish a sturdy platform for your feet to support your body. Internet users claim that ill-fitting shoes that are too big may be saved by placing a maxi pad inside. That is a celebrity insider secret. The cushion will fill in the gaps, and the shoe will fit more tightly, ensuring your comfort.

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It may also help avoid blisters on your feet. The pads help absorb sweat and odors too. If that is what you want, go for it. It might just make your shoes seem smaller and could keep your feet from slipping around. Just don’t take your shoes off in public.

Whiter Nails Using Lemon Juice

The trouble with nails is that they are easily soiled or discolored. The harsh chemicals in nail polish makes our nails change color. Lemon juice is used in various DIY hair, skin, and cleaning hacks. It works well for certain hacks, but it isn’t particularly successful for nail whitening.

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Even if you clean your nails with a lemon slice or soak them in lemon juice before wrapping them in foil, your nails will remain yellow. Because of the acidic nature of lemons, your nails may weaken and shatter. We recommend using lemons to clean hard surfaces rather than your sensitive nails.

Toothpaste to Cure Pimples

Everyone aspires to have beautiful skin. Acne and pimples affect everyone, and they generally appear suddenly overnight. Pimples are persistent, and they might show up on your face just before some of life’s most important occasions. Toothpaste works well for polishing silver jewelry and removing dead skin from dry feet.

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Some people, on the other hand, believe that toothpaste also has skin-healing abilities. You may have seen folks use it to dry up a pimple or reduce swelling. Applying toothpaste to your pimple, however, might aggravate it by generating a chemical burn, redness, and irritation on the affected skin.

Fitting Clothes with Bobby Pins

We’ve all done it. We fall in love with a piece of clothing on the rack, only to have our hearts shattered when it doesn’t fit the way we want it to. The safety pin hack for altering clothing may allow you to wear garments that are too big for you.

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To pull in that fabric, use safety pins. This may work on mannequins, but it won’t work on you because you’re an active human who moves about all day. When you move, the safety pin may pop open and even come out. And it’s not a good substitute for a clothing accessory.

Using a Cleaning Sponge Instead of a Beauty Blender

Sometimes we wonder what life was like before beauty blender makeup sponges. It wasn’t as perfect as you had hoped. Applying foundation using a sponge has long been the preferred method for most women. It just received an upgrade with the addition of a beauty blender that makes a perfect, silky foundation. It also keeps the skin from appearing cakey and unnatural.

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Beauty blenders are usually expensive. As a result, many people may attempt to apply their makeup using a common dish sponge. The sponge, it turns out, doesn’t give the face a flawless finish or absorb excess foundation. A beauty blender it’s not.

Vaseline for Stretch Marks

Most of us don’t want to have stretch marks, and if we do, we’re very self-conscious about them. Stretch marks appear on the skin due to gaining or losing weight. It happens when collagen breaks down and stretches the skin, resulting in permanent lines that are lighter in color than your normal skin tone.

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Stretch marks are normal, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed. These irregular lines make some people feel self-conscious. Stretch marks are said to be reduced by using Vaseline. While it will nourish your skin, it will not permanently remove those stretch marks.

Fixing Dried Up Mascara with Contact Lens Solution

We heard somewhere that while inner beauty is important, a dash of mascara never hurts. Mascara is the magic wand that every girl uses to make her eyes seem larger instantly and her lashes look perfect. Mascara is one of those beauty items you must replenish frequently since it dries out so quickly.

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Several hacks are popular in the makeup hack world, including soaking the tube of dried up mascara in hot water or adding contact lens solution to it to liquefy the contents. This hack can rehydrate the dry mascara. However, it will alter the mascara and make it smear. And your eyes may become irritated due to the change in formula.

Beetroot as a Lip Stain or Blush

There’s a product for a natural, long-lasting blush on the cheeks and lips—lip and cheek tint. We all want to switch out our chemical makeup with natural alternatives now and then. Beetroot, a rich red color, is an important ingredient in natural and vegan cosmetics.

Photo by Emma-Jane Hobden/Unsplash

Hair companies have also used natural products like beetroot in hair dyes. Using beets as a blush and lip stain seems logical, but it can bes difficult to manage the application. It’s also difficult to mix it and remove it. Patchy red stains can be left behind, which may not offer the ideal natural effect you’re looking for.

Wool Socks to Break in Your New Heels

When you put on your fresh new pair of heels for the first time, there’s nothing quite like that huge smile and feeling of confidence. Walking in new shoes can be unpleasant, and they may require some break-in time before the big event. The thick material of the shoes can sometimes result in blisters and wounds on your feet. For this problem, several individuals advocate wool socks.

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Wearing thick, wool socks to break in your heels is a ridiculous trick that’s circulating the Internet these days. It’s inconvenient to wear them and will cause your feet to sweat. Furthermore, your heels may lose their form over time, making you even more uncomfortable.

Hang Your Garments in the Hot Shower Instead of Ironing Them

Do you ever feel envious of other people’s clean, neat clothing? That’s perfectly common, but there’s something you can do about it. This hack is useful for people in a hurry or who live in a dorm. It might seem like using a steam iron to eliminate creases in clothing. However, it is insufficient to make your garments completely wearable.

Source: Twitter

More heat than shower steam is required to eliminate wrinkles and straighten creases. This technique will just leave your garments wet and possibly stinky without eliminating the creases. Why not omit this step and use an iron or even a hairdryer instead?

Bright-Colored Pencils for Eyeliner

It’s not easy to apply eyeliner. You’re going in clueless, especially if you don’t know the correct tips and strategies. There are many beauty hacks available in the makeup world. One of them is that colored pencils can be used as eyeliner or eye shadow if the tip is softened in water before application. But the pretty color may smudge as soon as you apply it.

Source: Pinterest

The color may last for a while, but it will flake away from your eyelids after it dries. Because colored pencils are not designed to be used as cosmetics, you may get an infection or allergic reaction in your eyes. Why? There might be lead inside those colors. Nobody wants that to come in contact with their eyes.

Make Your Lip Balm with Candy, Gum, and Vaseline

Allow us to let you in on a little secret: lip balm may do much more than comfort your lips when they’re dry. You can manufacture your own with various ingredients, and you can even modify the colors with crayons and eyeshadows. Vaseline is flexible and may be blended with anything, although it isn’t always effective.

Source: YouTube

Vaseline can dehydrate your lips. Combine Vaseline, mint gum, fruit candy, and food coloring in a bowl. Microwave it for a few seconds, and then mix everything as thoroughly as possible. After combining these ingredients and using them as lip balm, you’ll be surprised at how sticky your lips become.

Hair Ties to Keep Your Gear Shift in Place

Ladies, hair ties are no longer merely for your hair. We understand how silly it sounds when you read this aloud. This hack makes no sense, and its existence and popularity are bizarre. But it looks like you can hold your gear shift together with hair ties.

Source: Reddit

But how secure is this? Will your gear shift be okay with those hair ties? We don’t see the value in this, and it might even be a little dangerous. Simply keep your hair ties in your hair.

Using Shaving Cream on Your Face

Any skincare program should include the use of face care products. It’s the first step toward a healthy-looking complexion by eliminating dirt, oil, and pollutants from your skin. Shaving cream is sometimes used for cleaning stains and even giving yourself a facial.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

But the thick shaving cream has ingredients that may not be good for acne, and it may cause dry skin and pimple outbreaks. Shaving cream might also block your pores, resulting in blackheads. As a result, unless you want enormous pimples and deep blackheads, it’s never a good idea to cleanse or wash your face with shaving cream.

Place a Wooden Spoon on Top of a Boiling Pot of Water

Boiling water may be difficult if you don’t have a few tricks. This hack predates the Internet, and some people believe it may be used when cooking pasta or even heating soup. The wooden spoon is supposed to keep the liquid from boiling over and spilling out of the pot.

Source: Facebook

This technique just might work in some circumstances. The problem is that the hot water will heat the spoon, making it too hot to handle it when needed. As a result, there will be more commotion and danger in the kitchen.

To Use the Restroom, Use a Bottomless Bag

This may be one of those viral women’s hacks that don’t work, but many may be persuaded to give it a shot. The hack may have come from a frantic bride who wanted to use the restroom on her wedding day but didn’t want to take off her gown.

Source: Imgur

Imagine a bride going to the restroom in a large, bottomless plastic bag to safeguard her dress. It’s amusing, but it might also cause you to trip while walking and rip your clothing or end up on the floor. Your wedding night might be ruined as a result.

Use an Ironing Board as a Cosmetic Vanity Table

If you don’t own an ironing board, you may not know how to iron. However, you may use a lot of cosmetics when getting ready and need to put them somewhere handy so they’re easy to find. As the Internet says, arrange your belongings on an ironing board so you can get ready quickly and without having to buy an extra table.

Source: The Spruce

Now, there’s no problem with this hack, but you might want to keep your supplies on a table instead of using an ironing board. Before an event or a night out, you don’t need to make anything simple or difficult. And that ironing board just might seem completely out of place.

Using a Nail and a Hammer to Open a Bottle of Wine

Maybe it’s wine Wednesday, or maybe it’s simply a really difficult Monday and you decided to splurge on some expensive wine to reward yourself. You may, like many, also find it difficult to open that bottle of wine. Mastering a corkscrew may require a lot of practice.

Source: Facebook

And that just might be a good reason to come up with another way to open a bottle of wine. And it also could be an extremely risky hack. Uncorking the bottle with a nail and hammer sounds like more work than using a corkscrew, which is a lot safer. And what will you do with that nail that’s stuck in the cork?

Using Glue to Paint Your Nails without Making a Mess

We’ve learned through years of trial and error that most beauty procedures are best left to the pros. For some people, applying nail polish might be a pain. And the nail polish chips off in pieces while you’re rushing to get ready. This trick involves putting a coat of glue on your nails before painting them to prevent that from happening.

Source: YouTube

The glue will also prevent discoloration of the cuticles and fingers. Once you’ve finished painting your nails, you may find that removing the adhesive takes a long time and could make you late for the party. In the end, this hack isn’t worth it.

Make a Beautiful Eyeliner Using Dental Floss

Eyeliner is a cosmetic must-have, but it’s also the most difficult to apply. There are several eyeliner tricks for people who have a lot of trouble with makeup. This is one of those women’s viral hacks that don’t function but look great in images and movies. It shows you how to use a dental floss pick to apply your eyeliner.

Source: Tumblr

Put some eyeliner liquid on the floss and place the floss on the outer corner of your eye. Then tap the liquid onto your eyelid with your finger. This hack would be fantastic if it worked, but it just results in non-identical lines, which are even more difficult to repair. It seems like a disaster, and we have no idea who came up with it.

Draw and Fill In Your Brows with Handy Tape

Even the best makeup artists have trouble drawing eyebrows. This might be a do-it-yourself project for eyebrow stencils that you might find or see on the Internet. Cutting strips of tape to frame your brows in a desirable and natural shape and then filling them in with a eyebrow pencil is the concept.

Source: YouTube

For some people with sensitive skin, applying tape to their face and removing it can be uncomfortable. Furthermore, the tape’s adhesive, which is not dermatologically safe, may irritate your skin. If you don’t get the shape right, your brows will look spotty and uneven.

Foot Gloves Made of Plastic

It’s very normal for individuals to dislike their feet, which they often see as a little nasty. Some people may not be interested in trying this insane hack since they also dislike socks. But this is a popular hack aimed at women who do not work and are likely to spend their days at home. It serves no purpose and does not appear nice enough to wear in public.

Source: Twitter

Wearing plastic gloves and thong slippers on your feet is maybe one of the most ridiculous ideas we’ve ever seen. It’s acceptable to forego plastic gloves in favor of toe socks for comfort. It may not appear to be fashionable, but believe us, plastic gloves will never look as good on your toes as these do.

Drying Those Undies Inside

Have you ever reached into your underwear drawer in the morning only to discover that it’s empty? You can wash some, but how do you dry them quickly? How is utilizing a heating or cooling vent to dry your underwear better than using a dryer or even a hairdryer? The dryer will eliminate moisture from your undies more effectively than a vent. Some hacks exist solely to help something go viral.

Source: Etsy

This hack does not work since temperature changes may damage your underwear. And it will take a long time for them to dry sufficiently so you can wear them that day. Who has the time to sit around and wait that long?

Add Your Old Sneaker Insoles to These Fancy Shoes

Your old sneaker insoles are undoubtedly worn out and stinky. As a result, we don’t see the sense of putting them into your more expensive shoes. They’ll merely make the shoes filthy and smelly. Talk about losing out on the scent of new merchandise.

Source: Pixabay

Furthermore, because there will be insufficient room for your feet, in the end, your new shoes may not fit right. This will cause the shoes to wear out faster than usual. This hack is unpleasant to use, but it is also harmful to your feet.

Using a Heat Vent to Dry Your Bra

There are some fantastic bra-washing tips that every woman should be aware of. Here we go with the vents once more. Bras are intricately designed and cannot be dried in the dryer. It may impact the fabric as well as the hooks on the back. Hanging a bra without stretching it is the best method to dry it.

Source: Pintertest

Simply let it air dry. Attempting to dry your bras by placing them in front of a vent may not do the trick since only one side of your bras may get dry in the end. Instead, you might want to try a washing and drying bag..

How to Avoid Cutting Your Fingers when Handling Cherry Tomatoes

We adore cherry tomatoes but cutting them in half is a hassle. Some culinary hacks are fantastic for making a time-consuming task easier and faster. However, not all hacks work, and they might be dangerous to try. We’re talking about cutting cherry tomatoes inside two plastic lids.

Source: YouTube

Because these tomatoes are so small and sensitive, they will move about inside the plastic covers. When you’re merely trying to make things simpler and faster, you can cut your fingers and probably squish the tomatoes. Take our advice, and take your time cutting those tomatoes one by one.

Homemade Open-Toed Shoes

Are your new heels too tight on your toes? Don’t worry! Try this brilliant trick. We have no idea who came up with this idea or why they came up with it. If you want open-toed shoes, don’t buy a new pair. Just convert some old pumps into open-toed shoes, even if they appear a little odd and uncomfortable.

Source: Imgur

They might not look so fashionable, but they’ll be broken in and sure to fit.And you’ll save a perfectly good pair of shoes by repurposing them into something new and crazy. Won’t it be great when lots of people notice your “new” shoes?

Grilled Cheese in a Toaster

The classic kid-favorite sandwich is already excellent with toasted bread and melted cheese, but there are many ways to improve it. Making grilled cheese is straightforward and quick if you have the correct tools. It’s a hearty and delicious snack that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. In this hack, the bread and chees are placed in the toaster, which is on its side.

