These Vacation Photos Should Be Framed and Remembered Forever

You have photos from family vacations, spring break, roller coaster rides, and days at the beach. And then you have these. These are by far some of the funniest vacation and holiday photos you’ll ever have the pleasure of seeing.

A mother and father swinging their two young children while one of them flies out of his mother’s arms

Source: Imgur

If you’re reading this at work, try not to laugh too hard because your co-workers or your boss will start asking questions. Now let’s dig in and have a laugh while also learning a bit of what not to do when taking vacation photos.

Family Portrait Gone Wrong

Every family needs a portrait. But who says that the portrait needs to be taken in a living room in front of the fireplace with everyone wearing the same Christmas sweater? Wouldn’t it be better to send everyone something spontaneous, something that really talks volumes about the family’s … adventures?

A mother and father posing with their kids in the ocean while a large wave knocks them over from behind

Source: Flickr

Sometimes family portraits should be spontaneous and reflect the essence of the family. Take this photo, for example. They definitely framed this photo when they came home from their vacation in Ft. Lauderdale. This is a photo that the parents will still be talking about when the kids come home with their significant others and even long after.

Headless Beach-Goer

Going to the beach without playing in the sand wouldn’t be a complete experience. While kids like to use pails and shovels, adults have their own ways of having fun in the sand. After all, what’s a summer day at the beach, if not the perfect opportunity for pranks that everyone will talk about for years to come?

A man buried in the sand up to his head while his friend sits next to him with his head out of view

Source: Imgur

These two guys are clearly pros at beach fun. They pulled this off perfectly. Not only did they get a fantastic photo, but they also scared all the little children who just came to have fun. Now, who would expect to stumble upon this at the beach? No one, actually.

Speaking of Kids Having Fun

Aren’t children the funniest creatures on earth? They have no idea how overtly impolite they can be sometimes. In this photo, they’re peeping Toms, looking at some woman showering, but what do they care? They don’t even look remotely ashamed of what they’re doing. We’re pretty sure they are also going to brag to their friends later about their newfound knowledge.

Two young boys pointing from underneath a dressing room at the beach, insinuating that they are looking up a woman’s bathing suit

Source: Pinterest

They don’t know that it’s wrong. The question is: Where are their parents? Maybe they’re sipping margaritas on the beach chairs. But let’s look at the bright side here — they won’t have to do much work later teaching their kids about different body parts. The kids will already be experts.

Summer Vacation Fail

Falling is never fun for the person it happens to. But falling is almost always funny to those watching, or, in this case, those seeing it posted on Twitter. In this picture, we have a girl who fell down a sand dune, while her friend can’t contain her laugh.

A twitter post of a woman falling over in a sand dune

Source: Twitter / @MaddieGehring

It’s only funny when the person isn’t badly injured. This girl fell down a sand dune, so it was a pretty soft landing. She’s fine, and probably laughing at herself, along with millions of others who don’t even know her but now have a pretty good idea of how she looks as a human ball.

Doggie Photobomb

We may call it a photobomb because those two women probably didn’t intend to have this dog jump into the shot. But is it a photobomb, though, if the main subject is the dog who looks bothered by the agitated humans in the background?

A small dog with two women standing behind him in a way that makes it look like they are riding the dog like a horse

Source: Pinterest

To this dog, it’s not a photobomb, it’s a selfie. He wanted to take a shot of himself in front of the beautiful beach. But these two women behind him photobombed his photo. Now, we don’t know exactly what dogs think about humans, but this little one’s impression might not be the best. Who photobombs such a pretty selfie, really?

Doughnut Friend

This seagull only wanted the doughnut. He didn’t want to be photographed. He doesn’t want his friends seeing that while he’s supposed to be on a diet, he’s snatching doughnuts from people on the beach. Did the photographer even think about getting the seagull’s consent to take the photo and then post it on the internet? We think not.

