Amazing Hotel Amenities That Will Make Your Stay Extra Special

Staying in a hotel can be an odd experience. You’re in an unfamiliar bed, in a strange place, hoping to feel at home and a get a good night’s rest. To help guests feel more comfortable, many modern hotels offer long lists of amenities and services, and the hotels listed below really go above and beyond when it comes to ensuring every guest has an enjoyable stay.

Non-Stop Entertainment at This Hotel

Having to get ready in the morning is often a bit of a tedious task, especially as you have to spend most of your time in the bathroom.

Source: iwandered.net

At this hotel, however, the bathroom is a fantastic place to be as it actually features a TV screen built into the mirror, letting you watch the news and more as you do your hair.

Another Magical Mirror Innovation

We just saw a mirror that could let you watch TV, and here’s another excellent mirror idea from another very original hotel.

Source: thebulletin.be

This magic mirror, located out in the hall near the elevators, features a light-up system that tells you exactly what the weather is like outside so you can prepare accordingly.

Your Comfort Matters the Most

One of the first things many people do when arriving in a hotel room is dive onto the bed to see how firm or soft it happens to be. Well, at this hotel, you decide!

Source: heroesofrpg.com

You’ll be given a whole range of pillows to choose from, all made from different materials to suit every kind of guest.

A Completely Clean Room, Guaranteed

Staying in a hotel room is a difficult experience for many people as they worry about how clean the sheets and floors and facilities really are.

Source: heroesofrpg.com

To prove that everything has been thoroughly cleaned, this hotel even leaves little signs beneath the bed to show that every single part of the room is fully fresh for your stay.

Furry Friends Need Care Too

If you’re enjoying your holiday, your canine companion deserves to have a little fun as well, and this Mexican hotel offers special perks just for dogs!

Source: rd.com

The hotel features its own ‘dog butler’ program, in which dog loving workers will actually take your pups out for walks or even arrange special massages and yoga classes for them to enjoy.

No More Early Morning Frustration

Alarm clocks are so useful, but have you ever noticed how they only seem to show the time from one side, making it difficult to see in the middle of the night?

Source: bustedwallet.com

You often have to turn them around just to see what time it is, but this clever clock shows the alarm on its sides, as well as its front, so you can see it from every angle.

Choose the Perfect Pillow

We all have our own pillow preferences. Some of us prefer softer pillows that cradle the head, while others favor firmer options that offer good neck support.

Source: badword.mx

At this hotel, you can choose exactly which kind of pillow style you need, with a range of labeled options just waiting to be selected.

Play Dress up in Your Room

This hotel, located in London, has a really exclusive and exciting feature than fashion lovers will just adore. When you arrive, ask to see the ‘steamer trunk.’

Source: rd.com

This trunk is filled up with old fashion accessories from leading names like Chanel and Dior, dating all the way back to the 50s and 60s. You can try them all on and take some super snaps to share with your friends.

Bust Open a Beer in the Shower

We all have our little habits and idiosyncrasies. Some people, for example, like to enjoy a cool, refreshing beer while taking a shower or relaxing in the bath.

Source: reddit.com

This hotel was inspired by those people to actually add a bottle opener in a perfectly convenient location, right by the side of the shower.

Give Your Room a Scent

Some hotels let you choose what kind of materials you’d like your bed linen to be made from, but this one is taking the world of room customization to a whole new level.

Source: rock-cafe.info

At this hotel, you actually get to choose how your room smells, with multiple options available including ‘red berries’ and ‘green tea.’

One for The Hygiene Freaks

Many people worry about cleanliness when staying in a hotel room. After all, countless people have slept in that same bed and used those facilities before you.

Source: reddit.com

To help guests feel fully at ease and offer total cleanliness, this hotel provides fully sanitized TV remotes for you to use without worrying about any bacteria.

Beach Dreams Come True

This hotel, located on the beautiful island of Antigua, has a fantastic feature that can make your vacation so much better, known only as the ‘Beach Concierge.’