Source: Imgur

Because the cheese bubbles up and melts, the hack will fail. The cheese will still drip and stick to the toaster, making cleanup a pain afterward. It might also easily be a fire danger. Skip this trick, and save yourself a mess. You won’t even enjoy your grilled cheese if you end up with such a mess.

Cups as Speakers to Increase the Sound

Look no further if you’re seeking to listen to music in your room. The acoustics may be improved by cutting up a couple of cups to increase the sound of the music. This hack may appear promising enough if your speakers are modest and you do not have surround sound. You’ll need some cups, scissors, and tape to create this setup.

Source: Imgur

However, this do-it-yourself hack really doesn’t work. If good sound is what you’re aiming at, you’ll waste some usable cups and get no better results in terms of sound. A set of Bluetooth speakers with outstanding surround sound is recommended to appreciate music. Trust us, it will be better and last longer.

Ideal Round Pancakes Using a Ketchup Bottle

Pancakes in various forms are popular worldwide, and they make a terrific comfort meal or, for that matter, breakfast for supper. Pouring the batter into the pan might be challenging. So just put the batter in an old, clean ketchup bottle for this hack.

Source: YouTube

Squirt the batter into the pan, and you’ll have some very round pancakes. The first problem with this trick, though, is getting the ketchup container clean enough so it won’t leave a ketchup taste in the pancake batter. There may always be a ketchup odor and taste, even after washing it. Who wants tomato-flavored pancakes?

Paint Like a Pro

Boredom may lead to many overly ambitious and occasionally dangerous home projects. Some of these DIYs include installing new cabinets with only a YouTube guide, creating a treehouse you could never persuade anybody to use, and painting your home. Changing the color of a wall may appear easy, and it may completely transform the atmosphere of a space.

Source: Imgur

Perhaps you’d like to add a soothing cerulean accent wall or some ambiance to your outdoor gathering spot. Perhaps you have some old chairs that could benefit from a new coat of paint or varnish. Whatever project you’re working on, you should know a few things before picking up a brush.

Getting the Walls Spotless

You’ll need to get out that new paint roller, but you’ll also need to do preliminary work on the walls. You’d never think of giving your walls a decent wash, no matter how clean your house is? But that is exactly what you must do. A quick wipe-down of the wall you’re about to paint is far simpler to deal with than the dirty, bumpy mess you’ll otherwise have. With a Swiffer stick and a damp towel attached, you can get that job done.

Source: Driven by Décor

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for cleaning walls before painting, most walls can be cleaned with just a cloth or sponge and warm water. Wash the surfaces that have been exposed to oil or filth, especially kitchen walls, with a solution of water and grease-cutting detergent. Then rinse with clean water to eliminate any cleaning agent residue.

Reusing Paint Trays

One of the worst aspects of painting your home is that someone won’t be doing the work for you, and you will be responsible for the clean-up. We all know what a paint job requires: a tray, a paint roller, a brush, and some paint. When you’re done, cleaning up the tray might be difficult, especially if you wait and allow the paint to dry.

Source: Martha Stewart

Paint trays can be used again and again. Yes. Paint trays can be cleaned with soap and water, paint thinner, a power cleaner, or other methods. Paint trays may be reused in various ways, but the most effective strategy is to keep them clean in the first place. You can cross “clean paint trays” off your to-do list by simply lining the tray with a plastic bag or foil.

Brush Holder Made from Scratch

Every painter needs a basic technique for storing and organizing their paintbrushes. When moving between brushes, the real artist can observe bristles’ various types and sizes by storing those brushes upright. It’s indescribably irritating when you put down your brush after a long day of slapping paint on walls, only to find out a few seconds later that you unintentionally placed the nasty, paint-filled brush somewhere you didn’t intend to.

Source: Rachel Schultz

After constantly throwing all the ruined paint materials into a trash can, it’s time to develop a better solution. The answer to this problem can be found right inside your refrigerator. So empty that milk jug, rinse it with water, cut one side out of it, rest the brush in the top spot, and pour paint in the bottom area.

Give It a Boost

Professional painters understand that time is money, so they employ trade secrets to discover how to paint a space faster, smarter, and cleaner without losing quality or making costly mistakes. If you start painting from the top and then turn it over to paint the bottom, you’ll inevitably run into difficulty when you must refinish that old but beloved family dining table or Grandma’s favorite reading chair.

Source: Martha Stewart

The laws of gravity are not friendly to a DIU enthusiast when that upside-down piece of furniture is still wet with paint. It turns out that if you tap a nail into the bottom of the chair’s or table’s legs, you can paint without having to flip it. It’s brilliant.

Alternatively, Bed Casters

The beautiful thing about furniture is that no one examines the nooks and crannies of all your furniture every six months to ensure it’s dust-free and perfectly polished. But when the paint or varnish needs to be touched up, it’s time to get your hands dirty.

Source: Twitter

You may also be happy to know that you can easily touch your table, chair, or even bed frame without putting nails on the bottom. You can use bed casters or even paper plates. That will guarantee that your coat of paint is even down to the bottom of the legs!

Paint Pads, Please!

Nobody wants to clean out an entire room just to paint it. There are many issues when you do this, including the challenge of relocating all the room’s belongings. If you live with a roommate, it gets even harder. If you don’t want to move things around and bother everyone or if you’re working in a confined space, a paint pad attached to a stick is the perfect tool for the task.

Source: Twitter

A paint stirring stick will work. Using a paint pad to paint near ceilings and trim or in tight spaces is a great way to save time and money. This tool, unlike a brush, is not made of bristles. It’s a flat, disposable gadget with a refilling pad usually made of polyester, fleece, or foam.

Make a Spray Can for Yourself

Who says you can’t have a good time while painting? Consider the following scenario: you want a few decorative objects in a certain color, but your colors don’t match the vitality you want your area to have. It’s possible to mix some colors and use a brush, but do you want to spend much time on small, tiny brush strokes? Shudder.

Source: Merriment Design

Then you learn that the paint store doesn’t have the color of spray paint you want. Don’t be concerned! Martha Stewart has come to the rescue with her ingenious DIY spray can solution. Simply mix the color to achieve the desired shade, follow the spray can kit’s directions, and spray everything at once. It’s that simple.

The W or Zigzag Way

Many people are familiar with the fundamentals of painting preparation. They understand the need for drop cloths, painter’s tape, and properly stirred paint. While it’s tempting to start splattering paint anywhere you want on a tempting blank wall, it’s important to remember that this is work, and the job demands some technique.

Source: YouTube

Professionals are usually hired for a specific reason. You might want to attempt some of their great painting techniques to give your work a fresh look. The W or zigzag way of applying paint while using a roller is one of the many techniques that expert painters use, but we don’t—and techniques we should follow. We’ll get a smoother finish with the least amount of effort.

When Painted, Concrete Looks Fantastic

Paint may be applied to almost any concrete surface in good condition. That applies to internal and external surfaces such as patios, walkways, and pool decks. That’s right; you read that correctly. As in the porous, dusty, perennially grey stuff that makes up our driveways and outdoor lounge spaces, concrete is an excellent painting surface. When given a coat of paint, it looks fantastic.

Source: Plaid and Paleo

Of course, there are certain limitations. It is neither the handiest nor the most controlled medium for painting. Proper preparation is essential for painting concrete, so it looks excellent and lasts a long time. A particular type of paint—concrete paint—is also required since it is thinner and soaks into the porous concrete.

Concrete That Is Future-Proofed

People like to put a great deal of focus on paint finishes, but the actual effort begins with the preparations. It is always advisable to clean any surface or object you are painting on any medium you choose before applying the wonderful color. That’s so it lasts as long as possible in perfect conditions. Preparation—it’s essential for good-looking, long-lasting outcomes.

Source: YouTube

A well-prepared surface is free of cracks and defects. It’s also clean, firm, and dry. Try this for an excellent way to get a great look for concrete—allow a coat of white vinegar to seep into the concrete and dry. That improves the concrete paint’s adherence and avoids cracking. A coat of concrete epoxy or polyurethane on top will assure a stable job.

Avoiding the Spills

Let’s face it, when doing a paint job; we’ve all seen (and cleaned up) those horrible Paint drips, splatters, and catastrophes. Let’s get one thing out of the way: painting is a dirty job. After a hard day of painting, no painter likes to clean up a mess. But just because you’re working on a dirty project doesn’t mean it has to be a dripping disaster.

Source: Family Handyman

We all think a mess is a natural result of painting, but the mess can be minimized. Wouldn’t you rather spend more time completing your work and only a few minutes cleaning it up? That’s understandable! Store your paint materials in a shallow box (maybe that box your water bottles came in) to prevent paint spills.

It’s Never Been Easier to Strip

Everyone knows that applying a fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to revitalize a weary surface. All new paint, on the other hand, eventually becomes old paint. Restoring antique pieces of furniture is the process of stripping and removing the old paint or varnish-covered surface. It’s generally a labor-intensive, time-consuming task that necessitates the use of noxious chemical solutions. And it would help if you did a decent job so you don’t ruin that heirloom.

Source: Tumblr

Have you seen Citristrip? It’s a solution that can make the procedure easier and protect your hands from corrosive ingredients. It’s also perfect for indoor use because it doesn’t stink. Apply the Citristrip, wrap the piece of furniture in plastic, wait 24 hours, and then strip the paint.

The Appropriate Safeguards

Painting may be enjoyable, but it can also be unpleasant, especially when done incorrectly. If you’ve ever tried to apply hair color at home, you know how aggravating it is when part of it ends up on your ear, forehead, or somewhere else it wasn’t intended to be. It ends up all over the place. It’s the same thing when you’re painting.

Source: Pinterest

But if you put Vaseline on the areas you want to protect, you can avoid strange, random paint stains. This handy technique is useful for hinges, screws, and sockets, among other things. It keeps them from becoming splattered or speckled with paint. Apply a thick coat of Vaseline. If you like antique furniture with a chipped and weathered surface, you’ll be pleased to learn that Vaseline may also be used with modern furniture items to create a farmhouse effect.

An Angled Brush

Interior trim and crown molding provide character to your rooms, and when painted properly, these ornamental elements may be the finishing touch that completes your transformation. Remember to pay extra attention to these areas when repainting walls or upgrading décor to pull your space together. Trim, the decoration around door frames, fireplaces, and other areas is notoriously difficult to paint.

Source: Lowes

Because these borders are only decorative, they must be painted properly, but the creases and patterns make it difficult. Using an angled brush will help you cover every nook, edge, and corner with the fewest errors possible, reducing the need for protective tape. The angled brush makes it easy for the paint to get into every nook and cranny.

Remove Any Excess

Even with an angled brush, painting trim may leave uneven spots, stray drips of paint off the brush, or even an unintended stroke of paint on the surface around the trim. However, you can easily remedy any of these mishaps. It’s as easy as always carrying a damp rag with you to wipe away any paint drips or imperfections that may emerge unintentionally. It’s straightforward and effective.

Source: Family Handyman

You should also use painter’s tape to cover the edges of walls and ceilings around the trim and molding. Finally, if you get paint on any hardware attached to the trim or molding, remove what you can and tape up the remainder. Great job! You’ve completed your task. You now have a professional look at your freshly painted trim and crown molding.

Get Rid of the Mop

Spilled paint on a carpet or a floor is the last thing you want to leave behind when painting the interior of your home. However, if a few drops manage to make their way onto the floor, worry not, DIYers. There is a remedy. A few stray drops of paint escaped your attention and landed on the floor. You don’t want to step in it and drag rogue paint all over your house.

Source: Family Handyman

Using a rag or a mop might amplify the spot and permanently destroy the floor or carpet. But have you ever seen those face-cleaning or makeup-removing wipes? They are alcohol-based, which is why they recommend them for acne. They’re simple to come by—and they take paint out of the carpet or off the floor. You can use these wipes on larger; dried paint spills as well.

Getting the Required Precision

You might not be the painter you imagined yourself to be. And you’re not alone. Many painters get bored, create a mess, or just don’t have time to paint in the first place. Over the years, DIY house renovations and painting projects have become popular, and luckily, specialists have stepped in to provide some much-needed advice for novice painters.

Source: YouTube

Perhaps you take pleasure in flawlessly accomplished projects that provide excellent results, or you simply become annoyed when a brilliantly painted wall is spoiled, in your opinion, by a few drops of brown paint in the corner. For minor streaks on the wall, precision tips are ideal. If you don’t have any, you can make your own by soaking a cotton swab in your paint and twisting it to a point. A Q-tip in the proper hands can save your entire project.

Great Storage Can Option

You may need to take one or more brief breaks from your DIY painting project, depending on the size of your job. But instead of just placing your paint roller on a newspaper or drop cloth or leaving part of it in the paint tray when you walk away, consider a better solution. Remember all our previous warnings about leaving your rollers or brushes out for a while? They tend to dry up around the edges.

Source: Pinterest

Perhaps you’ve decided to call it a day or have an urgent errand to run. Once you’ve learned this trick, you’ll be able to relax. You can slip a plastic bag around the roller or brush. Or just slide that roller into an empty, clean Pringles can. Relax, take a break, or go on your errand. The roller or brush will be as good as new and ready to go when you get back.

Vanilla Delight

Some folks adore the scent of fresh paint. They’d buy paint just to have its aroma all around them. It’s strange, but hey, just do you if you’re into it. Others, on the other hand, find it repulsive. A fresh coat of paint is a quick and inexpensive way to improve the appearance of your house but living with paint fumes for days afterward isn’t nice, especially if you have children or pets.

Source: Tumblr

If you don’t like the smell of paint, add a tablespoon of vanilla extract to each gallon of paint. It masks the odor and provides a pleasant vanilla scent to the walls—Vanilla’s sweet and powerful aroma functions as a natural deodorizer and aids in the removal of odors.

Make the Tape Sticky Again

Tape is one of those painting basics that you can’t live without. Both amateur and professional painters use it regularly and abundantly as a paint guide and ensure even and tidy paint finishes. It is best to have as much tape as possible in advance.

Source: Twitter

Older rolls get less sticky as they dry out. Fortunately, a 10-second microwave session is adequate to dissolve the glue and restore its usability. Painter’s tape is the perfect tool for adding stripes and shapes to your walls, making it ideal for use in a kid’s room where you might want to use various colors!

Preventing cracks

Sometimes paint ends up cracking on walls, ceilings, and external surfaces due to several factors. The most common reason is improper surface preparation before painting. Paint often cracks easily on metal surfaces. Although metals are some of the strongest materials, they are not always the most lasting due to their susceptibility to corrosion and rust.