A seagull grabbing a doughnut out of a woman’s hand

Source: Flickr

How this woman managed to take this photo at this moment is pretty amazing considering these birds can be quite feisty! Luckily it didn’t take her hand with the doughnut. She’s lucky that the seagull didn’t sue her, though, what with all the paparazzi-like approach and all. We repeat, the seagull was supposed to be on a diet, ok?

Impressive Work

This is some impressive work right there. It’s not easy to get much done when the beach is packed with people. But this guy managed to pull off a prank that must have baffled these kids. We would really like to know what was going on inside the head of those two little ones.

A man lying in the sand with his right leg buried in the sand up to his knee and a fake foot sticking out of the sand in front of him

Source: Pinterest

What is that foot exactly? Did someone lose their prosthetic leg? What if they came back to find it and see this guy lying here like this. Would they laugh or get mad? Plus, we came to the beach to have fun, not dig for body parts. We can become archaeologists or forensics detectives later in life, you know, it doesn’t have to be right now.

So Close

This bird pooped right on his forehead, so close to his eyes, but, luckily, he was wearing sunglasses. This looks like a case of falling asleep on the sand, and you wake up to see you’re buried in the sand. At least that’s what we hope is going on in this photo.

A man buried in the sand with a bird pooping on his head

Source: Imgur

His friends must have put him in this position, and he might even have been sleeping while the bird pooped on him. He’s about to wake up to one messy surprise. This is certainly not something to write home about, but also not the way you want to see yourself when you wake up. He is going to wake up, isn’t he?

Wear Sunscreen

If there’s a prize for people whose upper body doesn’t match their lower body, this guy deserves the grand prize. He could also get the prize for darkest skin on a white guy. Or maybe he did it on purpose to see how a new color would suit him but didn’t want to commit to a full-body change.

A man with a tan upper half of his body and very white legs

Source: Flickr

But it really doesn’t matter why he did it. This is a reminder, folks: Wear sunscreen! And if you’re a sun lover, at least make it even. A little less sunscreen on the legs, a little more on the torso. Balance is key. Otherwise, you’re going to be the sensation of the beach and not in a good way.

She’s Not Impressed

Roller coasters are supposed to be fun and a little bit scary. But they’re not supposed to make people overtly angry. No one else on her ride is angry. Was this woman put on the rollercoaster against her will? Is someone threatening her kids if she doesn’t go on that one ride?

The angry woman sitting alone in a roller coaster row

Source: Pinterest

Maybe when she was in line for the ride with her husband, he flirted with someone, and then she told him not to join her. And this was the result of her solo ride. Or maybe that’s just her face, and she’s the “soul of every party.” Either way, we wouldn’t want to be the person on the ground waiting for her to get off the rollercoaster.

Pale Like White Sand

You might need to take a second look because it’s not so obvious at first glance. But there are two women in this photo. One is clearly tanned, and the other one blends in with the white sand she’s lying on. Have you managed to spot her yet? If not, you have to look on the left side of the picture.

A woman on the beach tanning in a bathing suit with a woman camouflaged in with the sand behind her

Source: Instagram

It’s a bit like the earlier picture of the guy with two skin colors. This girl could use maybe a little less sunscreen. A little bit of color can be good for your skin, and then you wouldn’t blind people with your skin. Kudos to her for making the first step and getting to the beach to start working on that tan.

Family Falling

It started out fun and free. The family was standing on the beach for their photo, and then the photographer had an idea. How about they pick up the kids for a fun air shot? But nothing is ever like you plan it, you know? If it were, we wouldn’t have any pictures like this to laugh about.

A mother and father swinging their two young children while one of them flies out of his mother’s arms

Source: Imgur

Next thing you know, the kids are falling out of their hands and about to land face first in the sand. But at least the photographer snapped a shot of it. And the rest is history and something that the parents are bound to remember for the rest of their lives and make sure they tell the story so many times the kids will grow tired of it.

Who Needs the Beach?

