Winter in Canada: ’Tis the Season to Be Locked In

Winter in Canada is beautiful. It’s a frosty festival full of snowmen, snow angels, and sledding. All you need to do is open the door, run outside, and start playing. Oh, but we forgot one detail. The snow in Canada is very uh… friendly (it takes after the people).

A small child standing next to a snow wall made out of snow bricks / A man gesturing at the snow piled up against the front door / A large fountain in the park has frozen as the icicles fall over the sides.

Source: Twitter

So, don’t be surprised if you open the door to discover a huge pile of snow blocking your way out. And don’t be surprised if your car suddenly vanishes. The snow just felt like cuddling it a bit. But other than buried objects, blocked doorways, and frozen grass, Winter in Canada is delightful!

A Frosty Visitor

You woke up, looked out the window, and realized it was the perfect day to build a snowman. You even ran to the kitchen and quickly snatched the last carrot. And, now, all that’s left is for you to open the door and begin rolling snow around until you stack up the perfect body size.

A snowman's face and body we stuck into the snow that piled up against the door.

Source: Twitter

But wait, who’s that at the door? It’s none other than Olaf, the friendly snowman from Frozen. Looks like you won’t be needing that carrot after all. Your snow pal has arrived right to your doorstep, so you might as well invite him in. (Just make sure the heat in the house isn’t too high).

Yeah, Looks Like You’re Staying in Today

When it gets TOO cold outside, even the snow wants a bit of warming up. That’s why it came knocking at your door. And we’re warning you. This isn’t a visitor you can turn down. It probably won’t be leaving your front door anytime soon.

Snow piled up till the top of a door frame; you can see a small finger indent in the snow indicating that someone tried to push out.

Source: Twitter

And, sadly, neither are you. So, if you had any plans for the day, you might as well cancel them. Or you can try to slip out the window. But we have a feeling that your snowy guest is covering that part of your house too.

This Doesn’t Look Like It’s Getting Any Better

Sometimes, the snow outside your house has already climbed up so high that it completely blocks your view. But other times, you’re able to see it gradually pile up as the day goes by. And when that’s the case, the most fun thing to do is to measure it.

Snow piled up against a glass door with markings showing the snow's progressing levels rising by hours.

Source: Twitter

This family’s day began at 9 a.m. There was only a bit of snow at the door, but they preferred to keep it shut so it wouldn’t all tumble into their house. And, as the day went by, they realized that opening their door would lead to a catastrophic event. By noon, it had piled up so high that it completely blocked their view!

A Modern Day Igloo

While this fortress is beautiful, it’s also a nightmare for whoever’s living inside. Unless they don’t mind some solitude and find their alone time incredibly peaceful. In that case, this is the best possible scenario for them!

A home perfectly covered in snow, even the windows are frozen shut.

Source: Reddit

Imagine having to go somewhere you really don’t want to, and instead of making up weird excuses, you can just blame it on the weather. “It’s snowing all over my house, so I literally can’t get out” sounds like a great response.

Ice Keeps Things Fresh and Alive

We all know that ice can preserve things for longer periods of time. Our food can be stored in the freezer for months and even years without going bad! But food isn’t the only thing that stays fresh in cold weather.

Snow piled halfway up the now open door with a reptile skull popping through the snow.

Source: Facebook

Looks like this frozen reptile has survived millions of years and has now come back from the dead to say hello. After its greetings it will probably want to eat you. So you might have to fetch something from the kitchen if you want to keep yourself alive.

The Great Wall of Canada

We can only imagine the size of the monster truck that was needed to shovel this driveway. But the result is spectacular! It’s like a maze in a winter wonderland. It’s the perfect place to hide from someone you’re trying to avoid. Unless they peek over and find you underneath.

Snowy roads have been cleared as the rest of the snow gets piled as tall as a bus on both sides of the road

Source: Facebook

But, jokes aside, it’s a beautiful sight. Seeing how much snow piled up is spectacular! Time to put on your ice cleats and try to climb up the frosty wall. We bet that the shoes’ spikes will allow you to succesfully make your way to the top.

Dude, Where’s My Car?

We tend to forget where we park our cars in places like large parking lots or between narrow, unfamiliar roads that all look the same. But losing your car in your own neighborhood? That’s an unlikely event. Unless your neighborhood has been covered in snow.