Source: sandals.com

This super special concierge will actually guide you to the best beaches, organize your drink orders, and even book water sports or other activities for you to enjoy throughout the day, so you don’t have to do a single thing.

Never Go Thirsty Again

Feeling a little thirsty? Well, at this Seattle hotel, you won’t have to worry about that. Many hotels have bars, but this one is even better.

Source: heraldsun.com.au

This hotel actually provides a free happy hour every single evening in which local craft beers are served up to the guests. Examples of breweries featured here include Pike Brewing and Elysian Freemont Brewing.

One String to Rule Them All

Isn’t it annoying when you have to learn what all the different switches do in a new hotel room? You always seem to climb into bed and then realize you left one or two of the lights on.

Source: pixmypix.com

At this hotel, that problem is a thing of the past. Above the bed, you get a mighty strong that activates or deactivates all of the lights in the entire room.

No More Waiting for the Elevator

This hotel is changing the game. It’s always frustrating to get your room key and then go wait by the elevators for a few minutes before finally getting to go up or down to a different floor.

Source: Brightside. Guru

This hotel has placed the elevator call button in the middle of the hallway, letting you press it and then walk over to the elevator as it actually arrives.

Feel Like Royalty in A Rolls Royce

This hotel in California offers an exceptional service that is designed to make every single guest feel like an A-list star.

Source: jetsetmag.com

The hotel has its own Rolls Royce Ghost and provides free rides to any location within a three-mile radius. The rides are offered first come, first served, however, so you’ll have to act fast.

A Hotel with a Sense of Humour

One of the best things hotels can do to help us have a good time is to make us laugh, and some of them will think of very amusing ways to put a smile on your face.

Source: demilked.com

This hotel, for example, has included ‘Steal the toiletries’ on the list of things not to forget before you leave the room.

Time to Rock And Roll

Hotels will often organize rental programs as a way to help guests have more fun during their stay, with rental bikes and more offering being key features of many locations around the world.

Source: demilked.com

This hotel is taking things in a more musical direction, letting you rent out guitars to play during your stay. It’s a great way to have some fun with your friends.

They Know, They’ve Always Known

Let’s be honest, we all take the toiletries from hotels. You’re paying for the room, after all, so it makes sense to get the best bang for your buck and take a few freebies home.

Source: uberhumor.com

Well, this hotel knows exactly what you’re going to do and has branded its products accordingly with messages like ‘The Best Shampoo You Will Ever Steal.’

Rent a Vespa and Have an Adventure

Some hotels will let you rent bikes, but this one in Denver is taking that simple idea and pushing it to the next level with its Vespa rental program.

Source: rd.com

At this hotel, you can actually pay a small fee to rent your own Vespa at any time during your stay and head off around the city, free to explore the streets in style.

Sleep Beneath the Stars

This hotel is taking stargazing to the next level by actually getting an astronomer to come on down on a weekly basis with his super strong telescope.

Source: experiencescottsdale.com

Astronomer Richard Allen visits this Scottsdale hotel each week and lets guests use his telescope to see planets, shooting stars, and so much more.

Why Aren’t All Showers like This?

This amazing idea will make you want to install one in your own home, as this hotel is changing the shower game forever more.

Source: csj.co.uk

Rather than having the knob right beneath the water jet, this hotel placed it on the opposite wall, letting you stay totally dry as you turn the water on.

A Peephole from the Future

It can be a little worrying when someone knocks on your hotel door, as you never quite know who it might be. At this hotel, however, you’ll always know.

Source: deqto.com

Room doors at this hotel are fitted with digital peepholes that give you a full camera perspective of the hall outside your door.

Hit the Pizza Button

This hotel has definitely got its priorities in order; it has a super smartphone system to let guests get the services they need at the press of a button.

Source: loiter.co

One button will order you a spa, while another will contact the concierge. The best button, however, is simply labeled ‘pizza’ and lets you order a hot slice to your room.