Who needs the beach when you have a kiddie pool that you can bring to the beach instead? Sitting on the shore and letting the waves wash up on you? Nah, not these kids. They are doing it their way, and kudos to them for thinking outside of the box.

Kids sitting in a small pool on the shore of the ocean

Source: Pinterest

They prefer to sit in an inflatable pool with two inches of water in it. That’s their kind of fun. They have their own private area on the beach, which means that they shouldn’t be made fun of. When was the last time you has your private beach experience? They got it right!

They Weren’t Ready

It doesn’t look like these girls were ready for a large stingray to wash up on their backs when they were posing for a photo in the ocean. We must admit that it’s not something you see every day, so we would be surprised either.

Three women in the ocean with a stingray posing behind them in a photograph and a woman in the background looking and laughing

Source: YouTube

They don’t look very pleased, but the older lady on the right sure does. She probably saw it coming and didn’t warn them. She knows what’s funny in life. Or maybe she is counting her blessings, being grateful that it wasn’t her instead. In any case, we like her. We want to be her when we grow old.

Face Plant

Either this is a new version of a handstand where the body looks like it’s falling, or this is a person who tried to do a flip and failed badly. No matter which one was it, it’s pretty darn funny and the kind of picture you probably only get once in a lifetime.

A woman falling in the sand

Source: Pinterest

What’s worse? Falling while doing a flip? Or having someone take a photo of the exact moment you land and then posting it online for the world to see? Not really sure, but the picture is definitely one for the books. At least we’re super glad we’re not in it!

Cows Want Beach Time Too

These cows were waiting all year for a day off to go to the beach. They even put it on their calendar and everything. They weren’t going to let some grey skies ruin their beach plans. So off they went. They decided to camp right near that lady who looks pretty amused and not at all startled by two cows looking to get a tan near her.

A woman lounging on the beach with two cows taking shade under her umbrella

Source: Imgur

It may mean some people will stare at them, but who cares? They’re here to enjoy their time on the sand. Forget them. Let the cows enjoy the beach — we just hope they didn’t forget to put on sunscreen. Wait, do cows need a high SPF sunscreen?

That’s a Bad Burn

The best part about this photo is that you can see the shape of not only a wine bottle but also the arm of the person who held the bottle. It’s truly not something you see every day — to have the shape of your favorite drink tattooed on you unknowingly.

A man with a sunburn and a spot with no color shaped like a wine bottle with a person holding it

Source: Imgur

That means that the person was so dedicated that they held the bottle in place for a number of hours. Now that’s impressive! Or perhaps the bottle was empty already because they drank it all and fell into a deep sleep that resulted in this super funny pic. We’ll never know!


If you look at the rest of the people on the roller coaster, they look like they’re having fun, and it doesn’t seem like a scary ride at all. But then you look at the kid in the front… We bet you haven’t seen anything like that.

Four younger people on a roller coaster with one of the kids looking very scared

Source: Flickr

It looks as though the ride is about to go off a 100-meter cliff. It’s okay little buddy, it’s almost over, and you can get your ice cream sundae. You deserve it. Or perhaps he was seeing something that no one else did, like his life flashing before his eyes. No matter what it was, we really hope the ride didn’t result in any trauma for him.

Is This the Same Kid?

We’re not sure, but this could be the same kid from the previous photo. If so, then why is he going on another ride that scares him? Is he trying to get over his fear? Is someone making him do that over and over again against his will?

Kids on a roller coaster with a small boy in the front looking very scared

Source: Pinterest

But if this isn’t the same kid, then he has a twin brother, and his brother is just as scared of roller coasters as he is. Looking at these pictures of terrified kids on a roller coaster kinda makes us never want to go on another ride ever again. Or at least not take our little boys with us.

This Bird Doesn’t Like Men

The only explanation we have is that this bird doesn’t like men. It has nothing to do with the angle and the position of the photographer or where he’s standing. No, it has everything to do with the bird and how much it hates men. Or maybe all males, who knows?