Source: Tumblr

As a result, you may want to paint or coat metal equipment or some items you have for outdoor use. Painting on metal requires a certain process, and once again, our dear buddy vinegar comes into play. Metal paint tends to crack, exposing the metal to rust. However, rubbing the metal with vinegar before painting can help avoid cracking.

Thin It Down

Most paints have “latex” printed on the cans. You might be shocked to learn that latex paint does not contain latex. It’s a type of water-based paint that covers large areas, like walls in homes or commercial spaces. The paint is an excellent choice for DIY projects. It does, however, get thick and even clump at times.

Source: Flood

The best course of action is to dilute the paint, but not just any thinner will do since some will destroy the paint’s qualities. Flood Floetrol is a good latex paint thinner that thins down the paint for a smoother surface. Latex paint adheres effectively to latex or flat oil-based paints already on the walls. It can also be used on drywall that hasn’t been primed or stone that hasn’t been painted.

Create a Spraying Studio

Is it possible to have an ideal paint job? That’s the main question for DIYers and pros alike. How do you get the best paint job on the walls of your house or the garden fence? What about spray painting your car or a lamp? Spray paint has the advantage of getting in all the spaces and cracks, but it can also get paint on everything around it. When you have a lot of power, you also have a lot of responsibility.

Source: Pinterest

We make every effort to avoid destroying everything in the vicinity of the object we’re painting, but having a few tricks up your sleeve helps. Take a fairly large cardboard box, and make it into your spraying studio. It’s a terrific way to get a great paint job on an important item. Place the box on its side, put your item inside, and spray away. Your item will get an even coat of paint, and the inside of the box will be the only victim of residual paint.

Set Up a Tent

You’ll need some protection if you live in an apartment or tiny house without a garage or shop and need to spray paint some of your treasured items. For larger things, you might need something bigger than a cardboard box. You may want to consider something larger. Rest assured, the effort required to put it up is worth it.

Source: eBay

Spray painting something without sufficient preparation can result in a disaster and a huge cleaning effort. For this tall lamp, a folding tent is ideal. Anything that doesn’t fit easily in a cardboard box can go in the tent. When you’re done painting, simply fold up the tent and put it away for the next spray-painting project.

Concealer for the Furniture

You might have or bring home a lot of different sorts of furniture that need your valuable painting expertise. You’ll have different types of wood surfaces to paint or varnish surface. It’s a good idea to make sure the surface you’re painting is as smooth as possible before starting.

Source: Rockler

Dents, dings, and cracks aren’t exactly painting’s best friends. You’ll find all of these in old or even new furniture. Rockler’s Wunderfil or Elmer’s Wood Filler are fantastic solutions for the dents, dings, and cracks before you start painting any furniture. As the names imply, the substance fills in blemishes and damage to the wood’s surface. After sanding, you’ll have a wonderfully smooth surface to paint.

Remove It with a Swipe

It is usual practice to wipe off excess paint from a brush before beginning to paint something. Typically, you wipe the brush slightly on the lip of the paint can or container, but paint builds up there over time. There’s a simple way to prevent that and reduce spatter.

Source: Facebook

Instead of wiping the brush on the rim of the paint can, place a rubber band vertically around the middle of the can and wipe the brush on that. After completing the painting, use the same procedure to scrape as much paint as possible off the brush and into the can.

For Whatever It’s Worth

Paint is one of the most cost-effective and quick methods to change the appearance of a room or piece of furniture. Here’s a great tip for you if you like to save money in whatever way you can or simply enjoy learning about household maintenance tips and procedures.

Source: Imgur

Keep your hard-earned cash in your pocket and save that leftover paint. Roller brushes are notorious for soaking up a lot of paint. When you’re finished with your masterpiece, there’s a lot of paint on the roller. Hold the roller over the paint can and scrape it with a scraper. You’ll see a significant amount of paint drip into the can.

Staying on the Same Path

Painting may be done in a variety of ways. Aside from the W or zigzag methods for painting walls, there are several tips and tactics for correctly painting other objects around the house, such as furniture. Many DIYers take the easy route and brush the paint on until the item is completely covered.

Source: Pinterest

That is one way to do it. But bold, confident paint strokes in the same direction are preferred since they reduce the need for multiple coats of paint and provide an even, equal finish. To eliminate brush marks, it’s best to paint in just one direction.

Remove the Grease

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—make sure any surface you’re painting is clean and as dust-free and grease-free as possible before you start. Walls are a huge source of greasiness since people seldom clean them. A fresh coat of paint will not remove or cover grease stains or streaks on a wall.

Source: YouTube

The grease soaks into the fresh paint, resurfacing the stain. A suggested solution for degreasing surfaces is Liquid T.S.P., a heavy-duty, all-purpose cleaner that cuts through thick oily filth and grime from interior and exterior surfaces. A thorough cleaning will eliminate grease and improve the paint’s adherence to the surface.

Making Use of Paper Bags

Stains on your walls may be due to various things, including cooking oils, skin oil, and crayons if you have creative kids. You can remove them by using several techniques. It’s usually a good idea to conduct a quality check before you start painting before the paint is dry and you’ve cleaned up.

Source: YouTube

But once you’ve prepared and painted, you may want an even higher-quality finish and a smoother surface. You may see some grit or bumps you want to get rid of. Sanding the surface with sandpaper isn’t the ideal option because that will also remove the paint. But here’s where a brown paper bag comes in handy. It works well to smooth out your finished surface. Just rub it over the surface and watch it become smoother and cleaner.

Best Buddy for Your Walls

You’ve spent a lot of money on your lovely interior paint. You love it, and now you want to keep it looking new, right? This isn’t always simple, especially with a busy family. When you add children and pets, the challenge level skyrockets! Do not be concerned. If you want to keep your walls looking nice, aftercare is vital as the paint job itself.

Source: Amazon

If your children or pets are particularly disruptive, we recommend keeping a fast remedy on hand in case of emergency. It’s the Rubbermaid Paint Buddy, and it’s ideal for painting over scratches and scrapes. It’s also a great place to store any unused paint. That may be a great idea if you’ve picked a difficult-to-replicate color.

The Pen’s Influence

Maintaining the appearance of your paint will help it last much longer. The Rubbermaid Paint Buddy is great for major fixes, but what if you need something for a little, more subtle issue? You’ll need a smaller specialty tool—a Slobproof pen.

Source: Slobproof

A Slobproof pen is a new gadget that will come in handy for you. You can fill it with any latex paint you want and use it like a Sharpie to fill in any chips or scrapes you find between now and the next paint job. If you scrape the surface or use a cleaning product that is too harsh, your paint job may suffer. That’s when this touch-up paint pen will come in handy.

Self-Leveling Paint

Plaster is a type of wall covering material. Even if it is no longer as popular as it once was, it is still a viable alternative. It has a pasty, sticky feel when applied to walls and produces a chalky appearance. Before painting, new plaster must be properly cured and dried.

Source: Facebook

Self-leveling paint is a terrific equalizer when working on plaster. As you can guess from the name, it’s meant to level itself out after applying it. As a result, the uneven surface of plaster does not influence the smoothing effect. It’s a perfect solution for your painting needs.

Before You Ruin It, Double-Check It

Latex Paint, oil-based paint, water-based paint, satin finishes, matte finishes, semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes, etc. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Which one you choose will be determined by your personality and, to some extent, the surface you’ll be painting. We might say that paint is essentially home cosmetics. To achieve an excellent result, you’ll need specific product combinations, much like cosmetics.

Source: A Piece of Rainbow

So how can you determine if your house was last painted with oil-based or latex paint? You’ll need to know before you put on another coat of paint, and here’s how. Soak a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and rub it on your wall. It’s latex paint if the paint comes off on the cotton ball; otherwise, it’s oil-based paint.

Wrap Everything Up

Painting interior walls take a lot of time. When you make an effort to prepare the space ahead of time, you’ll find that the paint goes on more smoothly, and the job goes faster. What can a plastic wrap do for you? 90% of your painting problems can be solved with plastic wrap.

Source: Family Handyman

That may be an exaggeration, but we’re confident that if we try hard enough, we’ll be able to come up with a dozen or more solutions. Plastic wrap is a multi-purpose home item. It is very inexpensive and a practical way to cover anything you don’t want to be painted. It adheres to whatever you want to protect from paint, and it’s thin. It’s also simple to dispose of once you’re through.

Air locking the paint

If you’re a handyman in your own house, you’ve probably painted the interior before. And as a seasoned painter, you’re aware that paintbrushes require specific attention before they can be utilized to their maximum potential. Exposure to air is paint’s worst enemy. The paint dries when you don’t want it to, making it difficult to correct any mistakes.

Source: Facebook

If you want to take a break from painting, your paintbrushes can soon dry up. In a pinch, grab a plastic bag and a rubber band. That’s all you need to keep a paintbrush from drying up. Simply put the brush inside the plastic bag and secure it with a rubber band. It will survive that way for weeks.

Keeping Paint Fresh

We’ve covered everything from angled brushes to paint rollers in terms of how to keep and preserve them. Custom colors can be stored in smaller containers, but what about the paint trays, base coats and latex cans, and other supplies? Paint storage is a crucial part of the clean-up procedure, especially if you plan to use your paint again.

Source: Twitter

Touch-ups and new painting jobs are more efficient and cost-effective when your leftover Paint is still in good shape. Here are some tips for storing excess paint to use it again. If you put the lid on your paint can, the paint will dry and seal your lid to the can. But all you need is a little bit of plastic wrap, and your problem is solved. The plastic wrap keeps the lid from touching the can. The lid comes right off the next time you want to use the paint.

Dissolving the Paint

Assume you’ve completed your painting endeavor and are now cleaning up. You’ve cleaned up all the splatters and wiped down all the supplies, but what about all the brushes and rollers? That sounds like a pain! But you’ll need to give your brushes and rollers a thorough cleaning if you ever want to use them again.

Source: Go Paint Sprayer

First, scrape off as much paint as you can. Most people then try to remove part of the paint with thinner or a suitable solvent. But consider this: 30 minutes in a pan of hot vinegar will do the trick. Your brushes and rollers will be as good as new after soaking them in vinegar and rinsing them with soapy water.

Keep the Roller in Shape

If your painting equipment is in horrible shape, you may need to perfect your technique to keep your paint roller in good shape and carefully peel off the painter’s tape. A lot of work goes into ensuring that your paint roller doesn’t ruin your wall rather than improve it.

Source: Family Handyman

Some post-paint upkeep will help you have a good paint job the next time and save you some money. Whether you take a break or call it a day, you may not want the expense of using a fresh paint roller after every use. The edges of that roller can quickly get crusty. But no worries; simply cut off that pesky edge, and you’ll have a smoother paint job every time.

Gold-Sprayed Accents

It’s in style to break décor norms, so if you’ve avoided gold because you believe it’s too bold or you’re afraid to mix metals in your house, reconsider that. Even the smallest amount of gold accents can add a lot of flair to your renovation project. Metallics, particularly gold, are fashionable right now.

Source: Pinterest

You can either use a tiny brush to patiently add details to every gold accent or use a gold spray to paint everything in one go. Add refinement and elegance with your gold-sprayed accents. To create the most authentic gold look, we recommend using a metallic gold spray; the graininess of spray paint will also help enhance the effect.

Painter’s instincts

You have two options for painting next to an edge: you can cut in or use painter’s tape. Cutting in with an angled brush takes a firm, rock-solid hand. The more merciful way is to use painter’s tape. If you’re just getting started with painting, use painter’s tape, the blue tape that professional and commercial painters use to maintain clean, uniform lines on the painted surface.

Source: Facebook

Painter’s tape is one of the most useful weapons in your painting arsenal. There are infinite painter’s tape application suggestions for newcomers, including how to paint a neat line, create stencils for crazy designs, and even make labels. To avoid paint peeling on the edges, remove the tape before the paint has completely dried.

Ascertaining the Correct Angles

Painter’s tape is an excellent material for masking off the edges of woodwork or other surfaces to guarantee precise lines while painting. There is an art to properly applying and employing painter’s tape, just as there is to anything else in life. It’s not as simple as putting on some tape, slathering on some paint, and then tearing off the tape with abandon when you’re done.

Source: Imgur

To achieve the cleanest lines and greatest results, remove the tape carefully, without rushing, and at an angle. If the tape is very sticky, a 45-degree angle is advised; if the tape isn’t very sticky, a 90-degree angle is recommended. In any case, slow and steady is the way to go.

Caulk It

We will never tire of emphasizing the need for thorough preparation before any painting project. But for an exterior painting project, preparation is essential because the paint will be exposed to the weather and temperature variations. Caulk is used to preventing leaks in various types of construction and pipelines by sealing joints or seams.

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Caulk is a very adaptable material that can be utilized in various repairs to protect from the elements. It is frequently used to seal tiles, among other things. Caulk can be used to cover up uneven baseboards or trim that doesn’t fit properly. As the caulk cures, it shrinks and pulls uneven surfaces back into position, allowing them to fit perfectly.

A Shabby Chic Look

This advice is primarily decorative, and even so, it is not for everyone. Consider this method if you want your home to seem “lived in” and are willing to do a furniture makeover. With a little wax, you can get that worn appearance. The wax from a candle will suffice.

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So, the wood shines through, rub candle wax over areas of the furniture, and then softly brush some off. Those sections that still have wax on them will be untouched by the paint and produce the intended result. Yes, you may paint over wax on the same day that it was applied. However, the wax must be dry and not sticky to the touch.

Filters for Anti-Grain

Painting a room may be a lengthy process, but it can go easily if you take the necessary precautions and preparations. Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of commercial or large-scale canvas painting knows that a paint roller isn’t necessarily the best instrument for the job. There is a step that must be completed before using them.

Source: Family Handyman

A fresh paint roller has the unpleasant habit of being infested with irritating small fuzzy pieces on the wall or creating markings on an otherwise smooth paint stroke. Fortunately, a fast cure is to use a self-adhesive lint roller on the brush before using it.

Car Tricks That Every Driver Must Know

Imagine a day without your car. It can be frustrating, especially if you need to get to work, run an errand, or see your friends. We’re always on the move these days, and our cars help us get to wherever we need to be – from point A to B.

Source: TikTok

Some people enjoy driving; others don’t. Whether you have a short or lengthy drive, it’s important to make the time spent in your vehicle as pleasant as possible. Fasten your seatbelt and prepare to learn some useful hacks that will make you enjoy driving more.

Using a Penny to Gauge Tire Tread

Tires are one of the most crucial components of your vehicle, and they should be inspected on a regular basis. Treads that are heavily worn can cause dangerous driving conditions, and there are numerous ways to check them. Some tires have notches, but pennies help.

Source: TikTok

You can check tread depth with a penny. For this, we call on the great Abraham Lincoln! Turn Lincoln’s head upside down by placing a penny between the tread ribs on your tire. It’s time to replace them if you can see the top of Abe’s head.