A man is talking on the phone as he stands on a mountain of snow that has his car buried underneath.

Source: Reddit

In that case, we’re talking about a whole new territory. This guy’s car is right under his nose, but he can’t seem to find it! I hope he’s not running late. Because “I lost my car somewhere near my house” seems to be an unlikely excuse.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Finally! So that’s what the other side of the fence looks like. I bet this dog was thrilled that he could finally take a glimpse at the neighbor’s backyard. Who would have thought he could ever get high enough to see what was waiting for him on the other side.

A dog taking advantage of the snow piled up against the fence gave him a clear shot at the other side.

Source: Reddit

Now the question is, should he cross over to say hello? Or would that be too intrusive? Looks like he’s thinking hard about what to do. In our opinion, he should jump in and say hello! If we were his neighbors, we would be happy to have such a friendly buddy come over.

A Candlelit Dinner, Canadian Style

Winter is the ultimate season to snuggle up with your significant other. Even if it’s minus seven degrees outside, and it’s been snowing for the past month. Don’t let any snowstorm keep you from enjoying a good time out.

Candlesticks and wine glasses set up on outdoor furniture next to a wall of snow.

Source: Twitter

Maybe the roads are too dangerous to drive to a restaurant, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create that same space right outside your house! So, when the air is cold and the heart needs warming, just set up a candlelight dinner for you and your loved one. That will surely melt all your worries away.

Whose Car Is This?

We wonder how long it took these people to dig up their car. Come to think of it, was it even their car? It could have been their neighbor’s. When everything is covered in a heavy blanket of snow, nothing is familiar anymore.

A car hidden under a mountain of snow as someone attempts to dig it out with a shovel.

Source: Facebook

You can easily find yourself disoriented to the point where you’re shoveling up your next door neighbor’s car instead of your own. I wonder what other treasures are buried deep in that hunk of snow. Basketballs? Scooters? Let the treasure hunt begin!

Sunroofs Are Out of the Question

Ahhh…either this is a simple rookie mistake or just an honest one. Forgetting to close your sunroof in the winter is a huge no-no in Canada. Or anywhere else, for that matter. Rain, snow, branches flying in the wind: The options are endless when it comes to what can enter your car.

A man is trying to get out some of the snow that has gotten all over the inside of his car.

Source: Twitter

This poor guy forgot to close his sunroof and woke up to a pile of snow all over his car seats, wheel, and gear. Basically, every nook and cranny in his vehicle was filled with snow. We’re sure he learned his lesson.

The Tip of the Iceberg

Success! After hours and hours of shoveling, complaining, whining, laughing, crying, this person managed to dig their car out. But their work isn’t over yet. They still have this huge pile on top of their car.

A large fragment of snow that looks almost like an iceberg on top of the hood of a car.

Source: Reddit

I bet they left it there on purpose for the sake of the picture. They wanted to capture a Titanic-like moment and make it seem like their car just crashed into an iceberg. 10/10 for creativity! We bet they sang Our Heart Will Go On as they dug their vehicle out.

The Walking Snowmen

Can you imagine opening your door at night to a sight like this? This is straight out of a horror movie where zombie snowmen glide their way across the frosty ground. Be careful not to let them grab you with their woody hands or poke you with their carrot noses.

The view from the front door on a creepy-looking snow-covered driveway.

Source: Twitter

Any touch by the deadly snowmen will leave you frozen… forever. Cursed for life. Bound to remain a frigid, lifeless soul for eternity. Yikes! Whoever opened their door at that hour is one brave human being.

The Snow Knows Not to Cover Stop Signs

When snow falls from the sky, it really doesn’t care if you closed your sunroof or your windows. It doesn’t care if it blocks you from leaving your house, and it really doesn’t mind swallowing up your car completely. But! Stop signs are something else.

A woman is standing on top of a mountain of snow that has nearly covered a stop sign on a poll.

Source: Twitter

Stop signs are crucial. Without them, we risk jamming into each other. We need something to slow us down on the streets, and signs do just that. So, thank you, snow for being oh so considerate and allowing the stop sign to peek out from beneath your white blanket.

Where Did All the Houses Go?

We can laugh all we want about snowmen knocking on our doors and frosty dinosaurs coming back from the dead, but this picture is simply too troubling to joke about. Pure claustrophobia. Even if you’re the most easy-going person, there’s no way having your house covered to this extent wouldn’t concern you.