A family taking a photo on the beach with a bird flying in front of the father’s face

Source: Instagram

It has to do with the fact that the bird’s father left them when they were young, and he never found him. Ever since the bird has spent his whole life blocking dads in their family photos. That’s the only reasonable explanation for this photo, which is also a bit creepy and scary at the same time because it reminds us of the movie “Birds.”

Is That His Skin?

The lines on his skin are so clean that we wonder if it’s actually his skin or if he’s wearing a skin-colored pair of boxer briefs under his Speedo bathing suit. In any case, that’s not something you see every day and certainly not a very flattering shade of pink.

A man standing on the beach wearing a speedo with a tan line for shorts

Source: Pinterest

If that’s his skin, then it’s clear that his favorite swimwear was in the wash today, and he had to resort to wearing a Speedo. It’s about time to even out that tan line, Mister. Or, you know, decide on a single style and only buy that type of swimwear to avoid this sort of embarrassment. That way, we won’t be subjected to this sort of photo ever again.

Photo Op

Seven girls attempting and finally succeeding in doing a pyramid on the beach is one man’s opportunity for a photo. It doesn’t look like they know he’s there, snapping a photo of their behinds. He looks like he’s having the time of his life, but we believe he was at the same time praying that he could take his picture unnoticed.

Girls posing in a pyramid for a photograph while a man photographs them from behind without them knowing

Source: Imgur

If one of them noticed, they would break the pyramid and run after the guy. And if it’s one of the girls on the bottom, they’re going to have to deal with everyone falling on top of them first. And no one wants to deal with the anger of seven women in their bathing suits.

The Attack of the Pail

We love perfectly timed photos, and this is a great one. It’s the attack of the pail! This mom just had to shield her child from this large pail that’s making its way onto the beach and attacking all the children. You have to admit it’s a great idea for a photo-op.

A mom with her child acting scared of someone holding a bucket next to the camera, so it seems like it is as big as the mother and child

Source: Pinterest

Her kid is probably wondering what the heck she’s doing anyway. There is no reasonable explanation for her behaving that way, and the kid probably thinks that she has lost her marbles a bit. We really hope he didn’t think that it was because of something he did. That’s not a healthy kind of guilt to live with.

Speaking of Attacks

The circumstances of this photo are unclear. It’s both strange and funny at the same time. What on earth is on this man’s body? Are those the remains of a giant bird who was somehow lost at sea? Is it a disintegrated prop from “Game of Thrones”? We guess we’ll never actually know.

A girl screaming and running away from a man with a bunch of seaweed hanging from him

Source: Pinterest

But whatever it is, he’s frightening all the children on the beach, including this poor little girl who only wants to get out of the water and run to safety. And so she should, we would do exactly the same thing if we were in her place. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to escape that?

Roller Coaster Genius

Once people started seeing photos of them captured at the moment of the ride’s fall, they started to get clever. And they started planning hilariously staged photos. We have seen a lot of them, but none of them look very inspired or even original.

College guys on a roller coaster while the two in the front seat play Jenga

Source: Imgur

But this is one of the best. The last thing anyone would be doing during a roller coaster ride is playing Jenga. How they managed to keep it all together, including straight faces, is impressive. Well done, gentlemen. You deserve the kind of appreciation that comes with internet fame. We’re just wondering what other tricks they may have up their sleeves.

A Photobomb Moment

This is a great example of an awkward photobomb. This couple obviously has no idea that the man behind them is in the frame. They’re posing on their honeymoon in Hawaii, and they really believe that all they are getting is a pic of them alone in front of the beautiful waves.

A couple taking a photograph in front of the shore with a man posing behind them

Source: Pinterest

The photographer, however, knew that it would be a perfect shot that they would appreciate later. The question now is, who is the guy on the sand posing for? And let’s take a minute to appreciate the position he adopted and the smile on his face. That’s some quality photobombing right there.

Too. Many. People.

We’re going to put this one in the fail box. There are just too many people! Period! Why would anyone think this is a place to have fun? Plus, can someone tell us what in the world is going on with all those yellow thingies? Why so much yellow on a single beach?