No Cup Holder? No Problem!

Cup holders are common in most modern vehicles. If you have the latest ride, you may want to skip this. But wait, some of them are either too small or in an awkward position, making driving difficult. That’s why some drivers decided to use shoes to fix the problem.

Source: Imgur

Even though it’s one of the weirdest hacks on our list, it hasn’t stopped people from trying it. Since it’s the exact fit, a shoe can easily carry a cup, and if you are a sneakerhead, this hack is a terrific way to show off your collection.

Don’t Press Too Hard

With gas prices going over the roof, we’re sure this is one you’ll love. When it comes to pumping gas, most people go all-out because they feel it gets more out. But this isn’t the smartest way. Slowing down at the pump can save you money.

Photo by Wassim Chouak/Unsplash

There are advantages to pressing the pump halfway. When you press it all the way down, more air bubbles can form, leaving less room for the actual gas. Slow down, and you’ll get more gas into your tank because you won’t be releasing as many air bubbles.

Use Baskets to Organize Your Trunk

Got problems with organizing your trunk? Yep, we’ve all been there. A disorganized trunk is one of the most common issues we face, which is a shame because it’s easy to organize. You’ll be surprised that all you need is a couple of baskets.

Source: Imgur

This will make your messy trunk appear neater. Baskets are exactly what you need if you use your trunk as a dumping ground and put items inside without a care in the world. They won’t solve all your problems, but they will make your trunk appear less cluttered.

Simple Hack if You’ve Got No Air conditioner

When it gets hot in the car, most people turn on the air conditioning. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of air conditioning on their rides. Some do but prefer not to use it due to environmental reasons. And trust us, we support you 100%.

Source: Flickr

When it gets hot outside, you may be tempted to roll down your windows if you aren’t using the AC, but this isn’t always effective. It’s better to open the front windows while keeping the back ones closed, as the cool air will circulate much better.

Need Extra Space? Use a Mesh Bungee Net

For those who regularly need lots of extra storage, we’ve got something for you! Many features of our car, particularly the ceiling, aren’t being used to their full potential. You can use this component of your car as extra storage if you attach a mesh bungee net.

Source: TikTok

This tip can help you save lots of space, but there are a few things to remember. Make sure the mesh bungee net’s ends are securely tied to the car handles and don’t pack too many heavy items inside to prevent it from untying in the middle of your journey.

Use Glass Cleaner for the Wipers

There was a time when we all loved cleaning our cars – when we just got them. But safe to say that feeling wore off over time. As a result, it’s not surprising that several parts of our vehicles are usually neglected. This is especially a common problem with wipers.

Source: TikTok

They are surprisingly easy to clean and doing so increases their lifespan. After you’ve made sure your windows are spotless, use glass cleaner to wipe down your wipers. This will not only make them clean but also extend their durability and allow you to see the road more clearly.

Parking Just Got Better

Driving is all fun and games until you have to park. That’s when the real problem starts for many. And that’s why modern cars have parking sensors. They make things a lot easier, but quite frankly, not everyone can afford this luxury. But every car owner can afford a tennis ball!

Source: Reddit

Tennis balls? Yep, they can assist you in parking inside your garage in this situation. Choose a position on your garage ceiling exactly above your windshield and suspend a tennis ball there. You’ll know it’s time to stop if you hit it while trying to park.

Turn Your Face Toward the Sun

Frozen windshields are one of the biggest problems that every driver struggles with throughout the winter. Scraping ice or sitting in the car for more than 10 minutes waiting for it to clear is the last thing we want to do on a frigid winter morning.

Photo by Sahil Singh/Pexels

But these aren’t the only options. Here’s a hack we think you’d like! During the winter, where you park your car might make all the difference. Make sure its front faces the rising sun so that most of the ice melts before you get in your car.

Get Carpet Scraps From Home Depot

It’s almost impossible to keep your car clean if you don’t use car mats. Try as you might, you’ll get some dirt in there. But even the car mats need to be replaced occasionally. You can always buy them at a conventional auto shop.

Source: Imgur

But if you like saving money like us, we’ve got a solution – Home Depot! Carpet scraps are great substitutes for car mats, and they’re much cheaper. They’re also about the same size as normal car mats. But don’t use them for the driver’s side because they don’t come with grips.

Keep Your Food Warm With Heated Seats

Do you ever get excited to eat your takeout only to see that it’s ice-cold when you reach home? Yes, we know that feeling because we’ve all been there. But don’t worry, we’re here to the rescue. Of course, you can always put it in the microwave.

Source: Imgur

But if your car has heated seats, you can skip all of that and eat your food immediately after you’re home. Simply place your takeaway on a heated seat, and it will be nice and warm when you arrive home. It will be ready to eat straight away!

Collect Dust With Olive Oil

Finding a car that isn’t dusty is nearly impossible and dealing with the issue is more difficult than you may think. Fortunately, one common home item, olive oil, is surprisingly excellent at collecting dust. Dust can be easily removed from your dashboard with olive oil.

Source: Imgur

Wiping it with a thin layer of olive oil can make your automobile shine and protect it from wear and tear. It’ll help you get the dust and grime off your car quicker than you thought! All car owners need olive oil on their rides.

Make Room for Groceries

If you go grocery shopping with your entire family or buy large quantities of items at once, fitting them all into your car can be a challenge. The trunk is usually filled up in such instances, and there’s no room on the car seats. Sound familiar?

Source: Imgur

No worries! Consider putting hooks to the backs of your car seats so you can hang grocery bags from them to save room. Keep in mind that unless the hooks are extremely sturdy, you should only hang lightweight bags from them to avoid breaking them.

Dashcams Keep You Covered

Even if you are completely confident in your driving ability, other drivers can cause several road problems. It’s tough to trust other drivers, which is why dashcams are so useful. Many insurance firms encourage using them because they capture everything that happens on your ride.

Source: Reddit

They’ll provide you with the hard evidence you’ll need in the event of an insurance claim, and they’re the way of the future. You can also use them to capture other things that happen on the road too, especially with law enforcement. You’re not a cop, but you need this!

Hand Sanitizer Can Unfreeze Keyholes

Many of us didn’t know what hand sanitizer was before 2020. Keeping hand sanitizer on you always became the new norm during the pandemic, but you’ll be surprised to learn it’s not just for keeping germs at bay. Hand sanitizer can also be used to unfreeze frozen keyholes.

Source: TikTok

During the chilly winter months, keyholes tend to freeze overnight, but this is an easy issue to overcome by using hand sanitizer. Due to its strong alcohol concentration, it will cut through frozen keyholes and help you in unlocking your stuck door. Who knew it was this useful, eh?

Your Homemade Air Freshener

You need to keep your car smelling fresh. It’s non-negotiable. And there’s a hack for that, too. When most people want their cars to smell nice, they buy car air fresheners, but their scent isn’t for everyone. It might be stuffy and can cause headaches.

Source: TikTok

There are numerous DIY options available. Scented candles properly sealed within mason jars are one of the best. This may appear to be a fire hazard, but you don’t need to light the candle; the wax will slowly melt in the sun, removing the musty odors from your vehicle.

A Trash Can for Your Car

We cannot stress this enough – it’s super important to keep your car clean. Things can quickly become untidy if you don’t clean your car every day. Unless you find a means to dispose of leftover candy wrappers, chip bags, and soda bottles, your vehicle will become a little landfill.

Source: Imgur

So, how do we get our very own car trash can? It’s simple. Use a plastic cereal box as a car trashcan instead of leaving junk lying around for weeks. Since your trash can might smell after a while, use a bin with a closeable lid.

Toothpaste and Headlights Work Well Together

Cleaning your headlights is one of the most ignored parts of your car maintenance, but it can make a huge difference. Your beams will be ineffective if they are too dirty. However, you don’t have to wash your entire car to get them clean.

Source: TikTok

And just like olive oil, there are other household items that are useful for your car. You can effectively defog your headlights using a little toothpaste. It will quickly clear the fog, and all you need to do is rub your headlights with toothpaste on a microfiber cloth.

Use Google Maps to Find Your Car

Google Maps has become a crucial part of most people’s journeys and day-to-day activities. But it’s about to be even more important. If the parking lot is small and well-marked, remembering where you parked your car is simple, but when it is large, things may get complicated.

Source: Imgur

Approximately one-third of drivers forget where they parked at least once a month, but advanced technology helps. When you’re leaving your car, drop a pin of your present location on Google Maps. You can use it to effortlessly navigate your way back to your car when you’re ready.

Close Gaps With Pool Noodles

Almost every car has countless small gaps that act as dust and grime magnets. Before you know it, these spaces are filled with dirt and grime. And those who eat in their cars will find food residue often. These holes are difficult to clean.

Source: Imgur

It is also difficult to remove little items that fall into them. This typical problem can be solved with pool noodles. Simply slide them into the annoying spaces between your car seats and cleaning up trash and dirt will be a lot easier.

Using a Staple Remover for Keys

Buying a new car is usually thrilling, but it also means you’ll have to update the keys on your keychain. Many people find this activity tedious since the fussy ring on their keychain makes it tough to remove one key and replace it with another.

Source: Imgur

If you’re having trouble with this, it’s time to use the staple remover trick. It will just take a few seconds to slide your stylish new key onto your keychain—all you have to do is keep the ring wide open with the teeth of a staple remover.

Use Socks to Keep Your Wipers Warm

Winter can be a tough time for car owners. It’s one of those times when you need to be extra meticulous. During chilly winter nights, several parts of your car, particularly the wipers, will become frosty. Most people simply concentrate on defrosting the windshield.

Source: Imgur

But if you don’t remove the ice, your wiper blades can damage the windows. Simply put socks on your wiper blades to avoid this problem. They may appear ridiculous, but they’re an excellent insulator and will make cleaning your windows on a chilly morning lot easier.

The Secret Key You Didn’t Know About

Car keys are gradually becoming obsolete, and they are being replaced by elegant fobs. Most modern cars have one. However, the problem is that they frequently run out of batteries. If this occurs, there’s no need to panic or take a break from driving until you replace them.

Source: TikTok

Trust us, your car’s maker was also aware that this is a common occurrence and had planned for it. Here’s a simple hack you didn’t know about: Most modern car fobs include a mechanical key that may be used to open your vehicle in an old-fashioned way.

The DIY Phone Holder

It’s almost impossible to find a driver who has never used their smartphone as a GPS. We’ve all done it at least once. Well, unless you’re a grandpa! But it can be tricky to drive and find your way if you can’t see your phone clearly.

Source: TikTok

It’s time to be creative if you can’t find a holder that suits both your car and your phone. Rather than buying a new holder, consider wrapping a rubber band around the vents in your console. It will keep your phone securely in place as you use it for directions.

Just Stick to the Speed Limits

Did you know the more you stick to speed limits, the better your chances of getting to your destination faster? When people are in a hurry, they often exceed the speed limit, but this isn’t an efficient solution to getting anywhere quickly. Sticking to the speed limit is safer.

Source: Imgur

And it’ll also help you get through traffic lights faster. Since they are programmed this way, traffic signal systems reward drivers who obey the speed limits. Speeding is a waste of time because you’ll get caught at the traffic signal regardless; therefore, it’s far better to drive steadily.

Increasing the Car Fob’s Range

Car fobs have made unlocking your car a lot easier because you can do it before you even get there. This innovation allows you to open your automobile door from a distance, but there are sometimes limits to the distance. Some people have tried to overcome the problem.

Source: TikTok

They’ve done this by keeping their keys near their chin. Although the science behind it is still unclear, you’re increasing the signal with your brain’s power, meaning you can increase its range. This happens because your body is filled with water, which allows electromagnetic waves to travel further.

Bungee Cord as Paper Towel Holder

It’s always a good idea to have some paper towels in your vehicle all the time because someone will spill something sooner or later. It’s even more important if you have kids. But leaving a paper towel roll free in your trunk isn’t a good idea because it can unroll.

Source: Imgur

So, the best thing is to find a way to keep it in place. You can attach the roll to a bungee cord for easier access. You’ll always know where it is and won’t have to waste time looking for it if someone spills something in your vehicle.

Use Cupcake Wrappers to Collect Cupholder Dirt

If you love grabbing a coffee on your way to work, please raise your hand. Yep, we love it too. You can’t even imagine a car without a cup holder again. But there’s a downside to this wonderful invention. It’s a magnet for dirt and food residue!

Source: Imgur

This is due to their small size and cleaning them can be a real pain. Place some paper cupcake wrappers inside your cup holders to avoid this problem. Instead of cleaning them, you can just discard them and replace them with new ones once they become dusty.

Use Humidifier Bags to Reduce Condensation

As we said earlier, winter can be tricky for car owners. Here’s another tip for the cold months. Even after you de-ice your windshields, you’ll have to deal with another typical issue: condensation. It happens when the warm air makes contact with a cold surface, and you can avoid it.

Source: Imgur

Your heating and air conditioning system can reduce the moisture in your car, but car dehumidifier bags can also help. They’re normally packed with silicone balls, but you can instead use a cotton bag filled with rice and place it on top of your dashboard to absorb moisture.

Keep Your Ride Fresh With Dryer Sheets

It’s tough to get a grip on all the little corners and gaps in your car that are magnets for debris and unpleasant odor. No matter how hard you try to keep your automobile fresh and clean, there’ll always be some dirt there. They’re difficult to reach.

Source: TikTok

So, you might not be able to figure out what’s causing the foul odor. Fortunately, you can freshen up your car by placing dryer sheets beneath your seats. Their pleasant, fresh aroma will help you to rid the musky stench in your vehicle without the need for a thorough cleaning.

Vinegar Helps for Frosty Windshields

Winter presents drivers with a whole new set of challenges. You can’t just get in your car and start it as you normally would because you need to de-ice it first. Frosty windshields are one of the most common problems, and there are a variety of techniques for defrosting them.

Photo by Juha Lakaniemi/Unsplash

One of the most common methods is to use hot water, but if you want it to be more effective, you should also add vinegar to the mix. Simply pour the mixture into a spray bottle to uniformly melt the ice. It will melt the ice much more quickly.

Hide Scuffs With Nail Polish

No matter how well you maintain your vehicle, it will eventually succumb to wear and tear. Tiny scratches are difficult to avoid and having them repainted can be expensive. But maybe not as expensive as you may think. What you need is to cover them up with nail polish.

Source: Imgur

Use a nail polish that matches the color of your car as closely as possible to hide scratches, dings, and other minor flaws. You can keep the damaged area from getting larger and rusting over time by polishing it until you find a permanent solution.

