Essential Airport Hacks Everyone Needs to Try

Invest in a Laptop Case

From the long list of annoying things about airport security checks, one of them is being asked to take out your laptop from an overstuffed hand carry so that the security officials could scan it separately. The key to overcoming this debacle is to always place your laptop in an easily identifiable and accessible place.

A Transportation Security Administration official removes a laptop from a bag for scanning at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport

Source: newsweek.com

A laptop case is another viable solution to this problem, as it not only secures your laptop but also improves the handling aspect of a laptop while you are on the move.

A Little Decoration for the Luggage

“Wait, was that my bag?” We all have experienced this when we are waiting at the conveyor belt for our luggage. Quite often, we see similar versions of our luggage moving slowly on the belt, sometimes even picking someone else’s luggage up.

Luggage consisting of large suitcases, rucksacks, and travel bag.

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A traveling hack to deal with this issue is to wrap your luggage with a distinct ribbon or fabric. This helps you distinguish your bag the moment it enters the conveyor belt, saving you considerable time and effort.

Never Forget to Bring Your Own Snacks

Similar to the snacks available at a hotel room, the margins on snacks available at the airports are huge. The stores exploit the passenger’s vulnerability of being stuck at the place with no alternative, and so they overcharge even the basics of food items.

Bengawan Solo snacks souvenir shop in Changi Airport Terminal 2, Singapore

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If you have had your fair share of traveling, you would have realized that it is always better to stock up on snacks and drinks before you set your foot on the airport. Not only does this save you from buying on impulse, but it can also actually act as a great resource in cases of unexpected delays at the airport.

Free Flight Upgrades

There is a special joy in receiving free things, especially when it relates to flight upgrades. Never feel shy about letting the airline staff know that you are on your honeymoon, or that it is your birthday. Who knows, they might have a special surprise in store for you.

Happy couple traveling on a luxury private jet

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If you are not sure about whether the airline has any policy relating to flight upgrades, just make sure to politely ask. The worst that you could hear is a simple no, but if it does turn out to be true, then it is your lucky day.

No Need to Pay the Extra Baggage Fee

Quite often, you only pack the essentials in your hand-carry or luggage, but even after all the tiresome efforts; the weight limit seems to cross. If this is a recurring issue for you as well, then try wearing some of the heaviest items and layers during your travel.

Young man preparing for vacation travel

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The best possible scenario is that you could save space in your hand carry, wear the heaviest items to get past security, and then quickly change out of those clothes. Wearing your luggage might seem exhausting for those few hours, especially when it is warm outside, but it does end up saving you your hard-earned cash.

A Portable Battery Charger to the Rescue

Passengers are automatically drawn towards charging spots or stations at an airport. If you are lucky enough, you might actually get a seating spot right next to the charging station, but for most of the people, they have to stand somewhere near the station to keep their phones in check.

girl's hands holding smartphone and power bank

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This is why it is a pro tip to invest in a portable battery charger, as it saves you from the hassle of finding a charging spot, and allows you to conveniently use your phone wherever you want it.