Camping Hacks for Your Next Camping Adventure

No More Ants at the Table

One of the things that could easily ruin your eating experience at a picnic is ants. They have a great sense of detection when it comes to food, and within minutes, a whole army of ants could easily storm towards you.

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To prevent this from happening, particularly when you have spread a table, you should put small water trays at each leg of the table. This would prevent the ants from climbing up the table, giving you much-needed peace of mind.

Keep Your Phone Fueled Up

A phone can act as a life-saving device when you are out camping, especially in dense forests. Even though there might be poor connectivity, a charged phone is essential as it may help you navigate; it can provide you with a source of light, and help you contact someone in case of an emergency.

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This is why always fully charge your phone when you are out camping, and make sure to have a battery power bank with you as well as a precaution.

Who Needs a Frying Pan Anyway?

If you cannot find a source of fire to fry your breakfast eggs when camping, then look no further as your car’s bonnet holds the potential of being the perfect replacement of a frying pan.

Fried Egg Car Bonnet

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Simply crack the egg over a hot bonnet, and within a few minutes, your egg will be ready. The sun plays a critical role in ensuring that your car bonnet is hot enough, and so this is your ultimate hack if you have gone camping during the summers.

Foaming up the Guy Ropes

It is difficult for some people to sleep while camping, and this situation is often made worse by people tripping over the guy ropes during the night. The situation is further worsened in crowded occasions or areas where there are thousands of people residing in camps placed together.

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An excellent hack to prevent others from tripping over your guy ropes is to foam tube them. Foam tubing the guy ropes not only limits the impact of tripping over them, but it also helps in making them more obvious to the passersby. It goes without saying that these foam tubing can act as a game-changer in your camping experience, especially during the nights.

Efficient Hygiene Solutions

Carrying soaps throughout your camping experience can turn out to be annoying, as you need to properly pack it after every usage until it is completely finished. To avoid this, a pro camping tip would be to cut the soap bar into small pieces beforehand.

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This allows you to use a small part of the soap for one usage. Another thing you could do is use hand sanitizers. Stock up on sanitizers and use them whenever you feel like washing your hands without thinking about the availability of water or repacking the soap.

Flatten out the Toilet Papers

You should never plan a camping trip without packing for adequate toilet papers. Toilet papers are particularly useful outdoors where you do not always have access to a source of water. A handy way of storing the toilet paper is to remove the cardboard from the center of the toilet paper and then flatten it out.

Toilet paper inside a plastic bag

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This flattened toilet roll can then be easily wrapped in a plastic bag, saving great space in your camping bags. Apart from toilet paper, it never hurts to keep some baby wipes with you as well, as they act as a quick fix to freshen anyone up.