Give Bumper Stickers the Hairdryer Treatment

Many car owners enjoy customizing their vehicles with bumper stickers, but this can be problematic when buying a pre-owned vehicle. You’ll probably want to get rid of any bumper stickers that don’t fit your style, but that’s easier said than done. Sometimes, the bumper stickers seem like they’re stuck forever.

Source: TikTok

And forcing them isn’t a good idea because it might disfigure your bumper. If the bumper stickers on your used car just won’t come off, try using a hairdryer to remove them. The heat will soften the glue, making it much easier to pull off bumper stickers.

Finding the Gas Tank

If you’re a new driver, it may take some time to find out how to operate certain basic functions in your vehicle, such as pumping the gas. You may find it difficult to locate the gasoline cap at first, but all you need is to understand this trick.

Photo by Mike B/Pexels

We’re sure things will become much easier. Keep an eye out for the arrow next to the gas icon on the dial, which indicates which side the gas tank is on. When you’re renting a car and aren’t sure where the gas tank is, this method comes in handy.

Using Toilet Plungers to Fix Dents

There’s nothing more irritating than having your car dented by careless drivers. Repairing dents can be very expensive, but there is a DIY alternative that you should try before heading to the mechanic. When it comes to removing dents, a toilet plunger can be quite useful.

Source: TikTok

Stick it in the middle of the dent and pull as hard as you can several times until the dent is evened out. We’re not saying this is a permanent solution, but it’s a quick fix. No one will notice until you’re ready to get a permanent fix.

Make Your Life Easier With a Garage Door Opener

Do you know how it feels when you get home from a long day at work, ready to relax, only to learn you can’t park your car immediately because you have no idea where your garage door opener is? We’ve all been there, but there are a few things to try.

Source: Imgur

Connect the push button to your car’s remote to make things easier or hire a professional to do it for you if it sounds too difficult. It won’t take long, and it’s not too expensive – although prices depend on the level of sophistication.

Pool Noodles to the Rescue

Pool noodles may appear to be entirely useless, but we’ve already established that they can be used to fill gaps in your car – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They can also be used to keep your car safe when parking in a small garage.

Source: Imgur

Cut the noodles as needed and connect them to the walls in such a way that they cover the areas where your car regularly hits the wall. This way, your vehicle and walls will be safe, and you won’t have to worry about unpleasant bumps.

Fixing Dents With Hot Water

You are already aware that a toilet plunger can be used to restore dents in your car, but this isn’t the only hack for this damage: Hot water can also help with little dents on your car, and it’s much easier than using a plunger.

Source: TikTok

Pour hot water on small dents on your vehicle, pop the dent out from the inside, and then spray the area with cold water to help it set faster. Since this approach only works on little dents, don’t expect it to work on larger ones.

Increase Weight During the Chilly Months

Oh, look! Another issue with winter (eye roll). Driving in the winter presents us with several problems, and it might feel dangerous at times. But, well, we need to drive. Creating enough friction between the tires and the icy roads can be impossible, but there’s a simple trick you can try.

Source: Imgur

Adding weight can make your winter journeys a little safer. It is possible to add weight to your trunk. However, this method is only effective for rear-wheel-drive vehicles. Please remember that this is only a short-term fix because having the correct tires is far more crucial.

Get Your Car a Swivel Tray

Eating in your car can be messy, but we all do it, don’t we? If you continue to do it every day, do everything you can to keep your car clean and safe. And you don’t have to clean every day. So, we suggest a car swivel tray.

Source: Imgur

This product, which has a non-slip surface, adjustable handle, and spinning design, is a major hit on Amazon. And we can see why. In addition to serving as a food tray, it can also serve as storage for your phone, wallet, keys, and other valuables.

Get Yourself Some Windshield Covers

If, as a car owner, you go through winter without losing your mind, you deserve some accolades. If you don’t want to scrape ice off your windshield every morning, it’s time to invest in some decent snow and ice covers. They will make the winter months much more tolerable.

Source: Imgur

They can help you quickly remove snow and ice. Sukuos, OxGord, and AstroAI are just a few of the well-known brands available. Whatever you choose, make sure the size fits your car and consider choosing a type with mirror coverings, as they can also become frosty.

Spray WD-40 on Your Weatherstripping

The main purpose of weatherstripping is to protect your ride from rain and snow. But things can get tricky once it starts to fail. Instead of replacing the seals immediately, you can use WD-40 to solve the problem. But remember, this is only a temporary solution.

Source: TikTok

Spraying WD-40 on your weatherstripping and rubber car door seals can keep them soft for longer and prevent them from drying and breaking. Do it once a month, especially if the weather is harsh because cracking is more likely in the winter. And remember, winter is coming.

Check Your Engine Light

Nowadays, several tools and apps can make our lives easier. You’ve probably never heard of an auto code reader, which is why you head to the technician at the first hint of problems. You can use this handy diagnostic equipment to check the engine light on your own.

Source: Imgur

This gadget is also known as an OBD2 scanner, and you don’t even have to buy it separately to use it. Many phone apps can help you turn your smartphone into an auto code reader. Some examples are OBD Car Doctor and Torque OBD2.

An Easy Way to Remove Pet Hair

Taking a ride with your pets can be an enjoyable experience. But wait until you see the mess they have left behind. It’s nearly impossible to take them for a ride without having to deal with their hair for days—or weeks—but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Source: Imgur

Our Yorkshire Terrier and Bichon Frise friends will understand this better. If you’re going to drive with your pets, spray some water on the seats first. After the ride, use a squeegee to easily remove the hair because it will collect in a clump.

A Homemade Wiper Fluid

Methanol, which is toxic to the environment, is commonly found in commercial windshield wiper fluids. So, we understand why many people refuse to buy these products. We have a duty to protect our planet. If you don’t want to buy it, you won’t have any trouble finding a substitute.

Source: Imgur

That’s because it’s rather easy to make at home. You’ll just need one cup of white vinegar, two cups of isopropyl alcohol, two tablespoons of liquid dish soap, and three quarts of water. To make your homemade windshield wiper fluid scent nicer, add some essential oil to the mix.

Use Shower Caddies to Organize

Shower caddies are great for keeping toiletries organized, but it turns out that they have more uses than that, especially for car owners. They can also be used as a car organizer, particularly for sorting out smaller objects and storing them all in one spot.

Source: Imgur

Fabric shower caddies can be attached to the backs of your seats, allowing your fellow passengers to store everything they need inside. This tip is especially beneficial when traveling with children, who are prone to misplacing items inside the vehicle. Everything will be in one place now.

Polish Your Car With Hair Conditioner

A hair conditioner is great for keeping your hair soft and lustrous, but did you know it can also help your car? If you’ve never tried using hair conditioner to polish your car, now is the time to do it because it’s an effective and inexpensive alternative to car wax.

Source: TikTok

You can remove water stains with a hair conditioner, and your car will have a quick gloss. It’s a quick fix you can use every now and again, but keep in mind that it’s not a replacement for wax. You’ll still need wax to maintain your car’s external paint.

Clean Seats With Baking Soda

Baking soda is great to have around the house (and car) for many reasons. Your car will smell from time to time and cleaning it with water will not solve the problem. To clean your seats, you can use anything from club soda to laundry detergent.

Source: TikTok

But baking soda is far more effective. Instead of driving your car to a car wash, mix baking soda and water, apply it over your seats, and leave it to dry for 30 minutes to a few hours. This process will help you in removing odors and tough stains.

Eradicate Bugs With Cooking Spray

If you know you’ll be traveling through a bug-infested area; you’ll need to find a plan to keep bugs from sticking to your vehicle. These bugs may appear harmless at first, but if not removed promptly, they can cause irreversible damage to your car’s paint.

Source: TikTok

And they’re so stubborn because sticky bugs can be difficult to get rid of. However, cooking sprays like Pam can help. Simply spray some on your windshield, radiator grill, or any other bug-infested surfaces and wipe them away with a microfiber cloth. And just like that, your car is fresh!

Popular Magic Tricks Explained

Who was the magician of your time? It seems as though every generation has their own magic guy. For me, I would watch David Blane on TV and be totally confused as to how he was doing the stuff he was doing. No matter how bewilderingly real a magic trick might seem, at the end of the day, it’s a trick. Some magicians leave you with your jaws on the floor. Their perfectly disguised, deceptive props and methods of creating awe-inspiring illusions make you wonder whether they have supernatural powers. Well, they don’t. While some magicians come up with tricks and secrets of their own, most of them use traditional magic tricks, like walking on water or pulling a rabbit out of a hat, which aren’t really so hard to master when you get to know the secret.

So, let’s examine some of the most common magician tricks and see exactly how magicians pull them off!

Levitating Man

Source: Pinterest

This trick above has been performed by street magicians for ages now. As the name indicates, the magician appears to be floating in the air. Sometimes, to indicate that they are really above the ground and it’s not just an optical illusion, they hold a stick which shows the viewers that there really is a gap between them and the ground. People often stand in disbelief and wonder whether they have magical powers, or perhaps the person is a holy being. Well, there’s always a more straightforward explanation…

Levitating Man – Anatomy of the Illusion

Two metal plates are hidden by the special clothes the magician is wearing, and by using a prop, they hide the platform that is present to the ground. Most of the time, they use a carpet. This means that the magician is actually just simply sitting on an elevated platform without any pain in the world while creating the illusion of grace.

Levitating Man – Anatomy of the Illusion

Source: Twitter

Random magic fact: back in the day, in 1956, a magician was performing the famous “cut a person in half” trick (which we’ll get to soon) using his wife for a televised performance. Immediately after she was “divided,” the host ended the magic show. People were terrified, thinking she had actually been killed, but time had simply run out on the broadcast. They were left hanging.

Floating Woman – What It is

While performing the floating woman act, the magician will either call a woman from the audience or take someone who they have already prepared for the show. They begin by asking the woman to lie down on a board that has been kept in place by two chairs. Slowly, they take the two chairs away, which should normally make the woman fall down, but instead, she stays perfectly placed on the table that is suspended in the air. Some magicians even run a metal hoop along the body of the woman to prove that no cables are holding her up.

magician in a show

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Random magic fact: At the 1988 magic championships, a magician was ultimately disqualified because his performance was so amazing that the other magician judges thought he must have been cheating. He performed the exact same act three years later, (letting the judges shuffle the cards) and he still won.

Floating Woman – Anatomy of the Illusion

The secret of the trick lies in the hands of the magician; literally. The magician conveniently stands next to a metal rod, to which the table is attached. He applies pressure on the metal rod ensuring that the woman remains in place. So, basically, regardless of whether or not the chairs are there, the woman’s body will stay floating in the air, because the chairs were never the only thing providing her support. The way the magician diverts the audience’s attention from the rod is often done by using the hoop to captivate them even further.

Floating Woman – Anatomy of the Illusion

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Random magic fact: David Copperfield and two of his assistants were robbed at gunpoint in 2006. Copperfield was able to conceal his possessions when the thieves turned to him. He was later quoted as calling this in the moment illusion as “reverse pickpocketing.”

Walking on Water – What It Is

If you have seen someone walk on water, it doesn’t mean that they are holy or that there could be something special about them; it just means that they are good at creating an illusion. Magicians around the world have “walked on water” leaving the audience baffled and wondering about the possible explanations regarding the execution of the trick.

Walking on Water – What It Is

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You cover your mouth with your hands while you gasp at every step they take, but they never seem to get submerged like you’d expect them to. Well, let’s see how they do it.

Random magic fact: There is a mansion in Hartford, CT that is 90 feet long but only 18 feet deep. The builder was actually a magician who wanted the house to look like an illusion.

Walking on Water – Anatomy of the Illusion

The magicians try their best to make it look like they are finding it hard to maintain their balance while walking, but honestly, they don’t need to do that. They are just trying to increase the plausibility of their performance, as weird as it may sound. The main props of the illusion are special Perspex boxes, that when put underneath the water surface, become invisible. Magicians arrange them perfectly and in close proximity to each other to ensure a safe walking experience.

Walking on Water – Anatomy of the Illusion

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Random magic fact: Intellectual property law doesn’t cover any incidents that involve magic tricks. So basically, an amazing, original trick can be stolen from a magician and there’s absolutely nothing he can do about it. At least not in the court of law.

Rabbit Out of a Hat – What It Is

This is the trick that most amateur magicians start with. If you haven’t seen any other trick on this list, surely, at some point in your life, you must have seen this one. Saying that it is the “oldest trick in the book” will be a gross understatement, too. In this trick, a magician pulls a rabbit out of a seemingly empty, large hat. They try their best to repeatedly show the audience that the hat is empty, before pulling out an oh-so-cute rabbit from inside it. But how!?

Rabbit Out of a Hat – What It Is

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Random magic fact: There used to be a magician by the name of Jasper Maskelyne who used “magic” to help the fight against the Germans in WWII. He would hide their tools and maps in everyday objects and fool them by using illusions.

Rabbit Out of a Hat – Anatomy of the Illusion

You will require a few more props, in addition to the hat and the rabbit (no, it doesn’t magically appear from another dimension) to perform this trick with success. You need a tablecloth and a bag which will keep the rabbit hidden. The rabbit will be present within the bag which will, in turn, be attached to a table present near the magician. Since the front side of the table is covered, the audience will never notice the bag. However, this trick does require a high level of dexterity and promptness, because you still have to slide the rabbit from out the bag and into the hat.

Rabbit Out of a Hat – Anatomy of the Illusion

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Random magic fact: Magician Dai Vernon had once famously challenged Harry Houdini to solve one of his card tricks, but Houdini bragged that he could solve any trick after three tries. Then, after seven times, Houdini still wasn’t able to solve it. Vernon came to be known as “The Man Who Fooled Houdini.”

Chopping Assistant in Half – What It Is

Chopping people in half always gets the audience. Remember the fact about the televised magic trick that left viewers at home thinking the woman died on air? In this trick, the magician lays their complicit assistant on a table before positioning them such that they are flat on the surface. The assistant looks as if they are trapped and can’t go anywhere. That’s when the magician begins the trick by chopping the person in half.

Chopping Assistant in Half – What It Is

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You can’t believe your eyes as the saw goes right through the center of the person, but your awe turns into disbelief when the magician pulls the two halves of the body apart. But wait, how is the assistant still alive and how can they still move all of their limbs!?

Cutting Assistant in Half – Anatomy of the Illusion

Well, the limbs were never chopped, you see. There is not one assistant, but two. The other assistant is already hidden in the box and will stick their legs out when the time is right. As the magician separates the two halves, the hidden assistant realizes that the end is near. The trick culminates when the sawing is complete and both the assistants start to wiggle their limbs to show to the audience that no harm was done.