So much snowfall that you can only see the roofs of the houses on the street.

Source: Tumblr

What if something happens? What if you have to leave the house? What if Santa came down your chimney, but now he can’t get out? This picture is more than disturbing. It’s an absolute nightmare!

Maximum Security

We all know the saying, “When one door closes, another door opens.” But that’s not the way things work in Canada. Another door doesn’t necessarily open after a snowstorm. All you discover when you open your door is another door, but one’s that made of snow.

The snow that piled up against the door revealed a perfect outline of the door once it was open.

Source: Reddit

Snow doors are quite the scene. Don’t expect them to open you up to a world of new opportunities. They’ll more likely to freeze you and force you to stay in the house. Oh well. Time to get creative! There’s plenty of indoor fun to be had.

Where’s the Backyard?

Not everyone is willing to accept this bizarre and frosty situation. This dog is willing to dig his way out of this mess, no matter how long it takes him. But from time to time, he needs a rest. And I must say, his little, doggy igloo looks pretty comfortable.

A small dog managed to carve out a small section of the snow piled up against the sliding door.

Source: Reddit

This dog looks more puzzled than ever. He’s probably wondering what happened to the green and lively backyard. Sorry buddy. We’ve been struck by an avalanche. So, the bone you dug up before is probably long gone by now.

This Guy Has Never Felt So Short

This man is around 6 feet tall. But only if he throws his hands high up in the air can he reach the height of the piled snow. That means that this snowstorm was one ferocious blizzard! Winter in Canada is incredibly relentless.

Snow piled up on the road so high that a full-grown man with his arms stretched over his head can barely reach the top.

Source: Twitter

I wonder where he’s heading. It will probably take him days to get to shovel his way to the nearest supermarket. That is, if he’s even able to find it! It’s probably buried deep down and covered entirely in snow. There goes his chance to make dinner…

Yeah, Looks Like It’s Time to Hibernate

If I were to wake up in a house like this, I would probably call it a day. And a night. And a week. Heck, let’s call it a whole season and hibernate like bears. We’re not going to be seeing sunlight anytime soon. So, let’s stuff our faces with food and snooze until spring arrives.

The view of the windows and doors covered in snow from inside the house.

Source: Twitter

Seriously, instead of getting depressed from all that darkness, let’s just cuddle up in our beds and shut our eyes. Wake me up when it’s springtime, and I’m able to leave the house!

A Magical, Frosty Tunnel

Everyone knows that when life gives you lemons, you either make a sour face or lemonade. So, in Canada, when life gives you snow (A LOT of snow), you either surrender your house to its frozen fate or create a castle-like entrance straight out of a Disney movie.

A tunnel of snow that leads to the front door.

Source: Tumblr

These people decided to go with the latter. They worked hard to design an entrance that’s so magical, it puts Elsa and Anna’s frozen castle to shame!

The World Is Your Fridge

In Canada, there’s no such thing as having your fridge too full for your soda. Because in Canada… the world is your fridge! No room for coke? No problemo! Just open your door and say hello to fridge number two.

Three Coca Cola bottles placed in the snow that is up against the front door

Source: Facebook

Open your windows if you need to use fridge number three, number four, five etc. That extra cooling space really comes in handy when you’re stuck in the house for so long. Who said snowstorms can’t be put to good use? It’s not all disappearing cars and creepy snowmen!

Is This a Fountain or a Cave?

This gorgeous cave looks like something you would see on your way to visit Santa. Oh, wait, that’s not a cave. That’s a fountain! When it’s winter in Canada, you go from strolling around your ordinary looking city to creeping your way around sharp icicles.

A large fountain in the park has frozen as the icicles fall over the sides.

Source: Twitter

Having your surroundings change like that is super fun! Some areas remain the same regardless of the season. But, in Canada, winter swallows everything up and transforms your familiar surroundings into something else completely.

Let’s Switch Lanes

In Canada, not only do fountains freeze and homes disappear, but streets and lanes change their course completely. New lanes appear; old lanes vanish. That’s just the way things go. Sadly, the frosty walls dividing the street don’t allow you to greet the person driving next to you.

Cars parked on the street with a wall of snow dividing between them.