An Ingenious Innovation for an Age-Old Problem

One annoying thing about hotels is that the curtains often leave a little gap and let in some sunlight to wake you up in the mornings when you’d prefer to sleep a little longer.

Source: pinterest.co.uk

At this hotel, that problem has been solved by these clever curtain rails that actually overlap in the middle, removing any possibility of gaps.

To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Ever arrived at a hotel late in the evening and suddenly felt really hungry? You can always call room service, but you don’t even need to do that at this hotel.

Source: pinterest.co.uk

Right down in the lobby, this hotel serves up a selection of delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for all guests in need of a sweet, satisfying treat.

Play a Game, Win a Prize

This hotel has got a great sense of generosity. As you check-in, they’ll let you test your luck at one of three games.

Source: YouTube

If you can string up a barrel of monkeys, solve a trivia question, or complete a Rubix Cube, you can earn a prize like a free drink or even a free night.

You’ll Never Forget the Day

Here’s an amazing idea for people who tend to get a little forgetful, especially when they’re on vacation and living in a hotel.

Source: Brightside. Guru

This place changes the carpet in the elevator every single day to let you know what day of the week it happens to be. A super smart way to help guests stay organized!

For the Love of Games

Video games have been around for several decades now and have become super popular over time. This hotel lets you indulge your gaming love in all the right ways.

Source: rd.com

The hotel, which is located in the Miami area, has placed various vintage arcade game machines all around the hotel, including classics like Pac Man and Frogger. They’re all free to play, too.

Another Smart Shower Solution

We’ve already seen one great shower idea, and here’s another! Again, this system is designed to help you stay dry as you switch the shower on.

Source: brightside.me

The door has been constructed with a little gap to the side, letting you reach through and turn the handle without worrying about any splashes.

Perfect For the Kids

Is someone struggling to get to sleep at night in a strange new bed and environment? If so, all you need to do is pick up the phone.

Source: telegraph.co.uk

This hotel offers a special phone service in which someone will read you a bedtime story if you dial 68. It’s an awesome idea and works for both children and grown-ups too.

They Thought of Everything

One common problem many people face in hotels is that there are simply aren’t enough towels to cope with everything, so you have to go down to the front desk and ask for more.

Source: reddit.com

Well, this hotel actually offers a bonus, black, ‘makeup’ towel, designed to help people clear off their makeup without leaving smudges and marks all over the other fresh, white towels.

All the Ice Cream You Need

This hotel is making millions of dreams come true for guests of all ages with one amazing food service: all you can eat ice cream.

Source: rd.com

Located in Florida, right by the Disney theme parks, this hotel lets everyone eat as much ice cream as they can manage after a long day riding roller coasters and meeting Mickey Mouse.

Nemo Has Been Found

One of the issues many people, especially business travelers, face when staying in a hotel is loneliness. But this hotel came up with a clever solution.

Source: thebulletin.be

It actually offers a ‘rent a fish’ service where you can have a little pet fish in your room for a small fee just so you don’t have to feel completely alone.

A Very Clever Mirror

This hotel has adopted a brilliant mirror design, with a portion of it actually heating up to stay clear and fresh, even when you’re in the shower.

Source: blog.naver.com

This is a brilliant idea, as it lets you see your reflection without having to leave fingerprints all over the mirror for the workers to clean.

Interested in Alternative Art?

This hotel really caters to an eclectic crowd. One of its concierge services is to provide you with a map of the best graffiti locations around New York City.

Source: rd.com

From there, you can head off around the Big Apple and see some of the most beautiful street art the city has to offer. This is definitely a service you won’t find in many other hotels!

Forgot Your Smartphone? No Problem

Smartphones have almost become extensions of our bodies these days. They’re so useful for so many things and are simply essential while on a trip.

Source: BuzzFeed

If you happen to forget your smartphone at home, this hotel offers a free one right in your room to be used however you like for taking photos or updating your social media accounts.