A beach crowded with people

Source: Flickr

It looks like every person has about 0.5 meters of personal space. That’s not our idea of fun. Find something else to do, folks. Actually, even going to work might be a better idea that “relaxing” on this particular beach. Basically, anything else would do.

Did Lindsay Say Yes?

We’re guessing the guy with the ring picture is the one proposing to Lindsay. What a clever way to propose! So, where is Lindsay? Is she the one in front of him who’ll only see it after they end the ride? If that’s true, we believe this is one of the most original proposals we have ever seen. Totally unexpected for Lindsay.

Four men holding up signs that say, “Lindsay will you marry me?” with a drawing of an engagement ring and a woman sitting in the front looking very scared

Source: Pinterest

Or was she too scared to go on and has to wait for them to finish to run up to him and say yes? Hopefully, she said yes! That guy went through a lot of trouble to come up with an original proposal, so we guess he’s marriage material.

Raccoons at the Beach

It’s not so much that raccoons want a day at the beach to rest and relax. It’s more that they love Fritos. And this guy has exactly what they traveled miles to have. You have to admit that what happens in this picture is very random, but that’s also why we love it.

Raccoons lined up to ask for Fritos from a guy in the ocean

Source: Pinterest

First, he fed one raccoon. But then more kept coming, and, before he knew it, his whole Fritos bag went to the hungry raccoons. We only hope he had more of them in a bag somewhere. Otherwise, he would be a very hungry guy later. At least the raccoons were happy.

Valuable Flip Flops

These flip flops must be more valuable than they look because whoever owns them felt that they needed to be kept safe from theft. Let’s take a moment to think about the look on the face of the person who did this. It must have been priceless.

Flip flops locked up on a metal bike rack

Source: Flickr

If she doesn’t have anywhere to store her flip flops, then where is she keeping her key to the lock? Something just doesn’t add up here. Or perhaps it’s just the prank of some kids who decided to hide their mom’s flip flops but wanted to keep them safe at the same time. We guess we’ll never know what really happened there.

Mother Goose

Some people like teddy bears, some like a safety blanket, and some like to snuggle up with what looks like a full-grown goose. Why are you looking so surprised? Haven’t you seen a grown man cuddling with a goose? Where do you live? We’re just kidding, we’re as surprised as you are.

A man cuddling a goose while a woman looks at him

Source: Pinterest

We don’t know where to begin with this one. Why the goose? Why the grin? And who is the woman watching him and enjoying the show? Are they together and studying the reaction of the poor goose, which doesn’t look too pleased, by the way? This is a very odd one, indeed.

She’s Not Going Anywhere

Sorry, ma’am, you’re going to have to stay put for a while. This dog has no intention of moving his heavy body from the comfortable groove he made for himself right under your head. And why would he? He looks pretty cozy there. It’s a pity we can’t say the same about the woman.

A dog sitting right next to a woman’s face which is buried in the sand

Source: Pinterest

It looks like she knows what’s happening and is about to start panicking from claustrophobia. Perhaps that’s her boyfriend with his hands in the gesture of “what can I do?” and it’s getting her angry. Good luck! You’re definitely going to need it! We wouldn’t want to be the boyfriend when she gets out from under that dog.

When You Don’t Have a Beach Chair

Most people put down a towel on the sand when they don’t have a beach chair to lounge on. These people have a different style. They want to be comfortable, and they want it now. It doesn’t matter that the entire beach is staring at them, or the whole world, to be honest, thanks to this picture.

An older couple sitting on a couch bed at the beach

Source: Pinterest

They don’t care about beach chairs. They also don’t really care for the beach. But instead of bringing the beach to the house, they brought the house to the beach. That’s certainly not something that you see every day. The only question we have is what they are watching? We really hope it’s not TV.

