Tips to Remember on Your Trip Around the World

So, you have finally decided to tick things off your bucket list and journey across the world. No more second thoughts, no more holding yourself back, no more saving for a rainy day, the time to do something unusual has finally come. Exciting and adventurous as it may seem, the road ahead is full of surprises, and you need to do more planning than you have ever done before. Here are some tips that will come in handy:

Don’t Plan for Less Than a Month

Certainly, the first (and the most important) thing to decide is the length of the trip. As a rule of thumb, make sure that you don’t plan anything less than a month. An around-the-world trip can’t be for a week or two unless you want to visit the neighboring country and call it a day.


Not many people have the time and energy to partake in a trip for more than a month, so 30 days is ideally considered the right amount. With that said, for a 1-month trip, the best idea is to visit a continent or a vast region like Europe, South America, Asia or Oceania. The many countries present near each other might seem different today, but if you explore their cultures and traditions, you are likely to spot the similarities between them.

You Can’t Go Everywhere

It’s natural to want to visit as many dream destinations as you can during the trip because you don’t do it every day, but remember, if you try to do a bit too much, most of the time you’d be traveling and missing half the fun. Even if you spare six months for the trip, there is still a chance of getting carried away.


You might be excited to add as many countries to your visited list as possible, but at the end of the day, you’d be jetlagged and too tired to do anything.

An RTW ticket

Some of the top airlines in the world offer a sweet RTW or Round the World ticket which helps you book all your trips systematically. Star Alliance is a worth-mentioning name in this regard.


Possibly the biggest catch of booking an RTW ticket is that you only get to travel in one direction; either Westward or Eastward. Another important piece of information is that airlines only offer RTW tickets to frequent travelers.

Use a Travel Guide/Agent

A trip around the world will make you experience unknown locations, people, food and climates. This is why most people tend to seek the guidance of a travel guide or agent while planning their trips.


Sure, some people might argue that it takes the fun and adventure out of the trip, but if you like to have a peace of mind and a sense of security during your travels, a guide or an agent would be the right fix for you.

Avoid Expensive Destinations

Unless you have a lot to splash, make sure you avoid the big cities and rich countries. You can still witness the true offerings of any country even if you don’t visit its capital, so save the cost and add more destinations to your list.


Another important piece of trivia is to avoid the designated areas for tourist shopping and eating because that’s where the prices are generally sky-high.

Choose Inexpensive Lodgings or Hostels

The whole point of traveling is to step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown lands of the wilderness. Again, unless you have a lot to splash, try to choose hostels or inexpensive hotels to spend the night.


Remember that you have to get some eye-shut and hop in the shower before going out to your next adventure, so it’s a good thing to not spend too much on accommodation. Websites like Kayak.com, Trivago.com, and Booking.com have a lot of affordable options to choose from.

While in Rome, Dress like the Romans Do

While packing, make sure you include dresses that comply with the dress-norms of the countries you’d be visiting; especially if you are headed to the Middle East. The appropriate and conservative dressing is an essential part of the Middle Eastern culture, and unless you want to draw unwarranted attention, you should respect the indigenous culture.


If a Muslim country is within your list, make sure to pack something to cover your head if you are a woman. A small scarf should suffice. Additionally, if you are visiting a mountainous region or somewhere with rough terrain, make sure you pack the most rugged pair of shoes you have.

Think About the Time of Year While Packing

Depending on the climate and expected weather forecast of your destination, pack suitable clothing. If you (or the weather guy) foresees heavy rain in China in the coming week, make sure you have your raincoat within your portable suitcase.


If you are heading to Thailand for the week and there’s nothing extraordinary expected to happen weather-wise, make sure you pack your shorts and a whole lot of sunblock!

Over packing Is a Sin

If you are supposed to travel around the world, the last thing you’d want is to carry the weight of your overpacked luggage on your shoulders, all the time.


Remember that you can get laundry done at hostels and hotels, and you can restock on your favorite snacks from a nearby mart at your travel destination, so there is no need to overpack and save no room for souvenirs!

Take Breaks

Last on our list of must-remember travel tips is to take as many breaks as you need. While setting up your itinerary, ensure that you take breaks between flights; it’s also prudent to save some room for impromptu breaks.


It won’t be the end of the world if you postpone your next trip simply because your back is hurting, but it can ruin your journey if you decide to hop on an 8-hour flight with a burning ache.