Cutting Assistant in Half – Anatomy of the Illusion

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Random magic fact: David Copperfield founded Project Magic after finding out that an aspiring magician was actually in his 20s and had childlike handwriting due to a disability. The program teaches people with disabilities how to do the act of sleight of hand magic in order to enhance motor skills and gain self-confidence.

Buzzsaw – What It is

This trick also requires the help of an assistant. The willing person will lay flat on the table as a huge saw approaches them. The magnanimous saw is set to cut right through the person who is laid down a couple of feet away from it. This might sound like something from a horror movie, but since this isn’t cinema, the assistant always manages to survive the gut-piercing saw. Wait, what? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Buzzsaw – What It is

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Random magic fact: Zombie folklore came from Haiti when bokors (“black magicians”) would poison their victims with pufferfish neurotoxin. It creates a state of suspended animation where the victim would wake up in a psychotic state under which they could be easily controlled.

Buzzsaw – Anatomy of the Illusion

There is a secret compartment within the box that the assistant can squeeze into, to avoid getting cut by the saw. Even though the assistants are trained performers, this still is a very dangerous trick, because, if for some reason the assistant fails to contract their legs in time, they can actually be cut in half. However, in most cases, they fold their legs quickly before they saw pierces through them. Magicians place fake feet at the end of the box to elucidate the authenticity of the act, which is actually just a neat, simple little trick.

Buzzsaw – Anatomy of the Illusion

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Random magic fact: When magician Sigmund Neuberger’s dog died 4 days before the opening of his new magic show, he asked the local council for his dog to be buried in their cemetery. They accepted, but only if he himself be buried there when he dies. Neuberger died 4 days later during the opening night. Why? The theater burnt down.

Biting a Coin in Half – What It Is

Another famous street trick involves the magician biting the coin in half. What makes this trick baffling is that the performer actually procures the coin from a member of the audience, and doesn’t use a prop coin to fool the onlookers. Since the audience knows that the coin given to the magician was, in fact, real, they can’t seem to make sense of the performance. So, naturally, they think that the person has some magic up his sleeve. Well, they do, but it is not the kind they think.

Biting a Coin in Half – What It Is

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Random magic fact: The term “magic” is ancient. The word “magic” comes from mageia (μαγεία). The first people to perform magic tricks were Persian priests, called magosh in Persian and magoi in Greek.

Biting a Coin in Half – Anatomy of the Illusion

This trick is so simple, anyone can perform it. All you have to do is buy a prop coin that looks exactly like a real coin, but with the subtle difference that it breaks when you put pressure on it. Well, you will also need to up your dexterity a bit because you still have to switch the coin you receive from the audience with the fake one, which is basically the heart of the trick. However, street magicians are so good at the sleight of hand, you will never know what hit you.

Biting a Coin in Half – Anatomy of the Illusion

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Random magic fact: Although magicians used to be associated with the devil and the occult for centuries, it’s not really the case. The tricks magicians would perform are based on illusion. But many magicians in the past capitalized on the idea in their advertisements, a practice which was exposed as charlatanism.

Zigzag – What It is

Assistants make the magic world go round. For this trick, the magician will ask their assistant to step into a wooden box. After that, they will carefully relocate the center of the box to either the left or the right side, resulting in a huge hole in the midsection of the box, and in turn, the assistant.

Zigzag – What It is

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To further prove the realism of the act to the audience, they will place their head right where the missing torso of the assistant should be. This means that there are no mirrors used to deceive the audience. The assistant also seems fine from the top of the box, so what really is happening here? Well as you may have noticed by now, we’re going to explain the trick now…

Zigzag – Anatomy of the Illusion

The secret lies in the name of the trick. It’s paramount that the assistant used for this trick be flexible. That’s why you would never see a magician asking a volunteer to come forth. What the person does is twist their body into a seemingly preposterous shape, which makes it look like their midsection has altogether disappeared. They try their best to make sure that the different parts of their body that are visible to the audience don’t move during the trick. The audience can’t seem to break it down because they can’t imagine a person to be this malleable.

Zigzag – Anatomy of the Illusion

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Random magic fact: Magic was once a form of entertainment at fairs, where performers would entertain the public with tricks like juggling and sword swallowing. By the early 18th century, magic became a respectable practice and started to be performed by rich private patrons.

Bending Spoon – What It is

The bending spoon trick is typically performed at parties, where the magicians usually go from table to table to amaze the guests. They casually pick a spoon from the table to show the onlookers that they aren’t using one they brought themselves, and then they proceed to bend the spoon magically. The magician then proceeds to unbend the spoon and make it regain its shape. This bewildering trick can baffle any audience at any time.

Bending Spoon – What It is

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Random magic fact: That magician outfit isn’t for no reason. The performer who created the typical magician appearance was Alexander Hermann, also known as Hermann the Great, who was a French magician. After him, people expected and wanted to see magicians with a top hat, goatee, and a tailcoat.

Bending Spoon – Anatomy of the Illusion

What if we tell you that the spoon isn’t really bent and that the magician is actually using a small prop to help them out with the trick? Well, at this stage of the article, you shouldn’t really be surprised. They use a small silver coin that assumes the role of the spoon’s handle and plays it to perfection. Because the coin is positioned in hand so perfectly that it appears to be the perfect embodiment of a spoon’s head, the audience can’t really tell the difference.

Bending Spoon – Anatomy of the Illusion

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Random magic fact: Magic organizations exist. The largest one is the International Brotherhood of Magicians, which has a monthly journal called The Linking Ring. The oldest one is the Society of American Magicians, and none other than Houdini was its president for a number of years.

Levitating Cup – What It is

We all would love to live in a world where we could control and move things with our minds. However, in our current world, beautiful as it may be, nobody really has the powers of Hermione or Potter. However, the illusion to control things via one’s mind can be manufactured. Magicians perform this cool trick by placing a plastic cap in between their hands and then slowly pulling the hands apart, while the cup levitates. How does this happen?

Levitating Cup – What It is

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Random magic fact: The first official publication about magic tricks is Reginald Scot’s ‘Discoverie of Witchcraft,’ from 1584. And only a few books on the topic have been published since. But contrary to what magicians feared, people are still captivated by magic.

Levitating Cup – Anatomy of the Illusion

Well, it’s simple. All you have to do is create a small hole in the foam cup from your upper hand, while you were holding it. Then, with your thumb still attached to the cup, you can slowly move your hands apart. The magician will conveniently place themselves in front of the onlookers to ensure that the audience can’t really see their thumb being where it doesn’t belong.

Levitating Cup – Anatomy of the Illusion

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Random magic fact: Magic has been used to evangelize. St. Don Bosco was an Italian priest declared a saint by the Catholics in the 19th century. He used magic tricks to get children to come back to school, get help, and also go to church. This type of magic is now called gospel magic.

Note from a Lemon – What It Is

If Britain’s Got Talent catches your eye, then you must remember Jamie Ravens, the magician who appeared on the show in 2015. Even though Jamie performed numerous tricks and did many interesting shows, the one that really shocked everyone was the note from a lemon trick. Jamie asked one of the judges to sign a paper which he then folded and amazingly, managed to pull out of a lemon he had never touched before. But how!?

Note from a Lemon – What It Is

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Random magic fact: Online magic is a thing. There are online magic tricks that are designed to function on a computer screen. Typical magic tricks you see online are magical illusions and traditional card tricks. There was an online magic trick that went viral on the Internet. Esmeralda’s Crystal Ball made many people believe that their computer had supernatural powers.

Note from a Lemon – Anatomy of the Illusion

People who paid close attention while the magician performed this trick learned the secret long ago. From the video, you can see Jamie quickly putting the lemon back together after showing the note to the audience. He possibly did that because there was a hole in the lemon which he didn’t want anybody from the audience to notice.

Note from a Lemon – Anatomy of the Illusion

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The real secret of the trick was to keep the audience distracted, which he did use his charms, and using his professional dexterity, he slipped the note into the hole in the lemon.

Random magic fact: The richest magician in the world is David Copperfield, who has a net worth of $800 million. He sold more than 33 million tickets to date and grossed around $4 billion, which is more than any other solo entertainer in the world.

Smoke from Fingers – What It is

Smoke…out of fingers? Making smoke come out of anything can be fun. I mean, don’t we like it when we can produce smoke simply by exhaling in winters? Well, some magicians can even make smoke come from out of their fingers, just by rubbing them together. We don’t want to burst any bubbles, but no, people with smoke-producing fingers are also not wizards or witches; they are just trained tricksters. The smoke might appear to be coming out of nowhere, but it does actually have a source.

Smoke from Fingers – What It is

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Random David Copperfield fact: In 2015, Forbes listed him as the 20th highest-earning celebrity in the world. He also manages a chain of resort islands in the Bahamas. Other successful magic artists are Penn and Teller, Siegfried and Roy, Lance Burton, Criss Angel, and David Blaine.

Smoke from Fingers – Anatomy of the Illusion

If you want to perform this trick yourself, make sure you remember that the item involved can actually be dangerous and you should wash your hands properly after using it. Now then, what you have to do is make use of matchbox strikers. You have to pull the cardboard lining apart, and then use the leftover striker bit by folding it in half and lighting it up.

Smoke from Fingers – Anatomy of the Illusion

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After you let it burn for some time, extinguish the fire and carefully collect the residue left behind. The white substance is phosphorus which will eventually be used to make the smoke appear to come out of your fingers. Just put it on your fingers and rub.

Next up, see what the pigeon trick is all about…

Pigeon Appearing – What It Is

We have to begin by saying that we don’t condone the use of animals during performances of any sort unless they are not being mistreated in any way. Other than rabbits, pigeons do often make the scene in the magic industry. A common trick that has been mastered by many amateur and experienced magicians is making a pigeon appear from out of nowhere. However, as you might have guessed, it’s not really out of nowhere.

Pigeon Appearing – What It Is

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Random magic fact: The term “magician” is old-fashioned. Magic refers to something supernatural, so some modern artists prefer the term “illusionist” because they admit their performances are simply skillful deceptions. Magician and mentalist, Joseph Dunninger said: “For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice.”

Pigeon Appearing – Anatomy of the Illusion

For anyone who has seen this pigeon magic trick, you might have noticed that most of the time when this trick is performed, it is accompanied by a flash. So, naturally, you must think that the secret to the pigeon appearing out of thin air has got to be in some way related to the flash. Right? It only makes sense.

Pigeon Appearing – Anatomy of the Illusion

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Well yes, that is, in fact, the case. The flash acts as a distraction for the audience, and it is so quick that they never get to figure out what really happens. As the audience gets blinded by the flash, the magician pulls the pigeon out from his deep pocket and presents it to everyone as if it was never there.

Walking Through a Wall – What It Is

Won’t you love to just walk through walls? Well, some magicians actually do, or make it look like they do, anyway. To tell you the absolute truth, you can’t walk through walls, no one ever has. But then how have magicians managed to do it? Well, as we said, they made it look like they can. So, in case you saw a magician wander through walls and wonder if they were ghosts, you were wrong. There is actually a straightforward explanation regarding how they do it without getting injured.

Walking Through a Wall – What It Is

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Random magic fact: The words “hocus pocus” are taken from the name of a sorcerer from Norse mythology, called Ochus Bochus. The word “abracadabra” comes from an inscription that used to be worn during the Black Plague to protect people from the disease.

Walking Through a Wall – Anatomy of the Illusion

While walking through a wall might not be possible, walking underneath it, is. That’s what the magicians do; they walk under the wall. Wait, what? Let’s break it down a bit further. There is a tunnel that connects one side of the wall to the other. So, when the magician slips through the wall as if they do it daily, they are actually slipping through a tunnel and then appearing on the other side. The sheets that cover the scene must have tipped you off!

Walking Through a Wall – Anatomy of the Illusion

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Random Houdini fact: The famous magician and escapist died a mysterious death on none other than Halloween in 1926. He was giving a lecture to students when someone in the audience punched him in the stomach to check if his claim of withstanding any blow delivered to his abdomen was true. He died days later of peritonitis.

Ice from Water – What It Is

Water can’t evaporate all of a sudden and then transform in the same rate back into ice. That just doesn’t happen. No chemical reaction can allow that to happen. But then how do magicians pull it off? During the trick, they take a cup, pour water into it, and voila, before you know it, it has turned into ice. There is a bit of science behind how they do this, and a bit of visual deception. When you get to know the anatomy of the illusion, you realize just how simple it’s to conceive.

Ice from Water – What It Is

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Random magic fact: Prince Charles is the most famous member of the group called Magic Circle. After the Prince performed the famous Club & Balls magic tricks for members, he joined the Club in 1975.

Ice from Water – Anatomy of the Illusion

What is the one thing that every household uses for absorbing water? That’s right, a sponge. Performers use sponges for this trick too. How do they do it? How do they turn this water into ice? Well, they don’t. When they took a cup and added water to it, they also added a sponge and ice to the mix. What happens is that the sponge absorbs the water and all that’s left is the ice. To make the trick perfectly, they ensure that they use a sponge that matches with the cup.

Ice from Water – Anatomy of the Illusion

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Random magic fact: There are two magicians with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: Harry Houdini and David Copperfield. Houdini chose his stage name in order to respect the father of modern magic, Robert Houdin.

The Smooth Criminal Lean – What It Is

Michael Jackson has been named the King of Pop. And regardless of what we find out about the dude, he had moves that people watching him thought were magic. Among other legendary performances of his, was the notorious lean that he did in the Smooth Criminal video. We all have been guilty of trying out the iconic move after seeing MJ perform it for the first time.

The Smooth Criminal Lean – What It Is

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He did it so precisely and consistently every time. He never fell, and there was never any lack of composure or balance on his part, but how did he manage to pull it off effortlessly, while we all failed miserably? How did he lean forward so easily without tripping over?

Smooth Criminal Lean – Anatomy of the Illusion

The simplest explanation is almost always the answer, and this case is no exception. MJ wasn’t a magician by any means, despite his crazy dance moves. He didn’t pull the trick off without the help of props. That’s perhaps the reason why many of us have fallen down hilariously while trying to do so.

Smooth Criminal Lean – Anatomy of the Illusion

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The pop star had special shoes made for the sole purpose of performing this trick. The shoes had holes shaped like triangles, which got attached to the nails that stuck out of the floor that MJ performed upon. He had to practice and perfect his position and body alignment to make sure the nails stuck in his shoe holes and allowed him to enjoy the perfect lean.

Hand Through Glass – What It is

Another seemingly impossible trick that has been performed by magicians over the years involves them moving a hand through the glass, effortlessly. They place a sheet of glass on a platform and then show you that there are no holes in it. Then, they manage to make their hand go right through the slab of glass without any issues. How does this happen? Surely, there must be some sort of conduit for the hand go through? They can’t magically pass through glass?

