Amazing Travel Gadget Innovations to Make Your Next Trip Extra Special

Travel has never been more accessible, with more and more people jetting off for exotic vacation destinations and far-off lands every day. If you’re looking for an excellent gift for the travel addicts in your life or enhance your next trip, making it more enjoyable, efficient, safe, and organized, these travel gadgets can help.

Keep Your Toes Warm

Are you heading off somewhere cold? Exploring frosty lands can be a lot of fun, but your body can pay the price for all that cold weather, with your feet being most susceptible to suffering ill effects of skiing trips or similarly snowy adventures.

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The ThermaCELL Heated Insoles can help. These fully controllable heating pads slip seamlessly into your shoes to keep your feet nice and warm at all times. They’re water-resistant and come with a remote control too.

Stay Powered up like a Superhero

Tablets and smartphones are great for keeping in touch with fellow travelers, finding your way around, and snapping photos to share with friends, but their batteries can quickly run out, and this can be a huge problem for modern day travelers.

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With this Marvel-themed Iron Man Mark V Armor Suitcase Mobile Fuel Cell, your devices will be powered up at all times. Fitted with a 12,000mAh battery capacity, this superhero-style portable charger can give you the power boost you need.

Clean Water Every Time

Sadly, a lot of people tend to get sick when visiting a new location, especially when traveling to countries in Asia or Africa, and these health issues are often caused by contaminated or low-quality drinking water. With the GRAYL Ultralight Purifier, you’ll never have to worry about drinking dirty water again.

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It’s a 0.5-liter bottle that purifies the water inside it, with each purification filter lasting for around 150 liters. This is a must-have gadget for backpackers.

The Best Drone for Travelers

Drones have become hugely popular with travelers all over the globe, letting them take photos and record videos from whole new angles, exploring their surroundings from a birds-eye perspective. The DJI Mavic Pro 2 is a real beast, capable of flying just over 4 miles away from your location and capture video in 4K quality, as well as 20MP photos.

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Fitted with GPS, no less than ten optical sensors, and lots of useful additional features and modes, this drone can do it all.

A Very Compact Pocket Knife

There are plenty of different pocket knives out there, offering a simple and portable way to carry a useful survival tool with you at all times, but this one is particularly classy and even more portable than any other knife out there.

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The Cardsharp 2 is formed in the shape of a credit card. It’s super slim, stylish, and lightweight, made from polypropylene and featuring a serrated edge. It’s excellent for the preparation of food and highly useful for people who do lots of camping.

Keep Track Of Your Alcohol Intake

Indulging and having fun are essential parts of any trip, but it’s still necessary to know your limits and stay safe. That’s where the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Keychain Breathalyzer comes into play. This little keychain device hooks up to your smartphone wirelessly, letting you quickly and easily estimate the level of alcohol in your blood.

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This is especially important for people who plan on driving or those who don’t want to let themselves get too carried away while in an unfamiliar location.

No More Sandy Picnics

Going to the beach is a lot of fun, but there’s one problem that everyone always seems to face: the sand gets everywhere. Even when you put down towels or beach mats, you’ll start getting sand all over them and in your picnics, but with the C-Gear Original Sand-Free Mat, that problem is a thing of the past.

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Fitted with cutting-edge, military tech, this mat repels sand and stays clean and bright at all times.

The Small but Mighty Vago

The VAGO is a real life-saver for people who want to pack plenty of items in their suitcases but can’t seem to find enough space.

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We’ve all encountered this issue at one time or another, but the VAGO can help. It’s a little vacuum pump, sucking the air out of your suitcase and freeing up lots of additional room to help you store nearly twice as much stuff as before, perfect for souvenirs.

A Washing Machine in a Bag

One of the problems many travelers tend to face is keeping their clothes clean. Lots of hotels are fitted with laundry facilities, but if you’re more of a backpacker and plan on spending lots of time out on the open road, moving from place to place, finding time to do laundry can be tricky.

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The Scrubba Wash Bag makes everything so much easier, letting you put your clothes and washing liquid in a bag and get them all clean in a matter of minutes.

For Your Eyes Only

One of the most fun things about traveling is sharing it with people you care about. With Snapchat’s Spectacles V2 video recording glasses, you’ll be able to record exactly what you’re seeing. The cameras are fitted right into the glasses, letting you record short videos of up to 10 seconds in length at any time and share them through Snapchat Memories.

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The V2 edition of the Spectacles offers a lot of improvements over V1, with faster downloads, better audio, and stronger color contrasts.

A Teeny Tiny iron to Keep Your Clothes Classy

Imagine you’re on a business trip and need to look smart, or perhaps you’re on a romantic getaway and have booked a classy meal at a nice restaurant, but all of your clothes have gotten creased from being cramped in a little suitcase.

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This is where the tiny travel steam iron can help. It’s the smallest steam iron on the planet and very lightweight too, featuring three heat settings and a 420-watt motor to keep your clothes wrinkle-free.