The Very Best Diving Spots from Around the World

If you want to get up close and personal with all sorts of sea creatures and feel just like a mermaid or deep sea explorer, shore diving is a great option. It cuts out all the lengthy, tiresome boat rides and is usually quite cheap too. Read on to learn all about the best shore diving spots you might like to try.

Dive down Beneath the Red Sea

The Red Sea (Israel) is a beautiful and often overlooked spot to do some shore diving, being filled with beautiful reefs and magical deep-sea scenes to enjoy and explore.

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Some of the best shore diving in The Red Sea can be found out in Egypt, where you can walk out from your shorefront resort and swim out into the warm sea water, heading below the waves to encounter all kinds of sea life creatures.

The Turquoise Waters of Bali

Bali is one of the most beautiful places on the planet to spend time at the beach, soaking up the sun and feeling the soft, white sands beneath your feet.

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It’s also a fantastic diving location, with the eastern side of the island, in particular, having some super shore diving spots. You can swim all around the iconic shipwreck, the USS Liberty, less than 30 meters away from one of East Bali’s beaches, and there are plenty of other favorite shore diving spots around the island.

A True Haven for Divers

There are plenty of countries with a few top class shore diving spots, but the Philippines is a nation with literally thousands of fantastic locations to dive. Up and down this island country, you can find some incredible diving experiences, with magical memories guaranteed every single time.

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Check out the areas along Sabang Beach for some of the best results and widest variety of marine life. You can see eels, reef sharks, and all sorts of colorful fish in the Philippines.

Spectacular Scenes at the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands, just off the coast of Honduras, are another super shore diving spot. There are extensive coral reefs not too far away from the beaches of these beautiful islands, and even a huge shipwreck called Prince Albert sits down beneath the waves, home to a plethora of aquatic life.

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Another favorite and unique aspect of this location is the ‘Spooky Channel,’ a long rocky tunnel that can be a lot of fun to swim through.

Curacao Offers the Caribbean’s Finest Shore Diving Experiences

The Caribbean is undoubtedly a must-visit region for shore diving enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels, with warm, calm waters and amazing reefs to be found all around this part of the world.

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Curacao is one of the top spots to do some shore diving, with lots of shipwrecks and reefs offering a myriad of environments to explore and so many colorful, beautiful fish to be seen. Head to the Blue Edge for diving you’ll never forget.

Home of the Great Blue Hole

Belize is quickly becoming one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world for all sorts of reasons, including diving.

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This Central American nation is home to the Great Blue Hole, a massive sinkhole that is home to reef sharks, parrotfish, and more, being hugely popular with scuba divers from around the world. Another excellent diving spot in Belize is Ambergris Caye, home to hundreds of different fish species swimming about just off the shore.

South American Shore Diving in Venezuela

Diving is hugely popular in South America, with plenty of coral reefs and shipwrecks being found barely 100 feet from the shore in many South American nations. Venezuela is a prime example, and the island of Bonaire is one of its best shore diving spots.

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The island is the tip of an underwater mountain, with lots of gently sloping walls beneath the waves that have become home to all sorts of fish and other forms of marine life.

The Best Shore Diving in Hawaii

The Aloha State is a breathtaking location for water sports and beach activities of all kinds, but with several islands and many miles of shoreline to choose from, finding the best diving spots in Hawaii can seem tricky.

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Lots of shore diving enthusiasts tend to gather around the shores of Oahu, with this island boasting some of the calmest waters and most magical reefs overall, but be sure to do your diving in summer as the water gets a lot choppier in winter.

More World Class Diving at the Caymans

The Cayman Islands are another hugely impressive shore diving location in the Caribbean, with some truly breathtaking experiences waiting to be had down beneath the azure waves of these beautiful islands.

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The great thing about shore diving at the Cayman Islands is the accessibility factor; you can dive at this location at any time of day, with lots of great night dives available in places like George Town. You’ll see a lot of stingrays and plenty of colorful, tropical fish in the Cayman Islands.

Magical Shore Diving in Australia

Home to the Great Barrier Reef, the Land Down Under is another super spot to do some diving. There are lots of terrific shore diving locations to be found in Australia, with Lady Elliot Island being one of the country’s very best spots.

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There’s a coral cay here which is actually part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, allowing you to enjoy the excitement of the reef without the significant costs that can come with booking an organized tour or charter.