Hand Through Glass - What It is

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Random magic fact: Matthew Buchinger, an 18th Century famous magician, was born with no arms or legs. He developed himself and became a magician, calligrapher, and musician. And apart from all that, he even became the father of eleven children!

Hand Through Glass – Anatomy of the Illusion

Well, what happens is relatively straightforward. The screens used for this trick are specially cut to allow a hand to move through glass without any problems. The back screen actually covers two different mirror panels. As soon as the act starts, the real mirror is removed from the setting, and two fake mirror panels are placed instead of them.

Hand Through Glass – Anatomy of the Illusion

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This allows the hand to effortlessly move through space. Just like you move your hand every day. So, no, as much as it might seem to be the case; it isn’t. It’s just a simple movement of a hand through thin air.

Random Houdini fact: Houdini’s success and resulting wealth allowed him to indulge in other passions, like aviation and film.

Underwater Box – What It is

One of the most difficult tricks in the magic industry is this one. It was pioneered by the great Harry Houdini himself. The underwater box trick involves handcuffs, locks, holding breath underwater, and most importantly, getting out of the water before it kills you! Let’s not forget that very important aspect of the trick.

Underwater Box - What It is

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Anyway, the performer has to lock themselves up within a cage, ask an assistant to shut the lid using actual nails, and then attempt to get out of the set of locks and chains that they have covered themselves in. Even though this looks like an impossible job, there are some secrets to how this gets done, and how escape artists have managed to perform it successfully.

Underwater Box – Anatomy of the Illusion

What really happens in this trick is that even though the person is handcuffed in front of the audience, they manage to get out of the handcuffs, even before the box gets shut. How? Well, the trick is that the handcuffs are designed to look like the real thing, but they are anything but.

Underwater Box - Anatomy of the Illusion

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What happens in this trick: there is normally a secret panel on one side of the container which allows the performer to escape once the box enters the water. Magicians like to spice things up by waiting underwater for a few extra seconds before showing up on the surface, when in fact, they were free of all things holding them captive within seconds.

The Chinese Water Torture Cell

This is one of the famous Hungarian-American magician Harry Houdini’s brilliant magic tricks. Have you heard of it or seen it? Houdini actually first performed this escape trick way back in 1912 in Berlin, Germany. And he really wowed his audience. The illusion consists of three parts. It starts with the magician’s feet being locked in stocks. Next, they are suspended in mid-air from the ankles with a restraint brace. And finally, they are lowered down into a glass tank that’s overflowing with water.

Chinese Water Torture Cell trick

Source: sherryandkrallmagic.com

The restraint is locked to the top of the cell. The trick itself is risky, and the magician has to be in good shape to pull it off. While the assistants lock the lid shut, they secretly remove the pin from the hinge so that the magician can push it open with his feet and force his way out of the cell. A key also secretly places, which helps remove the loose restraints.

When the Statue of Liberty Disappeared

David Copperfield’s most famous trick was making the Statue of Liberty “disappear” in 1983. In front of 20 tourists and millions watching on their TV sets around the world, Copperfield raised a massive curtain (attached to scaffolding) in front of the statue on Liberty Island. When the curtain dropped, the huge statue had disappeared. A helicopter hovered above to give an aerial view of the magic trick, and the statue really looked like it vanished.

David Copperfield and the Statue of Liberty

Source: iheartradio.com

Only the circle of lights surrounding the statue were still present and visible. The thing is, the only lights on Liberty Island come from those around the statue, and once the curtain blocked the view of the statue, all the lights were turned off. Then the curtain was dropped, and suddenly, blinding lights attached to the scaffolding were turned on, facing the audience and cameras. The naked eye is easily tricked into thinking that it disappeared because well-placed spotlights pointed to the sky and not on the statue, which helped sell the illusion.

Metamorphosis/Vanishing Act

This trick was first seen in the 19th century and was a crowd favorite for its visual appeal. What happens is a magician is tied up in a cloth bag and locked into a seemingly solid case. His assistant stands on top of the box and lifts up a curtain over their head before revealing the magician standing in the place of the assistant. And then when the magician unlocks the chest, the assistant is in the bag. Some magicians were able to perfect this illusion to make the switch in a mere two seconds. But, once you see behind the curtain, it all becomes quite apparent.

illustration of the vanishing act magic trick

Source: wikiHow

The bag has a zipper at the bottom from which the magician escapes. As the assistant lifts the curtain, the magician gets out of the chest (which has no back) and stands on top of it as the assistant drops the curtain and quickly goes under the box. As the magician enjoys the applause and takes his time to unlock the case, his assistant wriggled into the bag and zipped it up.

Guessing a Celebrity’s Name in a Sealed Envelope

This is a magic trick people might do at a party. If you want to do it at your next party, this is what you need to: before you start, write on a piece of paper: “You will choose…” and write the name of a famous celebrity (let’s say, Brad Pitt). Just make sure it’s someone who your audience knows! Then seal the note in an envelope.

letter that says, “you will choose… Brad Pitt” and an envelope

Source: relativelyintersting.com

You’re also going to need a notepad, pen, hat, and a box or bag to put the pieces of paper in. Place the hat on the table in front of you and put the envelope next to it. Tell that audience that there’s a prediction inside of it. Sit back with your notepad and ask people to call out the names of celebrities. When someone says a name, pretend to write it down. But what you’re doing instead is writing the name you put in the envelope.

The Celebrity Name Trick

Then you need to tear off the sheet of paper, fold it, and put it in the hat. Nobody can see what you’re writing. Ask for more names, but only write the same name each time (i.e., Brad Pitt). You can stop when you had 10 or more pieces of paper in the hat when someone called out the name of the person you have written down in the envelope. With more names in the hat, the illusion will be better.

Brad Pitt pretending to be scary

Source: 960theref.com

Then ask a volunteer to choose a paper from the hat and read out the name (which they will definitely pick “Brad Pitt”). Emphasize the fact that there’s no way you could know which name they would pick. Then ask them to open the envelope and see the prediction you made. Brad Pitt! You can take it up a notch and put a photo of the person in the envelope rather than writing their name.

Swallowing a Sword

This famous trick used to be seen a lot more often than we see it nowadays. Not only is it difficult for the average person to watch a trick like this, but I have the feeling that it might have resulted in a few accidents. So maybe performers have decided that the risks of this trick outweigh the rewards if it comes to doing it successfully.

Magician swallowing a sword

Source: howstuffworks.com

And the truth is that there’s really no trick to this illusion at all. The sword does indeed get swallowed. The performer just very, very carefully pushes the blunted blade right down his or her esophagus. The thing is they have spent years training to swallow the foreign object. The dangerous part: one wrong move and they require medical help.

Being Impaled on a Spike

Similar to the sword-swallowing trick, this is another shocking one. And it’s usually presented as a kind of trick that can easily go wrong. The magician is seen balancing on a super narrow point when he suddenly slips, and the point “pierces” them, poking through their chest or stomach. Ouch! Well, don’t worry, they weren’t actually impaled.

magician lying on a spike

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Everything the magician needs to make this trick work is under his clothes. First, he’s wearing a back brace, which helps him balance on the point. Then, there’s a corset that holds the point that looks like it has passed straight through the magician’s body. So, no, he hasn’t been pierced through. But if this trick isn’t done correctly, it could cause an injury or two.

Swallowing Razors

Since we’re on the topic of dangerous tricks, here’s another one that shouldn’t be done at home, kids! It was also another favorite of Houdini’s. He would invite the crowd to examine several razor blades to verify that they were in fact, real. He would then put them in a glass of water, and then drink them!

Harry Houdini holding razors on a string in his mouth

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Moments later, Houdini slowly pulled them out of the back of his throat, and they were all connected together with string. But those blades that he pulled from his mouth were actually coming from a packet that he stored between his cheek and his teeth. The series of razors that the audience saw were secretly spat back into the water instead of actually being swallowed.

Card Through the Window

How many of you remember the famous David Blaine card trick where he was seen pushing a card through a window? I sure do, and I still am amazed by it today. I always wondered how he did that. But his trick was finally revealed on the internet. Now, we can see how he did it!

card on a window and a woman looking at it from inside

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The explanation: the trick requires the participation of someone with an identical deck of cards on the other side of the window. As part of the act, that volunteer shows a card to everyone except the magician. Then, the partner on the other side of the glass sees it too, who slaps the card up against the glass, making it all seem like impromptu street magic.

The Guillotine Trick

What is it about magicians that love to “chop off” people’s body parts? The tricks always involve a missing body or person. Have you ever seen the one where a person is being hacked by a guillotine, yet escaping unharmed? It’s just a clever trick done by magicians to entertain the audience, duh. Well, this is how it is done.

woman with her head in a guillotine for a magic trick

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The explanation: the upper part uses a real, deadly blade (like one used in a real guillotine), but the lower part has secret compartments (of course). There are small “stop blocks” that prevent the blade from reaching the neck of the magician. A trap door allows the magician’s head and shoulders to drop out of sight as the blade falls down.

The Invisible Wagon

This magic trick might be less famous, but it is nonetheless one that has been performed on stages in the past. The trick involves the magician calling on people to come up to the stage to surround a wagon and to do it while holding hands. The wagon is actually covered with a big piece of cloth, but soon it starts to float. The wagon has disappeared!

illustration of a wagon and a curtain

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The explanation: the wagon is usually hidden inside a special section under the stage. The shape is preserved due to the thin frame inside the cloth. People never get to see the moment of the wagon’s vanishing because the light around the wagon is multi-colored. I doubt this trick would be seen today, though.

The Straitjacket Escape

This magic trick is another famous one that Houdini managed to pull off amazingly, like all of his other tricks. The magician wore a straitjacket where the sleeves are fastened behind his back. After a few minutes, the magician manages to break free from a jacket that is specifically made to be made unbreakable!

magician on stage in a straitjacket

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The explanation: when the magician is fastened into the jacket, he takes a long and deep breath. After breathing out all the air, there is a bit of room inside the straitjacket that allows him to move his arms. Fun Fact: Houdini once had to resort to dislocating his shoulder to finish the trick successfully. That sounds like dedication to me! It also sounds like it hurts.

The Head Drop

This head drop trick was actually quite recently seen on the show, America’s Got Talent. The performer performed this magic trick, and the audience, including the judges, were quite entertained. The magician sneezes and his head suddenly drops! It’s unexpected and looks pretty real! But we all know this his head didn’t actually drop.

performer doing the head drop trick

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The explanation: The magician has a hidden triangular construction inside of his coat, which is made of a clothes hanger and two wooden sticks. When the illusionist then drops his head, it is the hanger that is actually holding the coat. So while it looks like his head made an impossible drop, we can safely say that the clothes hanger did the job for him.

Balls in the Air

If a magician throws balls into the air and catches them, you would see it clearly. Then after a while, one of those balls might not come down. It’s magic, right? Well, it’s more like illusions created by distraction. The truth is the balls in the air always come back down, obviously, thanks to gravity. It’s just that the illusionist sometimes never throws a ball, and yet he (and the rest of the audience) looks up anyway.

man juggling outside

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We have been conditioned by the other balls to constantly look up and watch them fall back down. After so many throws, he could gesture, look up, and never even throw a ball. But that audience would swear that they saw the ball go up and never back down.

What Are Magicians Really Doing?

I’m sorry to say that these little magic tricks aren’t supernatural. I know it hurts for those who want to believe. But, of course, you probably already know this. Yet, the magician is still an interesting individual and understands how to fool people by using our own cognitive imperfections. And we all have them.

magician with doves flying in front of him

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Most magicians and mind illusionists hadn’t studied human perception, memory, and sensory tricks before they started performing tricks. They simply learned what works and know how to distract their audiences. Some magicians, though, do understand how it all works, and they take illusions to the next level (think David Blane). When watching illusions, try to see what it is that the illusionist is playing with.

Teller Reveals How Magic Tricks Fool the Brain

Remember Penn & Teller? Well, Teller decided to pull back the curtain on human perception. In recent years, magic has become shockingly respectable in the science world. Apparently, studying magicians is a lot sexier than lab rats. Magic is an art, capable of beauty as music, painting, or poetry. But the core of each trick is a cognitive experiment in perception. So, does the trick fool the audience?

Penn and Teller

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“I remember an experiment I did at the age of 11. My test subjects were Cub Scouts. My hypothesis (that nobody would see me sneak a fishbowl under a shawl) proved false, and the Scouts pelted me with hard candy. If I could have avoided those welts by visiting an MRI lab, I surely would have.”

Exploiting Pattern Recognition

Teller explains how magic is about understanding and then manipulating how the viewers digest sensory information. For one thing, it’s about exploiting pattern recognition. Teller would produce four silver dollars, one at a time, with the back of his hand towards you. Then he allows you to see that the palm of his hand is empty before a fifth coin appears. As humans, we grasp the pattern and take away the impression that he produced all five coins from an empty hand.

Penn and Teller on stage with fire

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Another aspect of pulling off a magic trick is by getting the audience to laugh. It’s difficult to think critically if you’re laughing! Teller explains how they would often follow a secret move with a joke. A person has only so much attention to give, and if they’re laughing, their mind is too busy with the joke to backtrack rationally.

Make it Look Harder Than it Is

Teller reveals that it’s also about making the secret a lot worse than the trick seems worth. You will be more easily fooled by a trick if it takes more time, money, and practice than you would be willing to invest. Teller and Penn once produced 500 live cockroaches (yuck!) from a top hat on the desk David Letterman.

Penn and Teller when they were younger

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It took them weeks to prepare for the trick. They hired an entomologist to provide slow-moving, camera-friendly cockroaches, and he taught them to pick the bugs up without screaming like little girls. Then they built a secret compartment and came up with a devious routine for sneaking that compartment into the hat. It seems like more trouble than the trick was worth, but not to magicians.

Keep the Trickery Outside of the Frame

Teller explained how, in a typical trick, he would take off his jacket and toss it to the side. Then he would reach into someone’s pocket and pull out a tarantula. What? How did that get there? Well, getting rid of the jacket was not just for his comfort. Nope. As he removed his jacket, he copped the spider.

Penn and Teller on stage in Las Vegas

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Another way to fool the mind is to combine at least two tricks. In Las Vegas, Teller would make a ball come to life as if it were a trained dog. His method was to puppeteer the ball with a thread that was too fine to be seen from the audience. During the routine, the ball hops through a wooden hoop a few times, and it seems to rule out the possibility of using a thread. That hoop is misdirection; a second trick that “proves” the first. The hoop was genuine, but the choreography took Teller 18 months to develop.