Source: Twitter

But that’s fine. Driving around in a snowstorm means that you have to be on your best behavior at all times! Eyes on the road, and no looking sideways at unnecessary distractions.

Better Stay in Buddy

Yeah…there’s no way this dog is going outside. No more peeing out in the open. Only indoor peeing from now on. As for number two – that will also be done inside. There’s really no way around it. Dog owners in Canada have to accept their fate.

A large dog is standing in front of the open door with snow pouring in.

Source: Reddit

In the winter, your dog basically becomes a cat. So, you better prepare yourself with a doggy litter box. And while you’re at it, how about getting a doggy tree house with some nice scratching posts. It’s going to be a long winter before your dog feels like himself again.

No Showering in the Winter

Aha! Now we know how people manage to leave their houses. They dig their way out with the help of their loyal bathtub. Just stuff your tub with piles of snow and wait until it melts. It’s a long and strenuous process indeed, but worth it.

A bathtub filled with snow.

Source: Facebook

Stuffing your bathtub with all that snow means that there will be no shower time for anyone in the house for a couple of hours (or days?). But that’s all right. Being smelly is the price you have to pay for your freedom in Canada.

A Brilliant Architect

This little guy worked hard to create a solid foundation for his igloo. Or maybe he was just trying to clear out the path. Either way, good for him! His fortress looks super realistic. It even has snow bricks and all. Now he just needs to decide where the door will be.

A small child standing next to a snow wall make out of snow bricks.

Source: Facebook

He’s probably already thinking of the interior of his new house. Some frosty décor is definitely needed. He has enough snow all around him to create whatever furniture he desires.

Don’t Freak Out, but Your Engine Is Gone

Even if you closed your car’s sunroof and windows, your vehicle is still in danger. If you happen to dig it up from under a pile of snow, you better check under your hood. Your engine is probably covered in a white, frosty blanket.

A popped hood of a car revealing the entire engine on the inside is covered in snow.

Source: Twitter

In Canada, after a blizzard hits, chances are slim you’ll be able to start your car. So, start by digging out what you can and don’t give up! A little humor and a positive attitude is always the way out of situations like these.

No Way Out

On the one hand, snow is a fantastic insulator. Which means that these guys are probably warm and toasty in their cabin. But, on the other hand, I bet they’re minutes away from a full on panic attack. Hello claustrophobia, long time no see. Great to have you back.

A man gesturing at the snow piled up against the front door, no way out.

Source: Twitter

Let’s hope they haven’t planned anything too serious for today. Because this isn’t a case of “the roads are too slippery I’m afraid to drive”; this is a case of “I literally can’t leave my front door.” This picture gives “snow days” a whole meaning.

The Cars Are Slowly Sinking

What a sight. An ocean of snow, and our cars are slowly sinking. I know this is wrong, but it looks like so much fun to hop from one roof to the other. Or at least try. A snowy version of parkour, if you will.

Only the tops of cars are visible on the snow-covered road.

Source: Facebook

We bet that after a few hours, these cars were nowhere to be seen. They had sunk deep into the frosty ocean, and their only hope was for the blazing sun to melt everything away. We have a feeling it took a while for the cars to reappear.

Let’s Get Shoveling!

Snowstorms and vicious blizzards are unpredictable. And the situation can remain snowy for a long period of time. So, at a certain point in the winter, people get fed up. And this is when rat-like mazes begin to form in neighborhoods.

An aerial view of the snow-covered street, the snow has been shoveled away to make what looks like a maze around the cars.

Source: Twitter

People shovel their way across the streets and create different paths that reach different destinations. It’s not like anyone really knows where they’ll end up, but they just keep digging and digging. Sometimes they bump into their neighbors by surprise!

Let the Claustrophobia Begin

Hmmm… I don’t remember adding another door to my house. While this design is interesting, I’m not sure how happy these people were to discover that nature decided to add another door to their house. Especially a door that doesn’t really open up.

The snow that piled up against the door left a perfect match to the door once it was open.

Source: Twitter

It’s a challenging door. One that requires a lot of strength, discipline, and little to no whining. You just have to shovel your way out without thinking too much. Leave any laziness at the door! Scratch that. Not at the door. This door requires will power.

Freezed Eggs

You know how sometimes the weather gets so hot you feel like you could fry an egg with the heat from the sun? Well, in Canada, it gets so cold that you can freeze an egg. That’s a saying you probably never heard before, right?