Speaking of Sofas

What are the chances this is a different couch than the previous one? It’s probably the same one. And that means people are taking turns lounging on it while it sits on the shore. What is it with the sudden popularity of sofas on the beach? Have we been missing out on a trend or something?

A man sitting on a couch bed at the edge of the water at the beach

Source: Twitter

Is it provided by the beach? Who brought this couch to the shore? We want to know the story behind this because it’s probably a good one. And most of all, we want to know HOW did someone manage to get the couch to that beach? We bet that’s some juicy story there.

Sad Clown

We love our roller coaster shots, and this is a classic. Committed to the stereotype of clowns being depressed, this guy is keeping it strong. He looks so characteristic for a depressed clown that we suspect it might have been staged. His expression is too good to be true.

A roller coaster car full of people and a sad clown in the front seat

Source: Twitter

No exhilarating roller coaster is going to cheer up this clown. No way. This clown is downright devoted to keeping a frown on his face. As well as a cigarette in his mouth. That’s his style. All we want to know is why he was on the ride in the first place. Did he lose a bet or something? He truly looks like he’s there against his will.

A Row of Faces

Talk about different expressions. Each person on this ride has a unique and truly separate expression on their face. One is smug, one is frightened, and one is a half-disgusted half-in shock. How can three people taking part in the same experience have such different looks on their faces?

A couple looking scared in a roller coaster ride and a child in the front looking calm and collected

Source: Pinterest

The kid with the smug grin – what’s his story? Is he trying to impress a girl who’s waiting for him in line? We can’t think of another reason. And what is in front of them? Whatever it is, the woman isn’t about to forget any time soon. The guy in the back, however, looks like he doesn’t know how to play this one, and we kinda feel for him.

That Looks Like It Hurts

The expression on the girl’s face in the second row looks like it hurts. We didn’t know that eyes could do that. Did they go back to normal when the ride was over? We really hope so, because that’s definitely not an expression you want to have on your face for a long time.

A girl looking very scared with three other girls on a roller coaster

Source: Flickr

Poor thing. Someone probably told her, “Don’t worry, it’s fun, I promise.” And then this happened. That was the last time they spoke, and can you blame the poor girl? We would have definitely reacted just the same if we were in her shoes. It’s a good thing everyone else is having fun, though.

When Monkeys Attack

Remember the raccoons and the Fritos? This is the monkey version, only we don’t know what they’re after. What is she holding in her hand? A banana? Whatever it is, the monkeys are after it, and they don’t look like they’re going to give up until they get what they want.

A woman surrounded by tiny monkeys while holding food

Source: Pinterest

These monkeys are likely crazy for bananas. They’re urban, they’re street – they want the real snacks. And this lady has them. We bet if this photo was expanded, it would show about 37 more monkeys approaching. It’s a pity she only has one snack, that’s surely not even remotely enough for that bunch of rambunctious monkeys.

Could Be the Same Kid

Okay, we’re almost positive that this is the same kid from the other two previous roller coaster photos. If not, then it looks like we have triplets on our hands. Or is it possible that there are lots of kids that wear that same expression when they’re on a rollercoaster?

A scared child holding his father on a roller coaster

Source: Pinterest

On the other hand, if it’s the same kid, why are his parents torturing him? Has he been such a bad boy? We’re pretty sure he won’t do it again, just please, don’t take him on any more rides. It breaks our hearts! That’s all folks, we hope you enjoyed the ride. And happy, vacationing!

Marking His Territory

This beautiful tanned couple is just enjoying their time on the beach, clearly in love, and watching the waves as they crash on the shore. It’s a perfect day to be in love and have a friend take a photo of the lovely pair snuggling in front of the ocean.

A couple sitting on the beach together and a dog behind them with his leg up

Source: Twitter

And they have no idea that a dog is marking his territory on them. He’s pretty much claiming them as his. And it’s okay, they don’t even need to know. They’re too in love to care. At least we hope the dog was OK after what he did. That’s if they got their hands on him. While we don’t condone what he did, we kinda hope he got away with it.