The Lie We Tell Ourselves

According to Teller, nothing fools us better than the lie we tell ourselves. David P. Abbott, an Omaha magician, invented the basis of his Las Vegas ball trick back in 1907. He would make a golden ball float around his room. After the show, Abbott “absentmindedly” left the ball on a bookshelf. So, guests would sneak over, lift the ball, and see that it was much heavier than a thread could support.

Penn and Teller perform for Prince Charles at the Windsor Castle

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The guests were mystified. The ball the audience saw floating weighed only 5 ounces. But the one on Abbott’s bookshelf was a heavy duplicate that was left out to entice the curious audience members. When a magician allows you to notice something on your own, the lie becomes mysterious.

Turning $1 Into $100 – What It Is

Who would turn down the opportunity to learn how to transform a $1 bill into a $100 bill? Having those types of skills could undoubtedly help you out in several situations – can you even begin to imagine how much more fun a shopping spree would be?

Photo by Kativ/Getty Images

When a magician performs this feat, the trick is still impressive. You can blatantly see that they’re only holding a $1 bill, and in seconds that transforms into $5, $20, or sometimes $100. We promise you that if magicians could actually do this, they would be rushing into early retirement.

Turning $1 into $100 – Anatomy of the Illusion

Just like most close-up magic tricks, this one is all about quick hands and distraction. The audience thinks that there’s only a $1 bill, but there is, in fact, a larger bill meticulously folded and attached to the back of the smaller bill.

Photo by Francesco Carta fotografo/Getty Images

The magician then folds the $1 bill in the same way and then turns everything over so that the larger bill is front-facing. The larger bill is flattened out, and now the $1 is attached to the back. This is an easy trick to pull off if you are patient with learning folding skills.

Underwater Chain Escape – What It Is

One of the most mind-boggling and legendary magic tricks in existence is the underwater chain escape. The magician has his hands bound together with handcuffs, and his body is swaddled in chains. In that immobile state, the magician is pushed or independently jumps into the water.

Photo by Aitor Diago/Getty Images

The magician has to undo the handcuffs, unlock the locks holding the chains together, and release himself from the chains to swim to the surface before he runs out of oxygen. The audience members are holding their breaths as well while time is running out.

Underwater Chain Escape – Anatomy of the Illusion

Iconic magician Harry Houdini was notorious for releasing himself from handcuffs, and he had a number of tricks to get the job done. He was familiar with every type of handcuffs and was such a master that he could hit specific pairs at a certain angle, and they’d pop right open.

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He also hid master keys in his hands or in his sleeves. He could typically get out of handcuffs in seconds and then would draw out the time by unwrapping the chains to build suspense. Remember that these are trained professionals and shouldn’t be attempted at home!

Putting A Ripped Card Back Together – What It Is

This trick is a captivating one and can be performed in a bar, on stage, or even on the street. A magician chooses a random audience member and has them write their name on a playing card. He then takes the card, folds it into four sections, and rips it along the creases in front of them.

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After that, he stuns the audience by having the playing card magically reappear unscathed. Leaving us to wonder if he can fix the hole in our favorite pair of jeans that we’ve been meaning to mend since high school.

Putting A Ripped Card Back Together – Anatomy of the Illusion

Unfortunately for us, a quality tailor is a more reliable bet for that pair of jeans because the playing card was never actually ripped to begin with – it won’t be the last time a magician deceives us!

Photo by Martin Barraud/Getty Images

The magician is actually holding two cards in his hands when he folds the card with the signature on it. He rips the other card while leaving the signed card unchanged. He uses his fingers to mask the folded signed card and pulls it out intact as the big reveal at the end of the trick.

Fish in A Bottle Trick – What It Is

In this trick, the magician shows a closed water bottle to the audience. He will take the time to demonstrate that the bottle can be shaken and encourages inspection of it in order to convince them that the only thing inside the bottle is water.

Photo by posteriori/Getty Images

Then the magician takes a covering, recites the magic words, and a live goldfish appears inside the bottle. Debatably, the most fun part of performing this trick is that you can do the whole thing right in front of your audience for the full effect.

Fish in A Bottle Trick – Anatomy of the Illusion

So how does he get the goldfish into the bottle? It didn’t just appear; it was there the whole time! The bottle cap masked the fish. The fish sits on a slender, transparent plastic insert that is placed underneath the cap, with a small tab sticking out of the bottle.

Photo by Jonathan Knowles/Getty Images

When the bottle is covered with a cloth, he pulls the tab, and the goldfish plunges straight into the closed bottle. It’s recommended to perform this trick quickly; you don’t want your grand finale to end up being a dead fish.

Coin Through the Glass Trick – What It Is

To become good magicians, we always need to be trying new tricks. We’ve already learned, step-by-step, how magicians thrust their hands through a pane of glass, so now the time has come for us to find out how they put a coin through the bottom of a water glass.

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This trick involves the magician placing a coin in the middle of their palm. Then, they bang on the bottom of the glass several times before the coin marvelously transfers from their hand to the bottom of the glass by seemingly traveling through the glass.

Coin Through the Glass Trick – Anatomy of the Illusion

To become an expert in performing this trick, you need quick hands, loads of patience, and plenty of time to practice. When the magician wants to stop banging and actually transfer the coin to the inside of the glass, they curl their fingers around the coin, slide it to their edge and toss it.

Source: Reddit

The bang diverts the audience’s attention while the coin lands within the glass cup. By the time that it’s all over, the coin is sitting inside the glass. Nobody will notice anything, but only if you perform the trick accurately and fast enough.

Disappearing Matchstick Trick – What It Is

This is another fun deceptive trick where a magician conjures up a matchstick or toothpick and can also make them disappear from their hand right in front of people’s eyes. The stick is held using the thumb and index finger and will be conjured up or disappear with a flick of the wrist.

Photo by Billy Currie Photography/Getty Images

This trick is one of the most accessible ones because it conjures something up out of nowhere and can be performed anywhere. Also, you can let people from the audience examine the sleeves of your shirt since there won’t be anything hidden there.

Disappearing Matchstick Trick – Anatomy of the Illusion

To perform this trick correctly, the only materials you’ll need are either a toothpick or a match and a little bit of glue. You put the glue on the end of the match and stick it on the side of the nail on your thumb.

Source: Twitter

When you want it gone, straighten your fingers and thumb to make it disappear. To make it come back, you just fold your thumb like you were holding it. If you’re desperate, saliva can be used in place of glue, but the toothpick could fly off if you perform the trick too often.

Levitating Card Trick – What It Is

As we’ve seen in the past, getting items to levitate always keeps an audience interested. In this standard magic trick, the thing being levitated is a playing card, but not an ordinary card, a card that was allegedly chosen at random by a random audience member.

Photo by Sunny/Getty Images

After the card has been chosen, it’s returned to the deck, which is then placed into a transparent container. and the right card happens to pop right out. But how could the magician know which card would be picked ahead of time? They couldn’t plan for that, right?

Levitating Card Trick – Anatomy of the Illusion

In this trick, the magician actually does let the random audience member pick whichever card they want; the true secret is to put that card back into the deck in a specific position. There is a unique card at the back of the deck, which is bolstered by a counterweight.

Source: Facebook

When the card is flipped upside down, a small pad with an adhesive wax dot makes the whole deck go flying up and sends the card popping out of the deck. Obviously, this one takes precision and specific technicalities to make it work.

Can on a Card Trick – What It Is

This trick is pretty easy, but its simplicity doesn’t take away from how cool it is. A magician will take a can, like a soda can, and put it on top of an upright playing card. Any sane person would assume that there’s no possible way that a card is going to be strong enough to support a can.

Source: Twitter

Despite the odds, fundamental physics, and the known rules of gravity, the can manages to stay upright on the incredibly thin playing card. Is this real magic or just a skillful balancing illusion?

Can on a Card Trick – Anatomy of the Illusion

If the magician performing the trick allowed you to have a look at the other side of the playing card, you would see that in place of a straight line, it was a “T” shaped structure holding up the can. The “T” is made by using a second playing card and folding it in half.

Photo by Isabel Pavia/Getty Images

Then, the magician attaches the folded part to the straight card that the audience can see. Much to our surprise, the two cards together are surprisingly stable and able to support heavier items than one can of soda.

Twisting An iPhone Trick – What It Is

A street magician named Dynamo is the expert of this modern illusion in which he takes a random audience member’s iPhone and appears to twist it so that it is split precisely in half, one half is the front screen of the phone, and the second half is the back of the phone.

Source: Facebook

He then twists the phone for a second time and gives it back to its owner in exactly the same condition it was before the trick was performed. We’re pretty confident that you can’t just twist an iPhone and then have it be completely usable minutes later.

Twisting An iPhone – Anatomy of the Illusion

This trick requires some preparation, a little distraction, and very quick fingers. Dynamo hides half of an iPhone’s back cover on his person when doing this trick. He has to ensure that he only does the trick on the right model and make; otherwise, it’s not going to look right.

Photo by Christina Reichl Photography/Getty Images

He begins by letting the audience see the back of the phone before covering it with both hands. He then mimes twisting the phone but, in reality, just rotates it while sliding the half cover on the front. He does the same thing but reversed when he returns the phone.

Double Bullet Catch – What It Is

The bullet catch is a famous magic trick that has kept audiences on the edge of their seats for many years. Two particular magicians, Penn and Teller, took this trick and elevated it to the next level in 1996.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

They ensured that the bullets were unaltered by having audience members sign them, and they also performed an astonishing simultaneous catch. They set up a sheet of glass to highlight the bullets being fired and used lasers to locate their targets. All there was to figure out was using their teeth to catch a bullet.

Double Bullet Catch – Anatomy of the Illusion

This trick is only for the most seasoned magicians. The first step is to switch the signed bullets with wax replacements and put those into the guns. The performers then distract the audience so that they don’t notice when they put the actually signed bullets into their mouths.

Source: Reddit

When the trigger is pulled, the wax melts from the heat, and the scorching wax makes a hole in the glass. Timing it just right, the magicians grab the bullets and put them between their teeth as if they had actually caught them from the gun.

Sands of the Nile Trick – What It Is

The magician has a large bowl of water on the stage and slowly adds several brightly colored kinds of sand. First, he adds blue and then yellow, and so on, and eventually mixes everything together in the bowl. He then starts to reverse the method.

Source: Reddit

He starts by removing the blue sand, and it not only separates from the other colors but is completely dry. He then goes on to do the same with the other colors until he’s once again left with a bowl of clean water. The audience claps in wonder as they figure out what just happened.

Sands of the Nile Trick – Anatomy of the Illusion

The odds of a random audience member correctly guessing how this trick works – slim to none. Although the audience likely doubts the validity of the water, it is actually just regular water in the bowl. The tricky, special component is the sand.

Source: Twitter

The sand used in this trick is treated with a hydrophobic compound, like Scotchgard, which causes it to become water repellent and also makes it clump, which is how the colors don’t mix with each other. This magic trick is more like a trick to show off the magic of science.

Indian Rope Trick – What It Is

This illusion is so ancient, we have only seen it done in black-and-white movies, but the trick is so captivating we have to know how it was done. A rope that initially is bundled up in a basket begins to levitate towards the sky in a straight line.

Source: Facebook

A child ascends and descends the rope, and then gravity comes back, and the rope falls back to the ground. There are different versions of this trick, but since there is quite a bit of mystery regarding this specific trick, we’ll commit to the version we can clarify.

Indian Rope Trick – Anatomy of the Illusion

This trick calls for a lot of preparation to be successful but is then actually quite easy to execute. The basket is sitting above a hidden chamber in which a second participant is waiting. When the trick starts, they insert a metal pole into the hollow rope, causing it to appear like it’s rising vertically.

Source: Facebook

A smaller-sized child can climb a straight, vertical piece of metal relatively easily. After the child comes back down, the pole is pulled back into the hidden chamber, which causes the “levitating” rope to collapse back into the basket.

Self-Tying Shoelace Trick – What It Is

Famed magician David Blaine made this adorable trick more widely known when he walked up to a bunch of children and inquired if they wanted to see a close-up magic trick. Kids being kids quickly agreed, eager to see if this man was going to pull a dove out of his sleeve!

Photo by Grace Cary/Getty Images

When one of the children pointed out that Blaine’s shoe was untied, he simply shook his foot, and the loose laces are replaced with a flawlessly tied shoe. Magicians don’t even have to bend down and tie their own shoes; talk about an unfair advantage!

Self-Tying Shoelace Trick – Anatomy of the Illusion

So how was he able to pull it off? The shoe was actually tied the whole time, but the bottom of his pants strategically covered the top of the shoe. The untied laces turned out to be a separate pair of laces that had no connection to the shoe.

Source: Reddit

In fact, they were attached to a string that went up the magician’s pant leg. Blaine pulled the string up, most likely through a concealed hole in his pocket, leading them to disappear the exact moment that the tied shoelace is revealed. It seems simple enough!

Coin Behind the Ear Trick – What It Is

This is one of the oldest and most annoying tricks in the world of magic, especially if performed poorly by your least favorite relative. But this sleight of hand where a magician grabbed a coin from behind an audience member’s ear was done at packed performances back in the day.

Source: Youtube

The trick seemed so simple, but no one could manage to figure out how they were performing it. Was the magician using a fake coin, or was something hidden behind the ear of someone who was selected and set up before the performance began?

Coin Behind the Ear Trick – Anatomy of the Illusion

Ready to get your minds blown? Truth be told, neither of those theories is correct! The magician is, in fact hiding something, but it’s not a fake coin. Between their fingers, they’re delicately holding a minuscule telescope.

Source: Pinterest

The magician pulls his hand from behind the audience member’s ear and lines it up right in front of their eyes and a carefully placed tiny coin which is hidden on the opposite side of the room. From the volunteer’s point of view, the coin looks to be the right size and in the magician’s hand.

Linking Rings Trick – What It Is

This famous magic trick got its start all the way back in ancient China. The magician would take a number of seemingly, solid metal rings and figured out a way to link them together into a chain. They look like a link chain and, when tugged, don’t come apart.

Photo by Emmerich-Webb/Getty Images

The more suspense the magician built while performing this trick, the more impactful it was because it gave the audience an opportunity to pick apart the process in close detail. This caused it to become even more believable and, as a result, more unbelievable.

Linking Rings Trick – Anatomy of the Illusion

In order to ensure that this trick works, magicians use a specific kind of ring known as “locking rings.” These rings are designed explicitly with weak points that can be opened by excessive pressure. The magician uses a combination of regular solid rings and these special rings to sell the illusion.

Source: Imgur

The magician has to remember which ring is which and exactly where the weak points are located. If they want to make it even more convincing, they have an audience member check the rings, but make sure to hand them the solid rings to examine.