A frying pan with an egg-laying on the snow / A woman holding up that same egg to show how it froze completely.

Source: Twitter

It’s definitely a unique way to prepare your fried egg. Sorry, not so much fried, but “freezed.” We’re not so sure about the taste though…. But at least we know it has a crunch to it! So, for those of you who like their eggs extra crispy, you’re in for a treat.

Say Goodbye to Your Paint

In Canada, the weather gets so cold that the paint from your car starts to come off. Just kidding. This might just be really, really, bad paint work. But maybe not. Maybe the moisture got underneath this car’s paint and caused it to slowly peel off.

The front hood of a Jeep has pieces of paint that you can just pull right off.

Source: Imgur

But I mean… things could have been worse for this person, right? On this list, we’ve seen some horrendous pictures of cars packed with snow to the point where you can’t even enter them.

A Brand New Ice Dispenser

In Canada, washing the dishes isn’t a given. There are some days when you just have to shrug your shoulders and let the sink pile up. Just until the weather warms up a bit. I mean, you can try to scrub your plates on this icicle, but I doubt it will work.

Ice is coming out of the sink tap.

Source: Facebook

Even if you turn your tap to its hottest temperature, there’s no guarantee the water won’t freeze up the second it pours out. You just got to get used to licking water, instead of drinking it. But be prepared to say goodbye to your tongue.

This Is Fine, Everything Is Fine

There’s a lot going on in this picture. For one, it looks like the “this is fine” gif with the dog sipping on coffee as its house burns down. Two, we’re not sure why this guy is happy, but it probably has to do with the fact that he finally found a place to defrost his beard.

A man is holding a thumbs up as a car catches fire in the distance.

Source: Twitter

And three, it reminds us of the meme of the little girl mischievously looking at the camera with the burning house behind her. An interesting picture indeed!

Snowy Blindness

We believe that this person deserves the day off. There’s really no way they can do anything without their glasses. They can go home and fetch their contact lenses, but there’s a high chance that those are frozen as well.

A hand holding up glasses with lenses covered in frost.

Source: Reddit

There’s nothing much one can do but stare into their blurry surroundings until the weather warms up a bit. The person can also try pouring hot water on it, but the water may freeze up the second it comes out so…

Mother Nature Advises You to Stay Inside

We know it doesn’t always seem like mother nature is a caring and nurturing force. But here! Look at this picture. Nature is clearly trying to signal the person not to leave their house. It could be because of the paralyzing cold, or because there’s an avalanche speeding up somewhere close by.

A bit of frost creeping onto the door hinges.

Source: Reddit

Either way, we hope this person listened to mother nature and remained indoors. We feel like frozen door hinges are a good enough reason to stay inside.

A Sneaky Visitor

We’ve seen everything on this list. Snowmen knocking on people’s doors, dinosaurs popping their heads in for a quick visit, and now this. Ice slowly creeping into your peephole. It looks like snow will do anything to get into your house.

A peephole of a door covered in snow.

Source: Twitter

This is just the beginning. Soon, this sneaky ice will block your whole view. You won’t be able to see who’s knocking. I guess you’ll just have to open the door and hope for the best. Although we doubt you’ll be getting visitors anytime soon.

Perfect Frozen Fangs

This is a work of art. Really! This looks like something a dentist would create. An artistic, creative dentist who wants to combine both his love of art and teeth. It’s glossy, it’s flossy; it’s really everything a dentist would want in his clinic.

Water coming out of a drain froze mid-drip to make an incredible formation of ice.

Source: Reddit

In all seriousness, this is super impressive. We wonder how long it lasted like that. The person who captured this photo was definitely in the right place at the right time. Winter in Canada is truly something!

Who Knew Frozen Grass Could Look That Creepy

Icy grass is a unique sight! It kind of looks like fingers, but somewhat like bananas too. It’s both creepy and intriguing. And we can only imagine the lound, crunchy sound it makes when it’s stepped on. If you’ve ever wanted to run across shattered glass, this is the closest you’ll get without hurting yourself.

A dog walking in a frozen grassy field.

Source: Twitter

The water in the background is perfect with the glistening, icy, banana-shaped grass. But while this picture is beautiful to look at, it also freaks us out. We hope this dog’s tongue is fine and not stuck for life on one of the popsicles.